Top 12 placement options for wedding table

arrangement of tables at the wedding banquet - an importanttime, which affects the overall comfort and holiday atmosphere: whether your guests comfortably move around the room, all there will be good to see the entertainment program and the newlyweds sitting at the tables, and others.

When choosing a particular arrangement of tables is important to consider a number of factors: the number of visitors, size and interior space for a banquet, especially the entertainment program at the wedding, and others.

There are many variants of arrangement of tablesat the wedding banquet. portal offers top 12 ideas for the arrangement of tables. Choose the option that is perfect for your wedding celebration.

U-shaped table arrangement

The U-shaped arrangement of tables at the wedding reception is ideal for a small wedding. The dance floor and space for performances, in this case can be arranged inside the U-shape.

Arrange tables in a U shape

Arrange the tables in the style of "dining"

This arrangement is ideal for largeweddings, especially if you need to place the maximum number of people in a small space. It is suitable for a long feast, and for a wedding reception. However, such a compact form is not suitable for weddings with a rich entertainment program, as many of the guests will not be able to fully see the performances of artists / musicians.

Arrange a few tables

Banquet round tables

This arrangement allows you to make a bigthe room more comfortable and harmonious. At the round table should be placed 6 to 8 people, which will allow guests to easily communicate and enjoy the wedding dishes, without constraining each other.

There are three variations of arrangement of round tables at the wedding banquet:

  • Rectangular table for the newlyweds and witnesses + round tables for guests.

Rectangular table for newlyweds

  • The table for the bride and groom + round tables for guests.

A single table for the newlyweds

  • Same round tables for all - the newlyweds and guests.

The same tables for the newlyweds and guests

Arrange tables a la "Meeting"

Single oval and rectangular tables,reminiscent of the tables in the large companies and embassies, is suitable for small weddings, family get-togethers. The best option would be not a long feast, and a mini-buffet.

Oval common table
Rectangular common table

T-shaped table arrangement

T-shaped arrangement of tables is a good idea for the average wedding, where the banquet can be arranged either as a feast and a wedding reception.

Table letter T

Arrange tables with a dance floor in the center of

This arrangement of tables suitable for weddings with any number of visitors and an extensive entertainment program.

Placement in the dance-style

Arrange tables in the form of a square

Such an arrangement of tables suitable for medium weddings. It will provide an opportunity to see all the guests present at the banquet, and communicate with almost every guest.

The table in the form of a square

Arrange tables in the style of "Cabaret"

This arrangement of tables is ideal for a banquet with a large entertainment - live music, dance or other shows organized on the stage.

The alignment in the style of Cabaret

Arrange the tables in the "chevron" style

Known and loved by many style "chevron"It has taken a worthy place in the alignment of wedding tables. This arrangement of tables significantly save space in the room and is suitable for banquet seating, as well as for wedding receptions.

Arrange tables in a chevron style

Portal tell you about the main types of arrangement of tables at the wedding banquet. Based on the features of your wedding, you can now choose the best option for you!

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