The abundance of wedding meals

banquet facilities

At banquets for weddings, shouldconsider the location of the tables, take into account the tastes of all guests, well-organized supply wedding meals. The most convenient option is considered to be tables set by the letter "T". With this arrangement, any that does not interfere with the guests to see the bride and groom. Couple sitting at the head table, beside them sit the parents: near the groom - the bride's parents, near the bride - the groom's parents. This, they seem to evince willingness to take her family newfound relative. Guests sit under the nameplate, which are arranged on the tables. hospitality traditions prescribe to treat everyone who entered the house. Tables, utensils, dishes decorated with wedding flowers. Today this can be done by ordering the catering.

Priority supply wedding meals

The most important rule of wedding feasts -abundance. The choice of dishes depends on Honeymoon tastes and invited guests. Between shifts dishes arrange breaks of 20-30 minutes. At this time, guests can dance, smoke, go out into the air. Approximate order of submission of wedding dishes look like this:

  • Appetizers of fish salt pickled, caviar.
  • Seafood, crab, squid, crabs, mussels, lobster, fish in aspic, stuffed salad fish.
  • Meat snacks, jelly, jelly, sliced ​​sausages, meat salads, meat snacks.
  • Snacks from eggs, butter and cheese. If provided Julienne, hot sandwiches, then they are served after cold appetizers. Broth from meat or chicken can be served as before the cold and hot appetizers before.
  • The next wedding serves hot meals. They are usually multiple. For a spectacular hot dishes do not divide into portions and served whole. Baked sturgeon, suckling pig, poultry will look very impressive on the big beautiful platter, decorated with vegetables and fruit. Submission of hot - one of the highlights of the wedding feast.
  • Somewhere around midnight, when the bride takes off the veiland changes in the status of the wife, served dessert: cake, desserts, tea, coffee, fruit. Prior to this, there is a break in which the waiters cleaned the tables, change the instruments, preparing the table for the wedding of sweet dishes. Drinks with the left in place until the end of the feast. At the request of the newlyweds and guests served champagne, but often this drink offers a banquet, and then the guests proceed to stronger drinks.
  • Calculation of alcohol for wedding tableis made on the basis of the following approximate norms for 10 people: spirits - vodka, brandy - 3-4 bottles of wine - 3-4 bottles of champagne - 2-3 bottles. You should take into account the tastes and preferences of the guests.

Traditions of ancient times

Once the newlyweds at the wedding was not supposedthere is, and, therefore, the day before they were fed chicken. The chicken was also a traditional wedding dish and serve guests. As was the traditional cake-Kurnik. His decorated chicken head of the test, and inside were baked eggs. The obligatory dish on the table was considered a wedding pork - a symbol of wealth and prosperity. At the end of the feast was served a cake or pie.

Drinks were served different, the only limitation was the beer. It was served only guests on the second day

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