2016 Color wedding

Hardly had come in 2016, as many couplesThey began planning a wedding in the new season. In order to understand the new color trends in the wedding of the year, it will take time, as will be used in a ceremonial palette, a variety of new colors. For example, to increase the popularity faded muted tones and precious deep shades come into harmonious union with neutral pastel. According to some designers, peach color Pantone will become a top-end on 2016, while others believe that the trend of the season is a popular shade of ivory.

Trendy colors for the wedding in 2016 - photo

Wedding fashion no less capricious thaneveryday, so the leading fashion designers in their collections every year trying to create new styles and trends of wedding dresses. In their unanimous opinion in 2016 it will be devoted to romance and femininity, and the new bride, regardless of the colors, will carry the charm and femininity. Watch the video, which shows the fashion in 2016 according to the American designers of color for wedding dresses:

If before the wedding colors are not at allattach importance to, and all the attention was concentrated on the bride's dress, the choice of the new season celebration color is almost the most important question Suite. What are the main color trends of the coming year? Opinions designers in this issue several dispersed, but clearly remains unchanged fashionable color scheme "Ombre" to effect a smooth transition tones from dark to light or vice versa. Let's see what colors will dominate this year's weddings.


Purple - this is one of the most beautiful flowers,existing in nature. He has long symbolized the harmony with nature, respectability, luxury. If you want to make a non-traditional wedding, all the combinations of purple suit perfectly. The most common shades of purple are:

  • lavender;
  • plum;
  • blackberry;
  • lilac;
  • purple;
  • amethyst;
  • indigo.

Shaped flowers of red and blue,symbolizing the masculine and feminine. This point can be nice to beat at the wedding, combining some elements of blue, and some - with red. As for the newly-married couple outfits, which will be on everyone's attention, the fashion designers offer dresses for brides lavender, smoky purple, lilac or purple hue. Bridal bouquet should combine the colors purple and white color that does not blend with the dress.

But the groom should not wear bright clothingtones. In order to meet the bride, it is better to wear a formal suit of pearl gray or beige color with a purple shirt and a buttonhole of delicate violets and lavender. For guests to fit in with the theme of the festival, they also need an image with elements of lavender, mauve or plum color. Violet decor made out a banquet hall, wedding procession, cake, invitations and other wedding accessories.

Purple Wedding Flowers

Neutral colors

Weddings neutral tones are still intrend. Grey, beige, white, black - colors that are at least the emotional load. But if the bride and groom want to add a little emotion, then come to the aid of a neutral brown with "character" - autumn, warm, natural, wood. Brown wedding decoration ideas are many spices, sweets, chocolates, wooden ornaments.

Neutral, classic, unobtrusive gray -it is the most suitable tone for the wedding 2016, in which the couple will feel confident, calm, peaceful. It is the color of rain and the city, but with the help of get a great wedding in retro style, autumn, sea and romance. Especially since the gray blends perfectly with virtually all existing shades.

Wedding in beige considered neutral,because his quiet tones create an atmosphere of harmony. Triumph, made in beige, always creates the impression of beauty, tenderness and sophisticated style. Beige goes well with other colors, so easy to fit in a wedding in the open air, and the feast in the banquet hall. It is an ideal choice for brides who hold the classics, because beige color palette is huge: from fashion ivory to creamy white.

Neutral beige - the perfect choice for a wedding

Yellow shades

The whole palette of yellow - the embodiment of light,warmth, good energy. Yellow like the sun, and is able to charge at the wedding of a positive and optimistic. In addition, a large advantage is the combination of many relevant in 2016 colors. To the feet of the newlyweds yellow casts a wide palette of shades:

  • canary;
  • solar;
  • citric;
  • saffron;
  • Nartsissova;
  • straw;
  • sand.

Let the newlyweds do not bother superstition: Yellow is not a symbol of separation. On the contrary - it is a sunny color makes all wishes, promises wealth and symbolizes loyalty, a happy family life. Perfect dress bride on wedding yellow - golden, color daffodil or mature corn. For brides who hold traditional views, fit the classic white dress with yellow elements: belt, shoes, a bouquet of yellow flowers, hat and golden embroidery.

The image of the groom at a wedding should be yellowstrict - gray or black suit, dress shoes, and a yellow accent can be made with the help of a tie, bow-tie, cravat, boutonniere in his lapel. Bright yellow suit boys can afford the wedding mods. When making a banquet hall yellow has to be dominant, but it certainly needs to be combined with neutral shades.

Wedding in yellow

Green shades

Popular wedding in the "mojito" style does not loseits relevance in the season 2016. Green wedding images look fresh and moving, as is the color of life, natural, nature, symbolizing spring, youth, hope. Shades of green, very much, so the couple can optionally arrange extravaganza of colors, regardless of the season:

  • lime;
  • green tea;
  • menthol;
  • jade;
  • aquamarine;
  • pistachio;
  • green apple;
  • emerald.

Not every bride decide to put on a dresscompletely green, so often used for a thematic wedding classic white wedding dress with green elements. The same applies to the groom's attire, which does not hurt to supplement the image of the shirt any green. But witnesses put in the green it is necessary to observe the subject. Pick up for bridesmaids dresses like, with bright bouquets of bright green ribbons or ornaments for the hair color aquamarine - and will be achieved absolute harmony in the design of thematic celebrations.

Green wedding is relevant for all seasons

Light magenta

Wedding decorations in dark shades of red right nowNot unusual. In a single scheme are all the details of the celebration - from invitation cards to the bride dresses that look elegant and emphasizes the good taste of the newlyweds. Wedding palette of dark-red hues includes several fashionable colors this season:

  • purple;
  • wine;
  • Bordeaux;
  • dark red;
  • deep red.

Wedding in a noble dark-red - is a beautyand sophistication that has long been associated with the royal luxury, passion, perseverance and confidence. This color is ideal conservative couples who love stability and always know exactly what they want from life. Future spouse is not necessarily completely put on a dark-red color, can be issued to them only the details of the wedding dress.

When making a wedding in any shade of redwe must remember that color should dominate, but not the only one. If the entire wedding will be carried out exclusively in the wine tone, it creates a very bad impression. Most often in the role of an intermediary color appears white, pink, beige, gray. Do not choose the black color - it will weight the same impression of your wedding.

Making wedding in burgundy tone


Turquoise Wedding - a magical mixgreen and blue shades. This color of truth and healing is associated in people with sea surface and celestial beauty. The image of the bride - on the main turquoise wedding dress because of this divine colors will surely attract the attention of not only the guests but also all the people who see the bride. Depth turquoise striking, and this is understandable, because the turquoise - magic of nature, which gives the newlyweds endless possibilities for experimentation.

At the wedding is not necessarily the color turquoisedo basic, it can be aktsentualnym. For example, you can make the main color is white with bright turquoise elements: a bouquet of the bride, the groom's tie, colorful napkins on a banquet table, chair covers, turquoise ribbons tied. Do not forget about the wedding cake, which should be subject to the turquoise wedding. This can be a culinary masterpiece in the style of "Tiffany" or individual cupcakes for each guest, wrapped in paper turquoise color.

Turquoise wedding

Color champagne

Wedding champagne color - it's fun in a refinedromantic style and a golden caramel hue. It is the color, giving the newlyweds happiness, hope and joy. It is perfect for a wedding in August and September, when nature is full of bright palette of various colors. In contrast to the pastel ivory, champagne - a stylish deep shade that is perfect, and dark, and white-faced bride.

champagne-colored wedding dress in the latestSeasons are the most popular because of their singularity, brightness and practicality. Even the longest model by the end of the celebration does not lose its perfect appearance, while the white bridal dress and quickly contaminated sereyut. Dresses champagne look luxurious and impressively, especially on the fitting "Mermaid" and "Princess". Ideal for wedding dresses will suit such delicate fabrics, such as:

  1. Guipure.
  2. Organza.
  3. Silk.
  4. Taffeta.
  5. Fatin.
  6. Atlas.

Wedding champagne color


The main wedding favorite 2016 - Peachshade. After a cold winter like a dip in the warm, and give full air shades of peach color. Decorate these themed wedding with the addition of wooden elements, cream drapes and tablecloths apricot color. In addition to the textile part of the banquet hall is widely used fruits, bright balloons, candles and ribbons in pastel shades of cream.

Concept peach wedding fully sharenewlyweds. Bride can be peach, apricot, cream-colored or delicate blush. Suite is desirable to pay attention to the pearl, decor organza or delicate floral decorations. Excellent complement accessories peach image hair band of satin ribbon peach, lush bow scarf around the neck or waist of the dress in the wedding the tone. The bride is also not without accessories apricot or peach shade - boutonnieres, socks, a tie or a butterfly.

wedding peach


If you mix pink, orange and red, theIt will air, light, sparkling coral color. He just want to try, so designers are happy to use it in their best collections. Coral color multi-layered and interesting, so that for many seasons is to add a wedding is not going to leave it in 2016. Shades of coral diverse. It is multifaceted - neutral, warm muted or bright, boldly:

  • pearl magenta;
  • orange-red;
  • red-terracotta;
  • salmon;
  • pink and peach;
  • lilac-pink.

Brides love the shades of coral, because theycombined with all colors of the rainbow. The only drawback of this summer colors - it is not "friends" with thick and heavy winter fabrics, preferring cotton, chiffon, silk and satin. Any wedding dress, whether it be the traditional white coral elements or bold bride salmon color, looks bright and unusual. The basic color to suit the groom on the wedding coral can be beige, brown, gray or white, which should be supplemented by a tie and a flower in the buttonhole of a coral shade.

Coral wedding for sunny days