Who buys a bride

You in the midst of preparing for a wedding? The long-awaited moment is getting closer? The head is spinning from the tips, instructions relatives? Decide whether you are willing to adhere to the practices specific to your area / country. After all, important issues such as the selection and purchase wedding dresses, largely depend on the traditions; the wishes of the bride or groom, her (his) relatives. Select the wedding dress is always a bride. But the question is who will finance the purchase, suggests different answers. Try to understand.

Who on Russian traditions buys bride?

The old Russian custom of weddingRite state that the dowry, as well as the dress, young women in Russia were preparing themselves. For the wedding dress was chosen the most beautiful, ornate embroidery, ribbons, beads dress. No wonder the traditional color for a long time been red, which means - beautiful. The quality and beauty of garment finishing the groom and his family determined how skilful skilled worker is a young wife.

Red wedding dress - an old Russian custom

Gradually, the old Russian customs have come to naught. Rich parents of young girls collected the dowry, hired the best dressmakers sew a wedding dress. Also changed the color of the wedding dress. In the era of Peter I of Russia are in vogue wedding dresses in pastel colors. Young people who have been in Europe, are often brought to their brides European outfits. That went from the view that a wedding dress should pay for future husband.

Wedding dress epoch of Peter I

In Soviet times, most of the oldtraditions faded into the background. Mass relocation of young people from rural areas, mixing traditions - all this led to the fact that preparations for the wedding celebration took quite a bit of time. Dress, suit, for example, were sewn in the studio; veils and other accessories were purchased in a specialty store; Organization of solemn banquet was possible in a nearby restaurant or cafe.

the bride's wedding dress on the Soviet

One thing remained unchanged: Bride wedding dress in any case did not have to see the future husband before the wedding, as she was his clothes. Violation of this tradition promised unhappy marriage, if not cancel the wedding. Who should pay for the purchased a wedding dress? Choose with her friends, or to consult with their parents? Maybe call for help the future mother in law?

The groom or his parents

Argued that wedding dress with allaccessories, choose and buy the groom's parents. Similar traditions exist in the countries of Central and South-East Asia, in the Caucasus. The girl, which is planning to marry a son, the future relatives choose an outfit from head to toe, paying special attention to jewelry. They must be pure gold. The wealth of the surrounding attire can judge the prosperity of the family of her future husband and the desire of the groom to get only this girl.

How to choose a bride with the future in-law

If your future spouse insists on thisvariant, suggest a future mother-in-a joint campaign in dresses salon. You can pre-visit it with my mother, a close friend, to find suitable alternatives. Offer a "second mother" to share part or equally the cost of purchasing wedding accessories: clothes, shoes, hats, capes. Mom of your future husband will likely be pleasantly surprised and flattered by such an act. Especially, if it would save a part of Finance.

Who buys wedding rings

If the future spouse has the ability to take onall the pre-wedding expenses, do not refuse the offer. Agreed in advance, how much money you have on any item of expenditure how much you can spend. If funds are limited, you do not fit in the proposed amount - two outputs: a budget option pick dress or add the money from his own purse. A more traditional option is when the groom pays for the costs associated with the purchase of the dress, and the bride yourself acquiring accessories.

The bride and her parents

If the choice of wedding dress isa priority for your family, feel free to go with my mom and a couple of friends in a bridal salon. It is desirable that the girls were your age, and your tastes coincide with them. Fitting takes a long time to reduce the period of pre-pick suitable for a style, the style of dress that you like.

Listen carefully to the advice of my mother's,pre-stressing the Pope on how much you can expect. To avoid disagreements with loved ones, my friends, talk to a designer, ask fashion trends. Do not forget to take into account the characteristics of its shape, the weather, the venue of the wedding celebration.

Buying a wedding dress the bride's parents

The modern view is to buy a wedding dress

The modern world dictates its own characteristics. The question is, who buys a wedding dress the bride, more often not relevant. Often, young people form the total budget, on which the funds pay wedding expenses. In some cases, the independence and autonomy of women prefer to fully fund your outfit, so even that part of a wedding banquet, which accounted for her relatives.

The most deliberate decision will providepossible future husband pay for the purchase of rings, wedding bouquet, car order. But the selection of wedding dresses in a certain style should discuss in advance. The availability of wedding dresses in the stores, accessories, eyes run. The important point to which you should pay special attention, it is appropriate attire bride and groom, consistency in a single style.

Selection of wedding dresses in the same style

To do this you will need a mediator - a friend,friend, relative, whose taste you trust completely. Ask this person to look at the bride and groom's suit. If the styles are in harmony, it can help in the selection of accessories that will help to combine outfits. Another way of solving the problem would be the opinion of designers, wedding organizers, whose professional skills will be invaluable in the selection of wedding dresses for honeymooners.

Traditions associated with the purchase of dresses in other countries

European traditions include allwedding expenses divided equally between the bride and groom. The parents hardly accept financial assistance in dealing with the organization of a wedding celebration. In Germany, for example, unless the wedding in the church, the bride decided to pick up a festive dress, but not the wedding (as pictured). To buy his bride on their own.

Choosing a wedding dress in Germany

In the East, the bride dresses buys the groom's family. American bride, as an accessory, traditionally wears two garter on his right leg. One of them throws the groom after painting his unmarried friends, similar to the bride's bouquet. Garter Bride chooses independently. In Brazil, the choice of attire for the bride, buying his lie on the bride's family. Dresses are trying to buy a light, open, due to the hot climate.