How to decorate tables at the wedding reception?

Kutsaya vase with a flower? Icky accessory that no color or design does not fit your wedding? Standard registration tables, where guests can see, coming to the restaurant the next day? So it will not work. Shacks item can be reduced to "no" all the time-consuming and thorough preparation for the wedding. Take a decorated table in the restaurant in their hands! Who but you do know that you need a holiday?

Classic bouquet

For a classic wedding enough to orderbouquets of white flowers to be delivered in a neat vase. If you are planning an Italian or English seating guests, pay attention to the small round composition. The special charm of flowers will add bright accents, which are combined with other wedding accessories, or greens.

White flowers in the decoration of the tables

Elegance oblong shapes

In spring weddings look great bigelongated bouquet of seasonal flowers - tulips and daffodils, and lilies. If a spacious banquet hall, can be arranged large transparent vases with bulky bunches of flowers in pastel shades. Such forms veil a sense of space of emptiness, but at the same time, will look naturally and organically. Wedding portal believes that one bright Gerbera on a thick stalk - a great decoration wedding table.

Elegance oblong shapes

The proximity to nature

Summer weddings, banquets in nature or in the estatesoutside the city involve the use of natural materials in the design of the banquet. Pay attention to the accessories in eco-style. For example, wild flowers in small vases ears bouquets, decorating moss, wooden ornaments, etc. The advantage of this solution is that it greatly save the budget, because the beautiful composition of natural materials can be made with your own hands. As Coco Chanel said: "Modesty - is the height of elegance! "

Wedding flowers in eco-style

Decoration vases tables

Decoration of wedding table is not limited tofloral compositions. By itself, the original and stylish vase - perfect table decoration. Transparent bowl on high legs serve unusual wedding accessories. Fill can be to your taste, in accordance with the wedding theme - buds, colored stones, apples, coffee beans, biscuits, etc. Large glass souvenirs original forms and successfully decorate the table.

Vase as decoration wedding table

Fruits and vegetables on the table

Fruit - a popular accessory on modernweddings. They are bright, colorful, stylish, juicy, fragrant and varied in the methods of application. You can put fruit composition in a vase or special salad bowl, place chopped large glasses of fruit flavored so the banquet, put seasonal fruit in a wicker basket, etc. Variants of using fruits in the decoration of weddings - a lot. Any one of them is successful.

Vegetables in the wedding decor
Fruits in wedding decor

Subject composition

If the decoration with flowers, vases and fruit toojust for you - be imagination, make your own compositions, reflecting the style of the wedding. It can be candles, decorative birdcages, stylized themed ornaments (from the English porcelain to the souvenir mills and palace towers). Website sure that unusual solutions - the key to a successful wedding organization.

Decor table in the style of boho
table decor in the style of Alice in Wonderland

Floating candles

Candles always add romance to the decorpremises. Such lighting is indispensable in the evening time of the wedding. A wonderful option - floating candles in small vessels among the delicate petals. This decor is suitable for almost any wedding.

Floating candles

Photos on the tables

The images, especially photographs, helpan original way to decorate wedding tables. Put the composition of the photos of the bride and the bride as a symbol of celebration. Treat guests their own photos in the decoration of the wedding. In addition, the image Guests can serve as a banquet cards, and wedding souvenirs.

Decoration wedding photos

When organizing a wedding every detail matters. Pick the one accessory that will decorate your wedding perfect. Individual approach to the celebration decor - guarantee a festive atmosphere!

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