What is a family tradition, and what are they?

Every family has its own inexpressiblean atmosphere of love, understanding and warmth. Children born in families that adopt this atmosphere. How does it occur? This aura of the family create a family tradition, customs or laws of family entertainment. Often, such laws take their roots from the family values ​​of previous generations - they are strong and unshakable. Thanks to them a feeling of safety of family relations, there is a strong bond between family members, supported by a close and trusting relationship, the children feel the stability of the family.

Joint trips to nature

What is a family tradition: examples

Family traditions - a recurringactions of family members, aimed at the consolidation of intra-family relations and strengthen the family as the foundation of society. Tradition - an indispensable attribute of happiness and well-being, reflecting the moral position of all family members. Each family is individual and has its own history. Family traditions allow all members to feel their importance, devote time and attention to families, to show them respect and love.

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Examples of traditions: joint holding of festivals, thematic dinners on weekends, travel on vacation with the whole family, reading stories to children before bedtime or singing lullabies, going to church on Sundays or religious holidays, writing children letters to Santa Claus on New Year's Eve, pastries household cakes for Easter, sharing food and many others. Watch the video about family customs of famous people:

What are the family traditions and celebrations

  • Family celebrations. This tradition has its roots in the distant past - for centuries it was decided to spend the holidays with your family with family, loved ones. The main holiday so you need to call the day of birth. In most families accepted in this day invites the house to lay a festive table, to give gifts to the birthday and will certainly blow out the candles on a birthday cake, make a wish. For family holidays include weddings, birth of children, baptism, and so on. D.

Birthday party
  • Conducting nationwide holidays. These include all the favorite holiday - New Year. Most families practice the custom of holding it together at a large table with a traditional for our country salad "Olivier" and champagne. Children write letters to Santa Claus, asking that your gifts. Many families celebrate Easter, baking cakes and lighting them in the church. Among nationwide holidays traditionally celebrated the World Day of Workers - May 1st. On this holiday, most families go on a picnic and cook on the grill meat dishes.

Family celebrating New Year
  • Games with children. It is important that both parents participate in raising a child, playing with him. During the games the child learns, acquires new skills, enhances their physical and intellectual level. For example, according to the custom, my mother every Saturday teaches a child to play chess, and my dad on Sundays playing with his son football. Children like stability, so try not to break the established custom.

Playing with baby
  • Evening discussion on the last day. It is worth paying attention to this important point, because during the discussions, everyone has the opportunity to share with loved ones with their success, failure, to get useful advice or parting word.
  • Eating together. This tradition is called the most important, because there is nothing nicer joint meal with relatives. This family tradition practiced by many. During family breakfast has a great opportunity to discuss plans for the day and a positive charge. The joint dinner will relax while enjoying the native community, to share their impressions of the day we live. It is desirable that during the joint meals all present communicated, rather than watching television.

Joint family meal
  • The celebration of important events. This beautiful custom allows you to mark those important family events like anniversary, birthday party, diploma or graduation, engagement, the upcoming addition to the family. These small celebrations provide an opportunity to share the happiness and joy with your loved ones, stimulate to new successes.

Family celebration
  • Reading fairy tales at bedtime. This is an important tradition in the education of children, because the tales allow the child to develop imagination, to understand the world. Besides the daily reading of fairy tales at bedtime produces a child's routine bedtime. Even if the child is too young to understand the meaning of reading, it is reassuring to act calm and measured voice of mom or dad. This evening ritual will soothe even the most active children, promoting a good sound sleep.

Reading stories to children
  • Walking the whole family. For the development of the physical abilities of the child, and the maintenance of its own, it is important to make joint trips. During this walk you need to communicate, can be considered attractions. In order to inculcate spiritual values, it is desirable the whole family to visit cinemas, theaters, museums, exhibitions. Such campaigns can broaden horizons and improve the cultural level of the family as a whole.

Family walking
  • The tradition of kissing. To create an atmosphere of love, it is important to often kiss their loved ones. It is desirable to kiss children at least twice a day - in the morning, when they woke up in the evening - before going to bed. More frequent kisses and hugs are welcome, even with an adult child, because children grow stale with a lack of affection. It is also important to wish all families a good night before going to bed at night and good morning, wake up.
  • Joint vacation trip. Do not underestimate this kind of entertainment, because the majority of psychologists in order to maintain a good relationship, it is recommended to regularly change the situation. The main thing is to visit new cities and countries all together, in order to distract from routine and everyday life, to broaden their horizons.

Leisure at sea with family
  • Orthodox traditions. These include a joint visit to the church of the Orthodox holidays and every Sunday, the celebration of Christmas and Easter, fasting, children, baptism, Bible reading, prayers before bedtime, regular visits to the deceased relatives.

What values ​​are at the heart of family traditions

Family traditions generate and bring in peopleimportant values: love of family, respect for their mother, taking care of loved ones, a proper understanding of the family and its role in life. Failure to family customs and practices can lead to a weakening of the ties between its members, to the destruction of family ties. Even the cell of society, in which there is love, can not exist without certain important and pleasant customs, for example, joint leisure.

The tradition of a joint communication

Traditions reinforce in children a sense of gratitudeto parents, as well as grandparents and instilling respect for the older generation. Spouses customs give a sense of inviolability, the stability of family relationships. LN Tolstoy said: "Happy is he who is happy at home." A man who lives in the family, devout tradition, is bound to be surrounded by care, love, warmth and tenderness. Such a person is required to family well-being will be transferred to other areas of life.

Family traditions of different countries and peoples of the world

Every nation has its own special traditions,relating to all spheres of life, and especially the family. This is due primarily to the fact that every nation or country has its own particular geography, location, climate, history, unique culture, adhere to different faiths. All these factors influence the formation of cultural and family traditions. Family traditions, in turn, shape the outlook and attitude to life. Such family life there for centuries, virtually unchanged, going from older to younger family members.

The custom of eating together

Family cultural traditions in the Russian history and the present

If we look at history, it becomes obviousthe existence in Russia of the set of traditions. It has long been the main family custom in Russia was the genealogy - in the past it was considered impolite not to know a kind, and it was an insult to the term "Ivan, not mindful of kinship." An integral part of family life was drawing pedigree or family tree. Also known are the traditions of the Russian people as the transfer of valuables from generation to generation, and profaned the name of a child in honor of one of the most respected ancestors.

Russian tradition of sharing tea

In modern Russia, the value of family traditionsIt was somewhat lost. For example, now rarely met a family, leading his own genealogy. Often the memory of generations is reduced to an album with photos. But preserved such fine traditions as a common meal and joint events. Family customs and traditions of the Kuban still involve the Cossack way of life, bringing up children in the spirit of the Cossack family.

Traditions in Germany

There is a stereotype that Germans are extremely pedantic. Maximum strict traditions of the Germans belong to the family:

  • It made most carefully treat your home, carefully removing it and inducing it beauty;
  • not decided to leave the education of grandchildren or grandparents - for it is necessary to define them a sum of money;
  • parents in old age do not live with children - look after them nurses or they live in special boarding;
  • Christmas made the whole family to gather in the family home;
  • Germans are prudent and economical, so they have a tradition of savings set aside for old age, during which they are usually a lot of traveling around the world.

German tradition to gather with parents

In England

The English tradition - the three pillars on whichHold your ground, so they are a special thrill honor them. Who does not know about the notorious English custom of drinking tea? Family fees and discussions necessarily take place over a cup of the Earl Grey with milk. The British are Catholics, so they especially celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, going the whole family, cooking traditional dishes. Wonderful traditions from the British need to call the custom to give children a good education. It is considered bad manners not to send a child to study at a private boarding school or college.

Traditional celebration of Thanksgiving Day in England

In France

In France, the widespread practice - forSundays to gather around the table, drinking wine and trapeznichat. From holidays French love to celebrate Christmas, going to his parents' house. On the festive banquet are always present such delicacies like foie gras, salmon, seafood, snail Iscariot and noble cheeses. Traditional Christmas drink - champagne and dessert - "Christmas log".

Christmas in France

In India

India - a country of strict family traditions andtraditions. Indian society is divided into social castes, so the question of marriage there are currently very unusual. The father must choose the future groom for his daughter, gave her in marriage only representative of his social caste. Luxuriant wedding celebration - it is rather a duty than a desire. The bride traditionally had to provide a dowry. Divorce and remarriage in India were previously banned.

Wedding traditions in India

The Indian family life is greatly affected by the Buddhist tradition. According to them, a man must:

  • Show respect for his wife.
  • Do not change.
  • Provide family.
  • Teach children the craft.
  • To select the right fit for children.

A woman should:

  • Respect her husband.
  • To raise children.
  • Perform all the household duties.
  • Do not change her husband.
  • Perform all the wishes of her husband.

Traditions Tatars

Tatars - Muslims, so family lifebased on Sharia and the Koran. Tatars family is considered to be a necessity dictated by religion. It is interesting that after the marriage the husband has full authority over his wife, and the wife is dependent on him - she did not even have the right to leave the house without her husband's consent. Divorces from the Tatars are extremely rare solely by the husband. Children are taken to bring the wife, but they are required to show complete obedience to his father.

Tatar relatives

What family traditions are important in raising children

Family traditions play an important role inparenting. It is not easy to instill tradition adult, so frequent is their transmission from generation to generation, from parents to children. Children perceive the world as it is done by their parents, so from pleasant family customs dependent perception of family child as the main element of their lives, as well as to determine its place in the system of values.

family reading tradition

Useful are the traditions of family reading in frontsleep, singing lullabies, kissing at every meeting, joint dinners, walks. They determine a child's notion of stability and inviolability of family life, give a sense of unity, make children more gentle and affectionate. It is also important to vaccinate childhood custom to respect and honor their ancestors, regularly visiting them on holidays.

The custom of dialogue with the whole family

Proverbs and poems about family traditions

There are many instructive sayings about family customs and traditions:

  • "What a treasure, when the family way."
  • "Children are not a burden, but a joy."
  • "When the sun heat, when the mother is good."
  • "Not the mother that gave birth to and the one that has grown up."
  • "The family is strong when the roof over her one."
  • "The whole family together, the soul on the spot."
  • "The tree is held back, and the man family."
  • 'If granddaughters May and tales know. "
  • "Do not hide your failures from your parents."
  • "Honor your parents - not sobesh astray."
  • "In a family where helping each other, is not afraid of trouble."

Poems about family and traditions see in the photo below:

Poems about family

Family traditions are one of the most importantevery aspect of life, so it is important to cultivate them in every possible way, to maintain. Family life without traditions would be boring. Well, when young families of their own, relying on the experience of family life, his parents, adding to them their private moments. The main purpose - rapprochement with the rest of the relatives, to build a strong reliable family, and enjoy fellowship with loved ones loved ones. Be happy!