Celestial wedding

Weddings, decorated in shades of blue and blue,obtained particularly well. And no wonder, because these colors are very soft and fresh. In tandem with the white, deep blue tone it creates a strict measure, but at the same time sensual, romantic mood. Heavenly wedding - it's airy, elegant and sublime celebration. Some are afraid to bring in your wedding "cold" blue tones, but there is nothing to fear - this color has such a wide range that you find the right shade to be easy.

The image of the bride and groom for the heavenly wedding

The bride and groom should consider an optionclassic white dress. This color symbolizes purity and spirituality, and it is always relevant to the sky-blue wedding. Women should take care of all the details of which will consist of an image. Pay attention to the light, "floating" the dress of fine materials. Decor wedding dress also need to be carefully selected. A good solution would be the chiffon trim, transparent lace trim and embroidery.

The bride in the sky-blue dress - is the embodimentpurity, freshness, hope. Obligatory attribute of the image must be a long light veil. The alternative - a wreath of flowers, but it would be more appropriate for the young age of the brides. Excellent will look at the bride lace dress with a train-fish, open blue suede shoes with high heels, earrings with large stones sea shade. Hairstyle with freely flowing curls in tandem with natural make-up, which provides little emphasis on the eyes, complete image of the heroine wedding.

The image of the groom must also include the color of heaven. The costume can be classic (black, dark gray, white), but in the selection of accessories, such as butterflies, cufflinks, tie or boutonniere, preference should be given blue tone. Newlyweds who hold a traditional wedding style, may confine the blue or blue accessories, which together with the external design of the hall will be asked basic background color celebration.

Wedding images of the bride and groom

Those couples who want to look unusual andsurprise your guests, choose outfit saturated blue tones. You will look bright, original and certainly remembered by all those present at the wedding. It is thought that the sky blue color is a bride with blue-gray or blue eyes, but, as practice shows, in a dress look great almost all the girls. Remember that the softer tone of the material, the more airy and weightless image looks.

The girls on the threshold of a sky-blue weddingshould choose the right makeup. A good solution would be the "Nude", which subtly emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Your goal is to create a single image in which all the parts are in harmony with each other. And as you choose a gentle blue color, the whole appearance must conform to it. Do not make ornate hairstyle, hair curl better light waves or collect them in a bundle.

Bouquet in blue and white palette

Bouquet plays a big role. This accessory should complement your angelic image. Note the classic color options of white and soft pink colors: noble lily, myrtle beautiful, delicate little rose. You can supplement bouquet of fresh herbs and used for decoration fluffy snow-white feathers. Let bouquet will be small, but made up of prestigious flower varieties. Maybe you like the look of sky-blue flowers - forget-me, hydrangeas, anemones, cornflowers, orchids or muscari. Just imagine how overjoyed girlfriend a bouquet of words?

Heavenly wedding bouquet

Wedding printing in soft shades of blue

Printing must comply with the basic ideaholiday and be performed in a blue color. And the heavenly tone of a certain pattern can be made, or the theme color will be used as a background postcards. With the perfect combination of blue white, silver, gold, black, yellow tones. Do not neglect the development of wedding invitations, because they will not only be remembered for the guests, but also prompt them what to wear to a gala day.

Invitation cards for wedding ceremony

Wedding table decor

Wedding banquet hall must be inwhite and celestial scale. Alternatively, the table can Honeymoon lavishly decorate the bright colors of different sorts, putting them in a blue / blue vase. For draperies and tablecloths take the traditional pale pink or white colors. Note the golden color - it will help to emphasize the individual parts of a wedding celebration.

Furniture, textiles, glassware, decorative elements,selected in the heavenly color, it creates the impression that the event is taking place in the cloud. A good solution would be to hold a wedding dinner in the open air. It should take care of the tents or tents, in the event that suddenly starts to rain. Do not forget to decorate the banquet space is sky-blue, white balloons and ribbons.

Decor room for the wedding in a blue tone

Wedding cake in shades of blue

Wedding cake symbolizes the culminationholiday, so it must be not only delicious, but also original, beautiful and appetizing. If you choose this dessert, you can enjoy a traditional floral décor or deviate from the celestial themes and select marine symbols as decorations. Wedding cake can be tiered, watered heavenly icing, decorated with cream lace, white flowers.

Wedding cake heavenly color

Accessories heavenly wedding

In the role of a basis for accessories weddingheavenly tone should buy various souvenir angels. For example, figures can be made of metal, paper, beads, or glass made from fabric. They will become a beautiful table decorations. These accessories can you do personally. So you not only save money, but also to invest in a piece of the banquet room decor itself. Wedding Invitations and bonbonnieres heavenly color you too can do it yourself, we need only turn on the imagination.

For the wedding was beautiful and stylish, you need abouttake care of all the details in advance. Cushion for the rings, candles, glasses, chest of money and a knife blade for cake - all these accessories must comply with the celestial theme. Choose a pale blue pillow instead of the classic and forget about standard trunk, if you want to make your wedding memorable.

Decorations for the wedding in the heavenly color

Celestial wedding photo shoot

Wonderful pictures with the bride and groomare obtained on the seashore. Ocean - the perfect backdrop for wedding photo shoots. On board the yacht or on a sandy beach couple in romantic celestial dresses will look delightful. Photos will be guaranteed to fascinate with its beauty. Another option would be to use a photo shoot heavenly angel wings. You will spend some time on finding the right props, but you will be pleased with the results.

Heaven photo shoot bride and groom