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Banquet interesting and well-planned weddingis unthinkable without entertainment for guests. "Eat, drink and sleep mislaid" The triumph in style - this will agree, boring and banal. Make sure your guests do not get bored for toasts and tasting dishes. How to do it? Organize a wedding play area with entertainment for the guests!

Making the playing area as well as the selection ofentertainment is largely dependent on the main theme of the wedding guests and interests. Therefore website recommends the couple to find out in advance that like and dislike with family and friends. To find the ideal set of games for invited guests.

Game Zone

Game sets

An important aspect of any gaming zone - is its decor. Of course, the ideal option - hold the wedding outdoors, especially during the warmer months. Beautiful nature and fresh air - the best decoration, it is an axiom. But do not worry, you can easily play area and with a twist and arrange the room.

The main rule of the game design area - it does notshould interfere with the movement of visitors and communication. We should not be based on one single "entertainment" in order to attract all-all the guests. Such an a la "Roma noisy crowd" loses its relevance.

Where it is more convenient and more interesting will providea wide selection of entertainment and games for the gaming zones, so that each of the guests found something for your taste. Moreover, not crashing, while, through the crowd, such as "the suffering of bread and circuses." Guests should be comfortable and convenient.

Game Zone

Do not hesitate to order for the play areamusic, entertainment of all kinds, bartender, masters of fire-show. The original course of the organization's playground at the wedding - work mimes. Talented actors will be another amazing and unusual part of your celebration.

Games for every taste and color

Checkers and chess

An interesting idea for a wedding can be a chess. But the highlight is that these very chess should not be a standard small-size board, and, say, a large playground, where the figures are the same "overall". Large checkers and chess will not only be great entertainment for guests at the wedding, but also a great place for creative photo shoot.

Large chess at the wedding
Large checkers at the wedding


Arrange unusual workshops: dancing, cooking, etc. You can cook the unusual goodies with their hands, and then with relish to taste - a treat for any visitor. Or offer adult guests to create a gift for the newlyweds with their own hands with the help of paper, markers and crayons. And you can invite artists to after the performance they had with the newlyweds and guests of the master class.

Workshop dance

You can invite to the wedding banquet barman show. And after speaking professionals to ask their guests to cook their signature cocktail. And if there are many who want to, you can even arrange a competition with the issue of gifts.

Competition for the best cocktail
Barman show

Mini football

Mini-football - a great opportunity to entertain guests at the wedding, especially if there is a lot of ceremony invited male guests.

Game Zone

Board games

A variety of board games can be used as entertainment for guests. Offer guests several options for games, let everyone choose for themselves what they like.

Games for wedding

The game "Beanbag toss"

A simple game of "Beanbag toss" will give guests the opportunity to move around and compete in accuracy.

Games for wedding


Jang will allow guests to show all the agility and skill of his hands. Fun is guaranteed!

Jang on wedding

Lotteries and competitions

Win-win lottery, of course, do not know how, butthat prevents you from making this lottery brand "izyumistoy" filling the playing area? The most important thing - the lots must be original and funny. Do not bet on the quality and price of the prize, and humor.

By the way, do not overlook the various wedding contests. Try to pick up interesting and unusual. Standard "who will carry more alcohol in the spoon" - too nipped option.

Consider all ages of your guests. Think of such entertainment, which will be interesting and younger and older generation. In addition, you can pick and entertainment based on the wedding theme. For example, a mini-golf course or stylized poker club. Do not forget about modern entertainment: race radio controlled typewriters, fights in video games, etc.

Your goal - interesting, vivid and memorable games area. So trot out the entire arsenal of brilliant ideas.

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