Wedding traditions in India

The Indian marriage has a feature that distinguishesfrom other - form the young married couple, not young, and the groom's parents. They pick his son's future wife, are in talks to her parents about the upcoming wedding. She may not know her future husband, but she can only submit to the will of the parent. This tradition was formed thousands of years ago, but since then has not changed, despite the large number of castes in India and cultures.

Engagement - Ashir-wad

Traditionally, in India, before you assign a wedding, the young parents carefully study their horoscopes, selects the optimal date for this event, future relatives are invited to the bride.

After the parents concludedthe arrangement of the wedding, a meeting organized by the young, or rather, two meetings - first at home the bride, then the groom. These meetings are in India called "Ashir-wad." Parents bless the marriage, committed engagement. According to the wedding traditions of India, the couple are preparing gifts to one another, and their generously parents, next of kin. From engagement to wedding it takes about two months.

Engagement 'Ashir-wad "

Traditions on the eve of the wedding day

A variety of wedding traditions is impressive: Each custom has its meaning and is accompanied by specific actions. The beauty of the Indian song, dance, rustling fabrics, the abundance of colors and fragrances, exquisite national dishes - Indians do not spare money and effort to organize the celebration.

Meeting with guests

Wedding in India - a special celebration for himlong prepared to spend a lot of money. If the family is provided, for a wedding is spent from 15 to 20 thousand dollars. 700-800 Invited guests who need to provide housing, but also treat many days after the wedding with all the preludes lasts more than a week.

By long tradition, four days before the wedding homethe girl come her relatives, are building in the courtyard of the bridal canopy, decorated with garlands of flowers, coconuts, bananas, bright lights. Residents of India a canopy called a "pandal". In the middle under a canopy set a large bowl with rice, put rice on top of a large coconut palm flower - a symbol of happiness, around the bowl burning lights.


Ceremony "Mindy" implies prettificationnational ornament hands and feet of the bride with henna. According to the wedding traditions in India, girls patterns are applied to the hands and above, covering the hands up to the elbow. As a result, it emerges something like the original gloves. Thereafter, in the hands of a girl wearing gold rings and bracelets. Hands and feet are not chosen by chance: in the hands of the marked lines of human destiny, as well as the hands and feet reflect all seven chakr.Kak it looks, shown in the photo.

Tradition: Mindy on the hands and feet of the bride

Mother, girlfriend girls try to makeWedding patterns darker as possible: it is considered by tradition that when husband is stronger than her love. The procedure lasts almost the whole day, while graffiti on the bride's young girls and experienced woman talking with her about what promises to marry, how to behave with her future husband, how to build a happy family. Therefore, it is considered that the more complex the image, the more time it was performed, the more marriage secrets learned bride.

According to the traditions of India, the bride and bearspatterns is not befitting to leave the house before the wedding, her shelter decorated with bright festive garlands of flowers, bulbs, foil. After marrying the young wife does not do any homework until the patterns are not fully descend.

How do I figure Mindy see in the video:

Sanju rehearsal dinner

There is a tradition among the people of India: fifteen days before the beginning of Hindu wedding ritual worship carried Ganesha - the god of wealth and abundance. Representatives of both families are asked to contribute to the wedding Ganesha, remove all the obstacles to it.

Tradition: the worship of Hindu god Ganesh

Sanjeet - this is purely a women's pre-weddingceremony, one of the most joyful and cheerful in India. The friendly woman from the bride's family are invited to a dinner of women from the groom. All friendly company songs, dances, toast wish happiness and well-being of the bride. Cooked relatives of the bride festive table replete with delicious dishes. Dinner lasts a long time, women have fun from the heart.

Women having fun at Sanji

Ceremony Gaye holud

It is a tradition of praise yellow, whichIndia is considered a symbol of the sun, represents fidelity. It begins at home of the groom: the participants of the ceremony itself foreheads painted with yellow paint, then sprinkle yellow powder each other. After it is necessary to inform the relatives of the deceased, their descendant married. This makes the father of the groom, listing all of the ancestors, as if inviting them to witness a significant event.

After completing the ritual the young man home, the procession goes to the girl's home, where "Gaye holud" is repeated again.

wedding ceremony

The wedding itself on Indian canons and traditionsincredibly beautiful. The tale come to life before your eyes makes the heart flutter even those who have not believed in miracles. Beautiful young people, a white horse, as the fulfillment of the girl's dreams, and much more. Here is how the wedding in the Indian.

The arrival of the groom

The dream of every girl - betrothed on a white horse! At the wedding traditions in India comes to his beloved bride - on a white horse, decorated with red and yellow lights. Accompanied by the witness, guests, musicians with loud singing, dancing bride comes home to the girl. Meet him only men - the father and uncle of the bride, all women run away from the road, so as not to get caught the eye of the groom, it is considered a bad omen.

Tradition: the groom on a white horse

The younger brother of the bride groom is given the honor to meet at the gate. By tradition, he washes his feet and kisses him like a relative.

Shubha Drishti - the first sight

The wedding itself in India begins in the evening at homegirl. For the rite, according to tradition built a special tent. It is covered with an awning, four palm put in the corners. The tent is decorated with lively fragrant flowers, mostly yellow tones.

The bride standing on the rock, waits will makewooden palanquin with his betrothed. Porters twine bride around the groom seven times and place. Guests are asked to pay a guy and girl look at each other, that is, to make a wedding ceremony Shubha Drishti - eye.

Wooden palanquin with his future wife


For all wedding traditions in India is done on an empty stomach, the young prohibited anything to eat until the ceremony is completed.

For wedding constructed a small temple wedding"Lead" of the five bamboo sticks, which are served on top of the tent. Inside the temple is lit fire. One end of the sari of the bride to the groom's tie sash to unite them forever. Newlyweds sit by the fire.

Brahman (priest) reads the prayer, singingholy mantras, giving the word to the young pronouncing vows, after which ties the hands of the wedding of a young couple with a garland of flowers, joining their souls forever, for all seven generations. As tradition commands, the couple around the fire seven times. From now on, the groom finds the girl of his wife, which confirms the application of red paint on her forehead and hair parting. Painted red parting inhabitants of India called "sindoor".

Wedding ceremony in India

Celebration in bozargane

After the wedding, all the guests are directed to a special room - bozarganu where arrange themselves gay wedding show with original Indian dances, songs, which lasts until morning.

Wedding festivities

At the end of the wedding fun young are still sleep at home the bride, traditionally the young are placed to sleep in different rooms.

Escorted his young wife in the house of her husband

On the morning of the second day, you take away the newlyweds onwhich still put on wedding dresses, home to her husband, where parents bless the young, give them gifts again. On the second day of the wedding does not happen any event, all the rest after yesterday's holiday.

According to tradition, in India, a young woman can go home to their parents only a month later, put them first visit.

Arrival of a wife's relatives of her husband

After a rest after the wedding, on the third day of his young wife's relatives traditionally come home with gifts for her husband, where they have laid a festive table and again waiting for the wedding entertainment.

What is presented according to the traditions?

As a wedding gift from relativesIndians willingly accept gold items, home appliances, mobile phones, cooking utensils, beautiful paintings, statues, clocks, money. The amount of money must necessarily be odd, for example, Rs 200 and 205. In India, there is a tradition that an odd number will bring them luck and prosperity.

The closer the family ties, the smarter willwedding gift. Gift packaging in the paper "happy" colors - yellow, red, green. When visiting the young never open presents. Among the people of India it is considered impolite to give alcoholic beverages, as well as products from bovine and porcine skin.

The image of the Indian bride and groom

Indian bride very beautiful and their dressesvery rich. Traditionally, wedding saris in India sewn from cotton, silk, chiffon different shades of red or gold. The Hindus of old red color symbolizes purity, color nevinnost.Bely Indians believe mourning.

Traditional women's wedding dress

Sari bride decorated with exquisite embroidery,fringe, rhinestones, luxurious accessories. Supports wedding sari gold belt. Blouse or sew simple, the color of the sari, or golden, brocade. It can also decorate with embroidery, beading.

Richly embroidered outfit Indian

On the neck of the girl - a gold necklace, transmittedinherited from mother to daughter. Also decorate the bride gold earrings, bracelets on the hands and feet. Bracelets come with ornaments, enamel, carving. Jewelry for weddings in India are matched expensive, rarely used jewelry.

bride's outfit is perfectly combined with ornaments

For all the traditions of the Indian bride, there is one distinctive wedding decoration - big earring in a wing of the nose, from which runs a chain to his ear, as shown in the photo.

Wedding chain of the bride

In keeping with ancient tradition, the weddinga young girl for the first time painted with henna bindi - a red dot on the forehead, symbolizing India married woman. Bindi can be of different shapes - round, oval and even triangle. Wedding make-up emphasizes the special depth of the eye of a girl with her eyebrows clearly defined hairs.

Hair traditionally stacked beautifulwedding hairdo, decorated with flowers and gold products. Punjabi girls and women are very modest and shy, and their hair is constantly collected, among them is considered indecent to go with her hair. It can afford in India only women of easy virtue or wife alone with her husband.

Indian Wedding hairstyle

Bride in India also looks very elegant. According to tradition, his tight pants with a red and white wedding frock coat embroidered with gold embroidery. Belting his beautiful red sash. On his feet shoes with curled toes, embroidered with beads. His head is crowned with a wedding turban of bright cloth. All this is embroidered with beads, beads, embroidery, glitters and shimmers in the sun. In some parts of India have long been a tradition of the groom's face to cover half of the beads or pendants colors.

Newlywed Indian Attire

Indian wedding - not just a holiday ortradition is a fusion of two great families, so mark it with a special splendor, observing the huge number of wedding rituals. Examine all of them is not so easy. In the video below you can admire the beauty of the Indian wedding:

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