Organization of wedding banquets

Festive feast, its very conduct, leavebright imprint in your memory. And it is not necessary to treat with disdain banquets. These are the moments which then will remember for the rest of life.

As with any important event, the organization of the banquet must be approached with the utmost seriousness. On the main points of the preparation for the banquet is necessary to define at least one month prior to the celebration.

The first and most important point is venue of the banquet.

Restaurant or someone's cottage? Apartment or hotel? This item celebratory banquet is important, because you can easily make a mistake, do not calculate their financial capabilities, but at the same time can be greatly regret about how poorly held banquet.

If the venue of the banquet will stilla restaurant, it is necessary to determine the following: whether it is downtown or neighborhood in which you live, and most of your guests as possible care must be taken sending guests a wedding convoy; whether you want music and a dance floor; whether your tastes interior of the restaurant; whether there is access to fresh air, walk-in closet, toilets?

Another important point is the preparation ofmenu. Menu depends not only on your own preferences, in particular, is to abandon exotic dishes, as not all like oysters or lobster. You should observe and some consistency in serving dishes. First served cold dishes (pickled fish, caviar). This is followed by hot snacks (sandwiches warmed, zhuleny). Following are seafood dishes (stuffed or boiled fish, squid, crabs, mussels, oysters). For fish fed meat products. At the end comes the dessert.

You should take into account the individual characteristics of each of the guests will be a special menu for children, people observe fasting, vegetarians, people who are allergic to a certain type of product.

As a rule, between the filing of the dessert and hot dishes arranged a short break, which can be dedicated to a variety of games or dances. Drinks also remain throughout the banquet.

The next item should be the location of the guests. A place of honor at the table occupied by the bride and groom. To the right of the bride groom's parents sit to the left of the groom - the bride's parents, and then best man and the other guests. Place each guest is desirable to designate a card with the name.

At the end of the banquet can be ordered transportWhich would be delivered safely to the most ardent greeting guests home.

If, however, from all the problems on the organizationwedding party head is spinning, you can hire a Caterham. Specialist, who earns a living by what suits wonderful and unforgettable banquets.

In conclusion, I would like to stress the importance and importance wedding banquet.

Banquet - it is not just a symbol, and a mandatory attribute of the wedding

During the Valentine banquet escorted them mostbest friends, close relatives, the people who then will support. Banquet - a joyful meeting next stage in the relationship of marriage newlyweds. Let your will be bright and unforgettable banquet and meeting wonderful new phase of your life will mark the beginning of a strong and prosperous family.

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