Wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Wedding traditions in every corner of the world - it ismap of the local population of the soul, the essence of the people of the area. All the nations on this planet have originality, unusual rituals and unique flavor. Let's look at the wedding traditions of the peoples of the world and find out how much they are interesting to us, and are we ready to get married on some unusual exotic ritual, which will connect the hearts of two lovers forever.

Unusual Wedding traditions of different peoples

People all peoples of the world and constantly fallmarry. In our country, too, has its own wedding traditions, rooted in ancient times. Each element of the Russian wedding ceremony hides under a separate tradition. For example, the Russian people accepted:

  1. Block the way wedding train.
  2. Handed out before the trip to the registrar candy kids.
  3. To redeem the bride.
  4. Releasing doves.

Russian bride on an old wedding traditiongiven the opportunity to first cut the wedding loaf showing emergence as a hostess. In-law after marriage removes the bride's veil, which symbolizes the acceptance of a new member in the family. Another ancient Russian wedding custom that has survived to the present day, is a meeting of young after marriage bread and salt. According to Russian custom, the couple have a bite of wedding loaf one piece and one piece will be more, that, according to legend, is the main house.

Meeting newlyweds with bread and salt

Recently Slavic peoples there is anotherWedding tradition: throwing the bridal bouquet the bride unmarried girlfriends. The girl caught the bridal bouquet, to marry next. This ritual exists among men: the groom removes the garter legs wife and throws it with his bachelor friends. Who was the first to catch it, he will meet his soul mate. The mention of this wedding tradition can still be found in the manuscripts of XIV century. Then it was thought that any clothes, taken from the groom or bride will favor the opposite sex.

The most fun is still Russianwedding custom of bride price. Usually the repayment deal with witnesses, but sometimes the bride becomes a participant in the event. Woman buys back the tradition money, less champagne, vodka, chocolates and flowers. In this wedding ritual attended by neighbors, friends and invited guests. Although similar ceremony is performed, and many other peoples of the world - for example, the Muslims decided to take the dowry for the bride - but in the Russian tradition of redemption more fun than the cash payment for the girl.

Rite of bride price

Russian wedding ceremony greater focus onentertainment. Other nations of the world the wedding traditions are striking in their practicality, third - minimalism, and fourthly - romance. For example, in Australia the wedding preparations begin a year before the scheduled date of the celebration. The people of Australia - Catholics, so the civil registration of marriage they have. All newlyweds held a wedding ceremony after which the holiday begins.

Even three months before the term of the future spousesstart walking to the priest, which prepares young people for living together and constitutes with them the wedding plan. Australians are practical in all, therefore, wedding gifts are specified in advance. The bride and groom up in advance a list of desired gifts, and visitors distribute among themselves, who and what will give.

Australians, like other Catholics of the world,There is an interesting tradition to create on the way to church a lot of noise. The roots of this ritual come from ancient times, when the natives believed that the noise drives away evil spirits. To create a screen to this day for many newlyweds wedding car of the world are bound old cans or other metal objects that are able to create a rumble.

cans sound drives away evil spirits at the wedding

The ritual breaking of the wedding glass exists inMany countries around the world. After leaving the church Young tray with glasses of wine that they should drink, and after the break the glasses. In the belief of many people, if both the glass will break, then waiting for the newlyweds a happy life. But if some glass will be saved, then the marriage will not be successful. There is another explanation for this mysterious ritual: the ancient people in the world believed that the broken glass tinkling drives away evil demons from the Suite.

Wedding traditions in Europe

  • Hungary

According to Hungarian tradition of the wedding the bride takes offshoes and puts them in the center of the room. One gentleman, who wants to dance with her, should throw coins in the shoes. Who will throw more coins, he has the preferential right to dance. Another interesting Hungarian obryad-- morning washing, when the bride the morning of the second day with the guests after the wedding went to the well and washed one by one all the guests, and then wiping their own towel.

Hungarian National color of wedding
  • Slovakia

The bride chooses her chosen, and thengives a ring and a shirt, which is sewn from silk. The groom is also in response to the bride picks the silver ring, wears a fur hat and a chastity belt. Wedding in the cities of Slovakia often goes with traditional entertainment, games, competitions and a buffet, but in rural areas there is still a chance to see a national bridal ensemble of folk instruments.

  • Norway

It is estimated that in countries with harsh climates peopleHe does not know how to express feelings rapidly. Wedding traditions in cold Norway proof. Women in this country are much less than men, so the young people to look for a bride since his early youth. Norwegian women since ancient times is equal to man, so heirs are considered not only the older boys, but the older girls.

Nobody is going to Dower in Norway, and a weddingnewlyweds do on their own funds. The most beautiful wedding Norwegian tradition, which is supported by the newlyweds so far - this is when guests leave the place of matchmaking in brightly painted boats festooned with wedding bells and other traditional wedding accessories.

Norwegian boat wedding
  • Netherlands

Some of the wedding ceremonies of the Netherlands canordinary citizens of other countries around the world plunge into shock. But local bride and groom do not suffer unnecessary modesty and believe that all natural should not be banned. Guests at the wedding fun without the virtues of Slavic and competitions in our opinion go any decent limits. The more ribald wedding ideas, the more successful, according to local residents, it passes.

The festive celebration in the Netherlands is nota traditional wedding cake. Instead, it offers national candy called "sugar bride." They come in different shapes, and a taste - a real mosaic. Bride ordering sweets in different pastry, so if a guest caught two of the same candy, it is considered a happy omen.

Dutch traditional wedding dance

African wedding ceremonies

  • Nigeria

According to the Nigerian wedding traditions of the groom's parentsinvite professional matchmaker, which selects the desired candidate for the bride's family meets the requirements. Matchmaker in the hammam checks of selected candidates for the innocence and then presents to the parents. Interesting local custom is observed immediately after the Nigerian wedding when the groom's family is forced through the corridor, who beat him with sticks. It is believed that only after that the groom is ready for family life.

  • Ethiopia

In African tribes, family life for womenIt begins with these tests. For example, in the Surma tribe six months before the wedding ceremony the bride pierced lower lip and insert a clay disk. In order not to interfere with the drive, two front teeth removed, because it is believed that the larger the drive, the richer the bride's dowry. In addition to the warning about the high financial situation girls clay disk protects it from evil spirits, which can enter the body through the mouth.

  • Egypt

This African country is hometraditional marriage. The ancient Egyptians were the first people who offered the world to legalize the relationship between man and woman. The marriage contract, too, first appeared in Egypt - there were specified in detail the duties of husband and wife. Wedding rituals of the people of Egypt are rooted in Islam, in which a man has the right to have four wives, but must all provide. Not all modern male Egyptians can afford more than one wife.

In Egypt, interesting and colorful nationaldances, which are present on all the traditional wedding ceremonies: belly dance, dance skirt and swords. The exchange of rings is also an ancient tradition of the Egyptian people, which is picked up by almost all countries of the world. The Egyptians believed the ring a symbol of love and put it on the middle finger of the left hand because the finger passes through the heart of Vienna, which holds the hearts of the young.

Exchange rings on wedding Egypt
  • Rwanda

Traditional wedding ceremony Bahutu tribe inRwanda is very passionate! The customs of the people requires that the couple expressed their hatred for each other. Immediately after the marriage ceremony woman disguised with a veil person goes to her husband's house, and now begins the carnage there. Wife mercilessly scratching her husband, causing him tangible wounds, and her husband is also showing aggression toward her.

Slaughter continues until the morning, and itparticipants are silent, not saying throughout the fight a single word. Pugnacious ritual can last even a few nights in a row, after which his wife moved to her husband's house forever and never Bahutu tribe wife do not quarrel. These strange wedding traditions checked the readiness of young people for family life. Maybe that's why African families are durable?

The customs of the peoples of Asia

  • Thailand

Wedding ritual of Asian people do notIt requires modest attire. On this day, Thai bride can replace up to ten multi-colored and white dresses, depending on whether the rite is performed. For each ceremony have to choose an appropriate dress. Unaffordable wedding black, his widow in Thailand are, so do not use it even in the decoration of the wedding dress. According to the traditions of Thailand at weddings should be a lot of gold, red and orange colors.

  • China

These people love the red color, so onChinese wedding tradition is all red: the bride dress, envelopes with money, boxes with gifts and even rose petals. Wedding tradition where newlyweds drink out of glasses, tie a red ribbon, came into the world, too, from China. Chinese wedding ceremony is expensive, but it pays off quickly as gifts to the newlyweds are transmitted only in cash. Money give even those family members who are not present at the ceremony.

The photo Chinese couple with a wedding procession
  • India

Wedding ritual of the Indian peoples - this is the mostcolorful spectacle in the world, the brightest demonstration of the Indian people's beliefs, the manifestation of his spiritual culture and deep religious roots. Usually Indian newlyweds during the wedding ceremony there for the first time, but the divorce is almost never the case with these people. For other people it is a mystery, because in those countries where marry for love, the divorce rate is simply catastrophic.

The Hindus are mostly bridal accessoriesflowers. Their wedding immense amount, so this is an expensive component of every Indian wedding ceremony. The aroma of flowers like the gods, therefore, through the flowers, they will hear the requests of mortals. The important point is on the holiday table: served only vegetarian food and eggs, fish and meat is strictly prohibited.

The beauty of the Indian wedding
  • Bali

Wedding ceremony on this Indonesian islandIt became among the honeymooners world fashion events, and it is clear why. It is believed if a traditional marriage to conclude on this island paradise, it will be a happy and long. In addition, the Balinese ceremony takes place very effectively: smoked incense, floral offerings were offered to thousands of local gods, and put on a stunning beauty bridal costumes, decorated with gold embroidery, wound in several layers.

The bride and groom to the place of the wedding ceremony go ongolden carriage, and more prosperous arrive at the ornate elephants. In the temple young showered petals of exotic flowers, and invited the priests recite special prayers to help the husband and wife to be happy. Music, dancing, flowers, traditional Balinese treats allow to feel in harmony with the ancient island deities.

Traditional Wedding in Bali

North and South America

  • USA

Unlike other countries in the world, weddingceremony in the United States - it's part of the business, which had been trusted by the Americans special agencies. The festival begins in the same way as in other Catholic countries of the world:

  • man makes a proposal to the girl;
  • appointed by the engagement date on which the groom gives the ring;
  • It held the official wedding ceremony.

In the US wedding there are no restrictions,but newlyweds outfits usually performed in a traditional style. In addition to the girl a new dress must exist some old thing and a blue thing. Reproach thing symbolized in touch with family, and blue - it's faithfulness in marriage. The undoubted advantage is the ability to select multiple bridesmaids for the bride, rather than one as in the other countries of the world. So no friend will not remain without attention.

  • Mexico

Latin American nations - the descendants of the Maya andAztecs, so their wedding traditions are somewhat different from the rest of the world worship. In traditional Mexican wedding present sponsors who finance a holiday. It is usually the parents, godparents and young relatives. During the wedding the newlyweds priest wraps around the symbolic "lasso" in the form of special beads, symbolizing the union of two people into one.

Mexicans are even more ancient Indiantradition, inherited them inherited from the Indians, so before the official wedding ceremony is celebrated union of two people. First, a woman must undergo a ritual ablution, and then there is a traditional Indian ritual near the old tree, which notifies the elements (water, air, earth, fire) and the ancestors that young people are bound together forever.

Mexican wedding is accompanied by a ritual dance

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Different peoples of the world have their own weddingrites, but one thing unites them: the desire to achieve for a young family well-being, love and success. Now a lot of wedding traditions can not be called exclusively Slavic, Asian, or Native American, so they spread around the world. For example, the ransom, or dowry for the bride give all religions, and without dance Suite does not pass one wedding ceremony in the world. Let's see in the video, as it occurs in different parts of the color: