Perfect serving wedding table

Wedding banquet - an integral and the mostlong part of a wedding celebration. Tables abound with delicious dishes and snacks, as they require the respective serving wedding table. There are general guidelines that should be considered and observed when serving.

  • Even if you do not have enough time, it is not necessary to decorate and serve a table in advance.
  • Keep your table decorations, they will interfere with the guests.
  • Guests should be loose enough, closely spaced chairs will prevent them to get out, not to disturb the next sitting.
  • The dishes are put on the middle part of the tables, leaving space for appliances. Tables should be broad enough.
  • When serving wedding table, tablecloth, napkins, flatware, glassware, crystal should match the color, style and complement each other.
  • Spreading a tablecloth, it is necessary to pay attentionthe fact that the fold should be located strictly in the middle of the table. Under the tablecloth underlay made molleton - soft tissue, the size of which is repeated exactly the size of the table. This is to ensure that the devices could be lowered on the table noiselessly and hot dishes did not spoil the surface countertops.
  • Flower arrangements, which will be decorated tableshould not be too high, which would not interfere with the guests to see each other and Suite. Serving wedding table may include small vases that are placed next to each device or boutonniere pinned to a napkin. For self-decoration tablecloth can take crisscrossing satin ribbons and sew them on the tablecloth. At the intersections of ribbons to pin fresh flowers. Decorated so the table should be abundantly piled dishes.
  • Avoid strong-smelling flowers, their scent is able to kill the smell of food themselves.
  • Do not set too many dishes at once while serving wedding table, he will be overloaded. There is a sequence of supply of food, which will help to avoid chaos on the table.
  • Plates are placed at a distance of 2-3 cm from the edge of the table, and - 70-80 cm from the center of the instrument to the center of another.
  • The feed dishes must be decorated and furnished appropriately.
  • Castor, a plate of bread and fruit are arranged in such a way that each of the guests could easily take them.
  • Across the middle of the free table are arranged themselves dishes: sauces, salads and snacks. They are served separately common instruments: spatulas, spoons, tongs.
  • At the wedding table serving cold dishes are arranged in such a way that the same dishes were repeated in each of the table and the guests had a chance to reach them.
  • Beverage bottles are arranged in different parts oftable. Drinks are served in beautiful decanters, jugs, champagne in an ice bucket. Alcohol must be placed so that any visitor would be able to take a semi-detached drink.
  • Before serving, uncork the bottle and purified from the neck cork. It is only served champagne corked. Fruit liqueur, homemade liqueurs are served in decanters and jugs.
  • Masterly folded napkin - an indispensable element serving wedding table.
  • Liqueurs, coffee and tea are served after the meal on the table and not on display. Often served a single sweet table.
  • Devices are arranged according menu and each guest must be a full set of appliances.

What includes a set of instruments for one person?

  • Small plates, on which a beautiful folded napkin.
  • The deep dish is not put right, and then bring.
  • Table knife placed on the right side of the plate. The blade should be turned to the side plates.
  • Fish knife lay next for dining, away from the plate, according to the rules of serving wedding table.
  • A tablespoon is placed on the right side of the snack knife.
  • Steakhouse plug.
  • Table fork located on the left side of the plate.
  • Fish fork - the fork to the left of the dining room.
  • Dessert knife, fork and spoon are usuallyis located between the plate and crystal, and so that they would be convenient to take the knife, spoon - right hand, fork - the left. Dessert devices are not taken to put wise.
  • Skeet oil is left of the crystal. On it lay a butter knife.
  • A glass of water.
  • A glass of red wine - the right of the cup for water.
  • A glass of white wine - the right of the glasses for red wine.
  • Champagne glass - between a plate of butter and a glass of water.
  • All instruments must be from one of the service! These are the basic rules for serving wedding table.

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