Black and white wedding

At the peak of popularity in the world of wedding fashionare themed celebrations, which are designed in a particular color. It accounts for all: the value itself of the selected colors, the bride and groom outfits in these colors, the remaining attributes (invitations, boutonniere bridegroom, bridal bouquet, decoration of the banquet hall, florist, cake, etc.). A striking example of this - a noble black and white wedding, which requires a careful approach to its design. It is interesting to see what happens as a result, if all including the bride's attire, will resemble the Gothic style.

Elegant style black and white wedding

The value of black and white

It's easy to determine the value of black and whitewedding, if you take one of these colors individually. White - a classic choice for such an important event, it symbolizes the open feeling Suite, which are filled with purity and sincerity. Black is - opposite the symbol of mystery, mystery. In combining these two shades produce a harmonious union, balancing and calming happy relationship loving bride and groom at a wedding.

The image of the bride and groom in black and white

Black-and-white palette blends perfectly,forming a classic evening tandem final image at the wedding. Therefore newlyweds dresses will look very extravagant and elegant, if they choose this color scheme for compliance with a total black-and-white style of holiday. In order to embody this idea in life, read the interesting options that can be chosen for the decoration of the wedding of the future spouses:

Black and white dress bridal wedding
  1. If you do not want to complicate your way too,combining it with the main idea of ​​black and white wedding - use the traditional version: white wedding dress for the bride and groom's black suit. Nothing extraordinary, but an offer for 100% corresponds to the general concept of the wedding.
  2. For those who like something a little more original, canlike the following version: white groom suit in combination with a completely black wedding attire of the bride. This idea will make a splash on the black and white wedding celebration.
  3. The next option - to pick up the bride whitedress with black elements (belt edge dress, veil, etc.). The groom can dress up in traditional dark suit, diluting his wedding white image of accessories (shoes, boutonniere and tie or butterfly, tie clip, cuff links).
  4. Another good idea for a wedding - mixblack and white newlyweds dresses: bride's wedding dress of black and white and the groom a similar suit (for this purpose put on, for example, black pants under a white jacket or vice versa).

Clothes for the witnesses and guests

Do not leave without a dress code for attentioninvited guests and witnesses wedding painting. In advance to let them know that the appearance should match the theme black white weddings. Typically, in such cases, for both men and women indicated style called Black Tie, which would mean stricter evening dresses with plain black and white shades.

Guests and witnesses in black and white decoration

Many brides prefer to ownprepare images for witnesses, so choosing a wedding dress for yourself, grab a fitting her friends. The classic little black dresses, which are beneficial to hide the shortcomings of any shape, perfect for groomsmen, girls in black and white weddings. Friends of the bride, dressed in the same night the images are wonderful contrast with the snow-white wedding dress.

Wedding accessories in black and white

Without any accessories unthinkable any wedding banquet. So be sure to take care of every detail, which will be on you, around you and your guests. At the wedding, all must match the selected style and black-and-white color scheme: a bouquet in hands of the bride, wedding cake, boutonniere on his lapel groom, invitation cards and a nursery for guests. It is important not to forget about the small details of bride hairstyles: hair clips, ribbons and flowers, which can also be black and white. How is it possible to prepare all these and many other wedding accessories, see below.

The bride's bouquet

Make a bouquet of the bride with the help of white andblack flowers. Thanks to modern technology, florists will be able to turn any you like a flower in black. For beautiful jewelry using a variety of bands, beads, mesh, feathers, black and white colors. In a similar tone can be decorated with pen wedding flowers made of any material (plastic, cloth, paper, etc.). It is better to entrust the creation of this attribute for wedding professionals, they correctly pick up the style of the bride's bouquet, using black and white paint.

Black and white wedding bouquet

A wedding cake

Another no less important attribute of chic wedding- A beautiful cake larger, corresponding to the general concept of a holiday. Skilled bakers are able to create an impressive masterpiece of desserts in black and white style. In accordance with your preferences and wishes, it can be any shape: square, round, oval, multi-tiered.

In addition to the wedding cake in the form to a dessertBuffet with a variety of black-and-white goodies: macaroon, various muffins, cakes, candy, cookies, etc. Do not forget about additional decoration in the form of:. Edible ribbons, figurines of the bride and groom, flowers, hearts, beads, lace and so dark and light chocolate fulfill their roles for these purposes at your wedding.

Black-and-white cake at the wedding

groom boutonniere

To the image of the groom looked organically,certainly think about how to decorate a wedding boutonniere that will adorn the lapel. It also should be performed according to the selected black and white wedding style. Consider an option, where the flowers to create a boutonniere bridegroom matched similar color of the bride's bouquet. However, natural flower in his lapel jacket groom can not survive until the end of the wedding night, so it is best to attach an artificial black and white boutonniere.

Boutonniere groom in black and white

Invitations and nursery cards

Complimentary for guests at a wedding - one ofthe first items that begin with the Pre-bustle. It is therefore important to determine the theme of the celebration of your wedding from the very beginning, from the first minute to start cooking everything went according to plan and in line with the final result. To reduce the precious time and effort, at the same time prepare a black-and-white style and a nursery cards, which can be made by analogy with the invitation for the wedding. A few pertinent tips on the subject:

Black and white invitation card with a nursery
  • For economical wedding optionUse concise invitation postcards without envelopes. Let them be monotonously painted in one tone (choice of black or white). Apply text in the opposite color. Similarly, execute and nursery cards.
  • If your black and white wedding providesa significant budget, choose among the extraordinary ideas, using expensive designer paper with a beautiful embossed white tones. Put the finished invitation envelope in the original matte black.

Chest for money

No less important accessory wedding banquet -Footlocker, which add up cash gifts from the invited guests. This is another thing that should meet the style of black and white celebration. This wedding thing easily create their own hands, and it will not take much time.

  1. Take any carton, for example, out of office paper, glue the paper cover, and then cut a rectangular hole about 15-20 cm long.
  2. Decorate a wedding chest cloth (can take a white satin black dots), do not forget the beautiful details: boutonniere, ribbon, bows, rhinestones.
  3. Money chest ready for the wedding!

Black and white chest of money for the wedding

Book for recommendations

Book requests (the second title of the guest book)- It's a great way to capture pleasant and sincere words that will leave you to each guest at the wedding. During the greeting of the subject it is very popular among the guests. There are even special fun contests with the wishes of the book. And in order not to lose a single opportunity to comply with the overall style of the wedding, this book should also be decorated in black and white coloring. A few ideas on this subject:

  1. With the help of an ordinary office folderand A4 sheets you can easily make wedding guest book with their own hands. All that is required - you arrange cover its black and white artificial flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, etc. And then print a cover page with the laconic title "Wedding Wish Book a long memory for the (newly married names)."
  2. If you're not a supporter of home-made items onown wedding, you can purchase the album A4 designed to the wishes of the bride and groom by the guests. Typically, manufacturers offer a rich selection of wedding accessories, beauty and originality that can impress even the most demanding customers. And the black and white colors in this regard is not uncommon among this assortment.
  3. For a more vivid memories of the wedding you canfrom the guest book to create a real photo album using the camera with instant display of black and white photographs. Let the guest will seal the frame with his participation, and then took the finished photograph in hand, pasted it on the album and the next wedding would write their wish.

Black and white guest book at a wedding

Decoration wedding hall in black and white

The final touch of wedding preparations -decoration of the banquet hall in accordance with the black and white themed wedding gala. Here it is necessary to draw not only the design of the interior of the restaurant, but also consider the elements serving, floristry, and also not to forget about the chair covers and tablecloths. Take note of a few tips about the beautiful decoration of the wedding banquet hall:

  1. To decor black white wedding did not come out toonalyapistym and pockmarked, choose a color that will serve as the backdrop for parting the main emphasis. For example, black tablecloth with white festive dishes.
  2. To eliminate the impression of a monotone black and white wedding feast, try to dilute this color scheme in the interior of the additional colors, such as red or green.
  3. Decorate the ceiling of the hall with black and white balloons with helium.
  4. Drape wedding the groom with the bride white table cloth on top of it will be important to decorate with the help of black elements of flowers, candles, vases, tableware and wipes the selected colors.

Black-and-white decor of the wedding hall

Video: wedding photo shoot in black and white style

This unusual black and white wedding shouldremembered by all present. Therefore, use the services of a skilled photographer to capture subjects extravagant celebration, the newlyweds left in the memory of the main day of their lives. Add emotions and vivid impressions will help the studio photo shoot in this style. Watch the video with an example, how beautiful to beat the combination of black and white, photo to get lucky. In this case, it is contrasting outfits newlyweds, monochrome interior elements, a variety of accessories: