How to organize a banquet?

So, how is carried out Banquets and receptions organization ?

that organize a banquet, You need to make not a little effort and time, asit does not hurt and your life experience. The most important thing - to choose a convenient option for all banquet venue. This can be a restaurant, banquet hall, club or café. All proposed locations evaluated by the interior, location, maintenance personnel working there. If you plan not to a very large number of people, you can arrange a banquet at home or go to the country on the part of the wedding ceremony.

The most convenient way to hold a banquet in a restaurant, because there are no questions from the dish for tiered cake or a bucket for sparkling wines. Before ordering a selected institution, calculate the approximate number and composition of your guests as well as a regular restaurant often holds no more than 50 people. Be aware that the room rent, as a rule, by itself is not paid. The institution will provide you a lease, if the number of guests at your wedding will correspond at least to the minimum that is required to pass the room, or appoint you to the total amount of orders that each establishment is determined individually. If you want to change something in the interior, you can invite additional experts. They either themselves or at your request will decorate the room with garlands, flowers and balloons.

Familiarize yourself with the options of wedding menusand decide questions about entertainment. In discussing the menu, keep in mind that visitors quickly snack, only the first half hour, and then switch to alcoholic beverages. Therefore, it is better to focus on snacks, and hot to order large and showy dish, calculated about the number of servings, how many guests you have (so you can learn about the order of dishes).

We would like to note that it is not necessary to spend on the wedding table all their savings. For example, you can spend a small buffet instead of a wedding banquet. Firstly, it you will help reduce the financial costsSecondly, the organization is the buffetthe best option to communicate to your guests. On receiving any such invitation without offending any of the neighbors on the table, he will be able to find a companion for the soul. However, whatever option you prefer - a banquet or buffet - book a room for this event are kindly requested to, at least, not later than two to three weeks before the celebration date, unless, of course, you do not plan to make a solemn event at fresh air - the so-called on-site banquet.

When planning a holiday in nature should bekeep in mind that the number of guests should not be very big, because regardless of the weather, you'll have to rent a tent, a total area (it is a standard tent) is 25 square meters. This tent roof will save you and your guests from the hot sun or sudden rain. With regard to the chosen dishes and decorate the wedding table on nature, it would be highly unusual, if serving in color will be combined with the time of year. For example, in the spring of your table should be characterized by tenderness. To do this, not too lazy to decorate it with spring flowers: violets, narcissus, lilac ... The table itself let it be designed in white, yellow, pink and green colors. At the time of the summer holiday table unconditionally give joyful mood, if it is colored, but preference is given to blue, as it causes a feeling of freshness and clarity. Autumn table should reassure. For this purpose, marsh, brown and orange colors. If you think you are extremists, and dare to take the guests to the celebration of nature in winter forest, keep in mind that when you make a table you want to use these colors, like red and purple - they are the most warming. Believe me, your efforts will be appreciated by everyone present.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

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