Red White Wedding

Make a traditional wedding stylish and colorfulhelp bright accents that provide a spectacular contrast. The combination of red and white color inevitably associated with the unity of opposites, the harmony of tenderness and passion, purity and temptation. Red White Wedding - a great idea for a bright pair of individualists who want to turn your holiday into a unique celebration of the unique, every detail in the design of which will emphasize the symbolic importance of what is happening.

The image of the bride and groom in white and red

White-red images of the young

White-red image of the groom

Having decided to organize a wedding in white and red colors,decide to start with the young images. Traditional outfits the bride and groom should be complemented by crimson accents. For example, the classic white dress culprits celebrations complement one or more items in red. The emphasis can be nail polish, lipstick, decorating hairstyles, jewelery, decorative elements of the dress, shoes, gloves. To create a spectacular complete image, the bride should choose several options from the proposed on the photo above.

You need to at least come close to thethe choice of a suitable color scheme of the groom dress. As an option, as opposed to snow-white dress of the bride, her choice can choose red robe. But this image is suitable only bright creative young people. The groom more traditional views may select a white dress at a wedding, diluting it with red accessories: tie, butterfly, boutonniere, scarf.

costumes ideas for guests

Dress code for white and red wedding

Guests in white and red clothes

If you are planning a red and white wedding,take care of the appearance of the guests. Pre-warn guests about the dress code. Ask the guests to choose the outfits in the respective colors. For bridesmaids, select red dress similar styles. In any case, prepare accessories for those who do not find in her wardrobe matching items. It may be hoops with red flowers or bows for women, red bow ties, shawls for the front pocket of his jacket male.

Wedding decoration in white and red colors

Red design elements for the wedding photo shoot

Red White Wedding - a great choice for brightpersonalities. The color of love and passion is a great choice to add accents with the design of the wedding ceremony and the celebratory banquet. In this case, the main thing - do not overdo it. Experts recommend for decoration against white with red decoration stick 70:30. Compliance with this rule will help to avoid vulgarity in the decor.

Wedding invitations for guests

The white and red decor of wedding invitation cards

White-red invitation to the wedding

Invitations for the guests in white and red colors

It is important in the preparation of weddingwhite and red colors give due attention to detail. The decor festive invitations should include elements of the corresponding colors. On this occasion experts give some practical advice. For example, do not apply the white letters on a bright red background. The font on the card light should be large, easy to read. On a scarlet background will look spectacular lace letters. Do not forget to complement the wedding invitations classic patterns: red roses, hearts, rings.

Decorating banquet hall

Wedding banquet hall in white and red design

The white and red decor of the banquet hall

The basic color when you make a banquet hall onwedding should be white. Red will be only a few parts - bright accents that will make unique decorations, unique. Think over design of dishes and glasses. For this purpose, use the red ribbons, beads, flowers, napkins. To decorate the room, use beautiful candles, balloons, original decorative napkins. Red material often decorate chairs for guests.

The decor festive table

Decoration of wedding table with red accents

White and red festive table decoration

When decorating the holiday table, tryharmoniously selected colors to use. On the snow-white tablecloths look beautiful scarlet cloth napkins, candles. If the red tablecloth, choose a white dish. Decorators provide a separate issue several zones in the room the same color. The table at the wedding and decorate with red and white rose petals, decorative glass. Interesting idea - a celebration in the "country" style. To make use checkered napkins or tablecloths, cranberries, red knitted items decor.

Cake in white and red

White and red wedding cakes

Making wedding cakes in white and red

Cake - a key dish at a wedding. This is not just a sweet treat, but also a kind of symbol of family well-being, prosperity. Toppings cake does not have to be white and red, but in the external design treats is important to reflect a given subject. As the basic color, experts recommend to choose white. This sweet decorative ornaments may be different shades of red.

Wedding bouquet of white and red flowers

bridal bouquet with red and white flowers

Bridal bouquet is anothera significant part in the whole wedding. If you are planning to arrange a holiday in white and red colors, careful approach to the choice of the main flower arrangement. Bouquet should be in harmony with the overall style of the wedding. The spectacular combination gives elegant red roses with delicate white freesias and calla lilies. If the image of the hero of the occasion does not involve the use of a large number of red items, bouquet can be composed entirely of red flowers.

Accessories for white and red wedding

Accessories for the wedding with red accents

White and red wedding accessories

Chosen for your wedding colors should betracked in all, even the most seemingly insignificant at first glance the details. A well-chosen accessories festive respective colors help make the celebration decor intact, complete. Carefully consider the appearance of the hall in a restaurant, banquet table, complimentary for guests, cushions for rings and other details.

Use selected colors to decorateprinted wedding products. As the festive accessories are the floral compositions with romantic souvenirs, such as the charming teddy bears and candy in the shape of hearts. Photoshoot - another integral part of a modern wedding. To get a spectacular vivid pictures, use the big balloons in red, carved letters and hearts, gloves, umbrellas, and other attributes.

Decoration wedding convoy

White and red decoration of wedding cars

Preparation of white and red weddingIt suggests drawing up a festive cortege of the respective colors of cars. Rent several exclusive red cars - not always rational solution in financial terms. Note the white cars. They can always decorate with spectacular decorative accessories, flowers desired shade. The best option - to rent one old maroon car, which will go to the couple. The rest of the convoy - beautifully decorated with white cars with the guests.

To make use of vehiclesballoons, satin ribbons, artificial flowers, tied to brush and side mirrors. On the main car drop funny cylinder together with a decorative veil. This original design can help identify the car the young compared to other vehicle motorcade. Fata should be white, and the cylinder - match the shade of the groom dress.

Photo Wedding in white and red style

Luxury white and red wedding - a great ideato celebrate the bold creative couples. This color palette is used in the organization of thematic celebrations, for example, in "Snow White" style or "The Scarlet Flower". Pleasantly this combination will look at a Christmas wedding. Modern resourceful designers and decorators can offer a lot of interesting original ideas for organizing white-red holiday.

White and red wedding

White and red wedding images

Wedding in white and red accents

White-red part of the wedding decor