The room for the wedding: best price and service levels

Wedding - an important event in everyone's lifeman is a magical holiday! I wish that this celebration was memorable. And for this it is necessary to think over all the details in order to avoid unnecessary trouble and unnecessary costs.

What points should be consider most carefully?

First, you must determine the number of guests.

Based on the number of guests you defineinstitution in which the celebration will take place. Places should be enough for everyone. Many restaurants and cafes are glad to see you as a potential customer and can offer a lot of holiday options. If you are planning a big wedding, then choose a great restaurant. For a holiday with your family or closest friends optimally fit a cozy cafe or small restaurant. Hall desirable to rent completely to avoid the presence of unauthorized persons during the celebration.

An excellent option is to hold the wedding ina boarding house or a holiday home (especially if your wedding is planned for the warmer months). You can pre-book rooms for guests, who come from other cities, and for themselves. In this case, you align the holding holiday with relaxation in nature, making it a truly memorable one!

You should also consider what food will satisfyyou and your guests. But in any case, do not overload the table delicious food and delicacies. Most of them will remain untouched. This is especially true of salads, vegetables and fish dishes. However, water, juices, fruit, cold cuts in front of the most in demand on the holiday table.

How do you prefer to arrange the room? If you intend to dance, it is necessary to specify the place for them with the staff of the restaurant or cafe in advance. To arrange a banquet, as well as install the necessary equipment.

Here is the most common suggestions for restaurants in the celebration:

  • The restaurant holds weddings and banquets with fullservice. Alcohol is usually yours. Service does not involve rents, in this case you pay the minimum cost of snacks, an average of not less than $ 25 per person. Menu is discussed together with you. Paid in advance (usually 50% of the total cost). You are completely free from the hassle of banquet facilities.
  • Organization of weddings do you, as a restaurantrents room for rent with all necessary equipment. In this case, you do purchase products and alcohol, and prepare yourself serviruete table. Cleaning and washing up after the wedding - taking care of the restaurant. In this case, the room rental costs about $ 200.

We can offer you information on a large number of restaurants and cafes invite you to celebrate weddings and other celebrations. On our site you can

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      Your wedding is not clouded by unnecessary domestic problems, and will be the most important event in the life of a young family!

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