Wedding customs and traditions in Russia

To have survived a lot of weddingRussian rites that accompany the ceremony. All of them were modified, the majority of today is more entertaining. If you would like to pay tribute to the rich cultural past, embodied it in his triumph, examine the wedding customs and traditions, which originated many centuries ago, but have not lost their charm and today.

Blessing of young

"God bless!"- These words in the old days in Russia, the parents consented to marry young. This church custom, which suggests that parents crisscross future spouses icons, wrapped a towel. Hold it was permissible only baptized, but now on a beautiful wedding ceremony / custom Russia there are even those who have not been baptized, but this is not a blessing in the truest sense.

Russian wedding tradition: the blessing of the young


Russian wedding tradition of past centuries have notheld without the wizard, which provided protection for the newlyweds from evil forces, conducted ceremonies to protect them from the evil eye. Modern witch - a friend of the bridegroom, and the toastmaster at the same time. It takes care of a pleasant, interesting wedding atmosphere throughout the festival.


In the old days came to woo the parentsthe groom. His children gave the aisle soon, so that all issues were resolved between adult family members - dowry expenses deposit. Over time, this Russian tradition has changed, because people marry for love. But the gesture of respect, as well as the maintenance practices on the part of the groom is considered to pay a visit to her parents betrothed to ask for her hand.

Wedding traditions in Russia: matchmaking


Earlier redemption was exclusively financialcharacter - the groom had to prove their worth. Now the Russian custom has become a game where betrothed girlfriend cooked a lot of tasks, puzzles and competitions. If he is unable to cope with them - bribes from them with money, sweets - such is the custom.

Picture Pimonenko: Ransom of the bride at the wedding


Collusion is traditionally held after courtship andthe money was part of wedding traditions. groom party, together with the bride's party to discuss organizational and financial issues of the dowry, the deposit, wedding family expenses. Analogy, or rather, a continuation of the practice of ancient Russia can be called modern contracts signed by the spouses during the marriage, "saying a word" about the rules of family life after the wedding.


Past Russian feast - a demonstrationthe generosity of the parents. Wedding menu was extensive, every dish was of its meaning, but instead of allowing the soul to feed and water the guests, so there is not one hungry. Young had to treat with bread and salt - according to tradition, it was a loaf. Now all the traditional steps are carried out during the banquet table on which is always bursting with festive snacks. The abundance of meat and fish dishes is replaced by vegetable, certainly on the table to eat bread, and the crown of a feast - a cake.

Wedding tradition: Russian feast

"Bitterly!"- This word shout guests at the wedding feast Russia - previously it was not a call for a kiss, and had a different meaning. On the tray, which is carrying the bride, the guests took a glass of vodka, instead of leaving money, gifts, and then shouted: "Bitter!". In this way they confirmed that goryachitelny drank a bitter drink.

Another tradition of the wedding feast - binding witnessed two bottles of champagne, one of which spouses, according to the Russian tradition, will open on the anniversary, second - when the child is born.

The last stage of the official part of the weddingRussian feast, which has already become a tradition - the first wedding dance. The couple come together to dance, and later they were joined by other couples. This point marks the transition of the wedding celebration in dance, music, the competition program.

Russian wedding custom: the first dance


The church wedding ceremony confirms the marriage betweenman and a woman before God. After his wife go to a wedding a walk, having time to go to a banquet in a few places, to make a memorable photo. This is not always taken to get married, so motorcade takes newlyweds immediately after the wedding reception. But before the wedding was the main part of the wedding celebration, so carefully chosen, not only the church but also dresses for the bride and groom.

When the couple walk, there is anothercustom - guessing they tied on two legs blue ribbon pink and blue, then let the birds together, defining the tradition, what sex would be a future first-born - male or female.

Wedding Traditions: Wedding

Hen and stag

The tradition to hold a bachelorette party before the wedding,I come for a long time: in Russia girlfriends gathered at a girl combing her braid, taking bath procedures, simultaneously telling her the grim details of a future life. This was done in order to save a young girl from damage. Bachelor Party, as a tradition, appeared not so long ago - before the groom before the wedding should go to the bath alone.

Wedding rings

Wedding ring - symbol of fidelity, love anddevotion. First they came from the Egyptians, who believed that such gifts to the wedding to each other will help to keep the spark of the relationship between two people. Familiar to us today, they came to us in Russia not so long ago, of the European countries, becoming the strengthened tradition.

Traditional wedding rings

The bride's bouquet

In the Russian tradition it was and is: she passed her bouquet friend. Interestingly, there was used a traditional Russian dance: whirling and dancing bride (blindfolded) chose the one that would be the owner of the bouquet. The tradition of throwing the bouquet into the crowd of unmarried girls came later, and came to us from Europe - the girl that was lucky enough to catch him, was destined to marry next.

Men also do not remain without an originaltraditions of the wedding: before throwing the bouquet, she takes off the garter, which will catch the man soon. It also determines the person who successfully marry next.

Traditional wedding bouquet

bride Kidnapping

Now abduction is entertaining,but in the days of serfdom Russia it was a bad peasant custom. Girls who were married, could take on the wedding night-or master. If the groom opposed to this - his aides stole the bride with the celebrations and lead the force, but the rich men could pay off this.

bride's shoe

But stealing a shoe was taken in Russia. On the contrary - Betrothed she gave her a fitting girlfriends who are just waiting for his happiness. The one which will suit shoes, demanded a ransom from her future husband. This custom also allowed Russia to determine the well-being of the groom, to evaluate his generosity.


Wedding customs in Russia: Wedding with a towel

Independently bride embroidered towel consideredone of the main attributes of the wedding party, he remained forever with the couple after the wedding, was part of the dowry of the girl. At the wedding the couple are one towel, and the second tied the hands of newly spouses permanently bonding them together. This attribute is used to this day and, with the blessing and the offering of a loaf of holiday in Russia.

In Russian tradition it was believed that the groom shirt also had to be embroidered bride.

Wedding loaf

Do the parents portrayed the souped thresholdspouses Wedding loaf of bread and salt, they take turns to bite off a piece, this is the Russian custom. Previously, he meant a kind of guessing - what sex the baby will be, where to send the family expenses. However, modern couple trying to guess who will be the "master" in the family, and who are "driven" depending on whose piece more. In Russia, a divination was unthinkable, because the only possible head of the family, according to tradition, was a man.

Loaf for a wedding - Russian custom

The wedding night

After all Russia's observance of traditions,held customs, comes last, the main part of the wedding day - the wedding night lovers. This is an important event for the innocent girl. The husband makes the bride over the threshold on their hands to evil demons thought it was a baby, not a stranger. Often, the couple chose for the first wedding night an unusual place to "their spirits did not find" - a barn, a shed, a pair of familiar bedchamber.

Even today people tend to not spend ithome - in a luxury hotel room, rented apartment. In recent years, when the attention to the traditions again made them popular, wedding rustic means the wedding night in a haystack of fragrant hay, and this does not refuse to romance fans.

Thereafter, the second event may occur daywedding celebration, but it depends on the financial viability of the organizers of the wedding. Usually, according to tradition, it ends honeymoon - journey spouses. But before the honeymoon is meant a light alcoholic drink, which was prepared for the wedding and drank not only during the celebration, but also for a month afterwards. Interestingly, the barrel weighed no less than 10 kg, and drink anything besides refreshing sweet drink forbidden.

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Traditions, customs, and people have changed, unchangedthere is only one - the solemnity of the wedding ceremony, which will forever be remembered for a loving couple. To this day was perfect, the traditional Russian wedding requires a serious, responsible training.

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