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Wedding - is perhaps the most important event foreach person, so you should carefully prepare for it. As you know, at the moment is extremely popular thematic weddings. A wedding in the style of the rainbow is associated with children's happiness, surprising and full, she will be remembered by all guests of the festival, and will be liked by the heroes of the occasion. But how to hold such an event at the highest level?

How to organize a wedding in the style of the rainbow?

Newlyweds should consider all of the wedding details,the holiday has passed on "hurray". It should be remembered that the rainbow presupposes bright colors, both in clothes, and in the design of the room. Multi-colored motives must be present everywhere, or not be able to create the right atmosphere of the wedding. Let us consider what items should take into account when preparing for the celebration:

  • Invitation. Rainbow Theme is based on bright colors, hence the wedding invitations should be appropriate. Cards need to decorate a variety of colorful hues that are sure to attract the attention of visitors. Be sure to include on the card the date and time of the wedding.

Examples of invitations to thematic celebration
  • Room. Best of all a spacious hall suitable for weddings, where all the participants will be able to stay without any problems. In addition, for the full registration of the premises, and the celebration will need a lot of space. Look modest, but a large size room, where you can easily place all the necessary furniture.
  • Festive table. Dishes on the table should also match the style of celebration. So, the wedding cake should definitely decorate colored fruit. In salads, try to combine different colored vegetables. Drinks should be supplemented with colored tubes or umbrellas.

Ideas rainbow wedding cakes
  • Dress code. Do not forget to tell the guests that the wedding is planned thematic. The presence of dark or pastel colors at the wedding - a taboo! Use outfits exclusively motley flowers make a wedding truly bright. Participants must choose the right clothes coloring.

Scenario wedding in the style of the rainbow

That wedding took place without force majeurecircumstances and unforeseen problems, it is necessary to think in advance of the holiday course and draw up a detailed action script in the style of the rainbow. Be sure to include it in various competitions, there are several options to eventually get an interesting entertainment program.

The best option of wedding in an unusual style of the rainbow is consideredfeast diluted entertaining games. Holiday in a similar style provides a lot of interesting contests and games for guests. It is desirable that the competitions were involved as much as possible of colored objects: balls, garlands, colorful tubes.

Making wedding photos

From wedding decor depends directly if you cancreate the right atmosphere at your celebration. Firstly, it is necessary to think about the furniture that you will put in the hall. If you plan to magnificent wedding with 100 guests or more, it is to beat the hall several tables of average size. If the wedding will take place in a homelike atmosphere, the perfect choice would be a large long table where guests fit. As for the chairs, they should wear in colorful covers.

Colors in the design of the hall

It should be remembered that the room where it will beheld the event, decorated in a color scheme consisting of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple (colors of the rainbow). Here are some ideas for design of the hall to the original style of the wedding:

  • The arch is decorated with colorful rainbowribbons. This element - wedding decoration. Through her, the couple are at the beginning of the wedding celebration. Alternatively, the arch of the ribbons will be a product formed from the balls of different colors.

Colored wedding arch
  • A large number of bouquets. Bright colors perfectly complement the decor of the room, especially nice if you get to use all the seven colors of the rainbow. To make such bouquets can be your own or ask for help from florists.

Bright bouquets for the bride
  • Colorful tableware and napkins. These essential attributes of the table can be embellished in bright colors. But remember one thing: it is not necessary to dim tables color / colorful cloth, otherwise you reboot the interior design is too large number of colored elements. It is better to use a monophonic material pastel colors or decorate each table in its own color.

decor for the holiday table

The image of the bride and groom

The bride and groom - the main person at the festival, all eyes will be on him. It is worth to try a selection of dresses to perfectly fit the atmosphere of the event.

Accessories for themed weddings

So, the bride does not necessarily give upclassic white dress in favor of bright and finery. Supplement traditional way of colorful rainbow belt or decorative flowers is quite suitable for a wedding. Also pay attention to dress in the style of "gradient" - when one color smoothly into the other. Do not make too bright make-up, or else run the risk of looking ridiculous on your own holiday.

Images of Honeymoon

The groom is also not necessary to move away from the traditionalcostume. Dilute solemn style obtained by motley tie a bandana sticking out of the pocket of his jacket. A more radical solution would be to put on a shirt, bright colors.

Video process

This rainbow wedding is unique andreally topical. It certainly will be remembered not only the heroes of the occasion, but the guests of the festival. Be original and unique, show your imagination, call on friends for help - let your important day in my life remembered by all for a long time and leave only a good impression!