Udmurt wedding

Every nation has its own national traditions,customs. They relate to different spheres of life, especially the different rules of the marriage ceremony. Udmurt has unique wedding ritual actions, with which compliance is mandatory. Many traditions of celebration in Udmurt in the past, evolved a bit, but the basic rules to follow to this day. In addition, the wedding - is not only a set of rituals, it has a special historical significance for honeymooners, families and relatives of the newlyweds.

Wedding traditions and customs in the Udmurt wedding

Rich cultural world Udmurt affectedWedding traditions and customs. Particular attention is always paid to the dates of the celebration. As a rule, marriages are made in the winter period from Epiphany until Pancake or fall from the cover and before the beginning of Lent Filippova. This time is chosen for a reason, because in those periods completed field work, there is free time to organize and conduct the wedding.

Marriage Udmurt, which occurredin the fall, it was considered a happy conclusion of the financial year, promised a happy and rich family life, the newlyweds. It is strictly prohibited to organize a wedding in the Udmurt certain days of the week - on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, as well as in the summer, when everyone should be engaged in farm work.

Wedding in Udmurt

A striking feature of the wedding in UdmurtIt considered a large amount of time that passes between wedding stages. Sometimes this period can last from a few weeks to several months. This is due to the complexity of the different stages of preparation for the wedding, which many in this nation. The main stages are the following - matchmaking (whining Quran), a holiday in the groom's house (yarashon) feast at the bride (Xuan) bride moving to the spouse.


For a long time the issue of marriage Udmurtdaughter and son of the marriage was decided by senior members of the family. Now the future bride given a choice - to decide whether to give consent to marry or not. LOOK bride for a son or younger brother started from the moment when he turns 17 years old, relatives sought as soon as possible to marry him to the house there is another mistress. Parents of girls want longer hold her daughter home so she helped them on the farm, so often the bride grooms were older than a few years.

Relatives have been actively Udmurtparticipated in the search for a suitable bride worthy of becoming his wife, mistress. The man who gave the recommendation, called demchi and, as a rule, it was a woman. Baby girl in the county, meets all the requirements, the matchmaker learned all about her family: the character of the parents, their welfare. The main criteria when choosing Udmurt bride - it is hard work, docile nature, good health, love of order. If the groom's relatives considered a worthy option for his son, then preparing for matchmaking and wedding planning.

For the rite of courtship at the bride's house in UdmurtI went the father (if he was not there, the mother), demchi someone from relatives. It should be noted, the father and mother can not go on together Matchmaking. According to the tradition, with a need to have a snuff, and if it is like the father of the bride, then he agrees to the marriage. Upon arrival, the first conversation started demchi usually in verse, or using it metaphorically.

Matchmaking in Udmurt

Rarely able to get matchmakersa positive response from the first time, therefore, when he heard "no", they "forgot" in the house of the bride's gloves, and a time to go back again with the same proposal. If the parents give their consent, the bride puts a samovar on the table and both sides decide questions about the bride-price, time of the wedding dowry. Previously Udmurt girl had no right to contradict their parents, challenging their decisions now, the bride can express their opinions and give up the marriage, but few people go against the wishes of relatives.

After the matchmaking in Udmurt, a mandatory stepconsidered collusion, which was attended by the bride, groom, their parents and relatives. After discussing all the important points about the conduct of peers, sizes dowry, dowry, girl's mother took out a loaf and butter, and the groom's father put a few pieces of silver into the oil - the bride was considered to woo. After collusion Udmurt bride could stay with her parents or taken to the house of her future husband.

Preparation for wedding

When the wedding the main organizational issuesresolved, families begin to prepare for the wedding. First of all, the parents, but mostly fathers of future newlyweds went to the family, inviting them to visit the celebration. Being invited to the marriage was considered a good sign - it means, respected guest. During training, the relatives of the bride and groom prepared meals, bride price, dowry, composition and size of which were discussed at a pre-collusion.

Preparing for a wedding in Udmurt

Feast in the house of the bride (Xuan)

If the conspiracy she remained at home,"Wedding train" went from the groom to the bride. Hold Man came to relatives who did not go to the wedding, they want good luck and gave instructions. The guests from the groom called poezzhanami, of which my father chose a man and a woman, appoints senior. Be sure to invite to the feast with a demchi.

In the house of the bride carefully prepared for the arrival ofGuests at the wedding: the bed was covered with beautiful samotkanymi blankets, above the mirror, windows hung decorative towels, treats prepared in advance covering the table with cold snacks, baked bakery products. Relatives of the bride came into the house before the arrival of the wedding train and helped entertain guests, and did not act in the role of Go.

Pick up the bride and the guests before the triumph of the Udmurt

The guests from the groom met at the gate,treating egg cakes, drinks. Those relatives who did not tasted the cake - the house is not allowed. When all the guests have gone, were the senior manager of the wedding, then the owners of the house were treated to guests. After tasting the dishes, began singing wedding songs, which lasted until the end of the feast. The songs took place acquaintance relatives of the groom with the bride. Ended Xuan farewell song, a bride fees, presentation of gifts to participants syuana.

Feast in the house of the groom (yarashon)

The selected day "wedding train" went onhome of the bride to the groom. Rite yarashon slightly different from Xuan songs of rules, rituals. Poezzhane went to the house of Man, where a feast awaited them, after which they headed to the governor of the guests, relatives of the spouse. Each house guests are treated and taught to sing songs. The bride and groom visited the house together with the guests, but they were forbidden to sing.

An unusual tradition of the wedding, the actual onyarashone - to demand from the owners house keg filled with honey or kumyshkoy. Content offered to try a spoon, after which the tub sold to someone from the ride. On the final day, guests yarashona staged representation, wore different outfits, clothes, creating the most intricate images. Women often reincarnated in men and entertained all those present.

Yarashon before the wedding Udmurt

Before leaving, say goodbye to poezzhanerelatives of the bride and groom, sympathizing with her that is in someone else's house. Guests are trying to bring the young girl to tears, because it is believed, the more water it will shed now, the less sorrow in store for her in the future in the way of family life. In this feast, the wedding celebration ends, but there are specific rituals poslesvadebnye.

Moving to the groom's house

After syuana bride with a dowrysent to the groom, but the father opened the gate and let honeymoon, the groom had to pay a ransom (dowry) for a bride. Relatives met a young girl in the yard and three contours of her horse around. Mother-in-law accompanied the young to the house and sadila on a soft cushion in the women's quarters, unravel and plait braided two, which are placed around the head of hair. I wear a scarf on the head of a special - turban, indicating the end of girlhood. After this operation, the couple went to sleep.

Dress handkerchief young daughter in Udmurt

The next day is usually considered a dowrybride - a rope to hang out in the yard all that she had brought with her in the chest. After that, the young wife she treated the guests, showing off their culinary skills, hospitality, thrift. Then all went to the river, she threw into it a silver coin, gained full buckets of water and carried them to the house, and then regaled her relatives.

Poslesvadebnye rites

Particular attention is paid in Udmurt rituals and traditions after the wedding:

  • A week after yarashona bride's parents and several relatives can come to visit the couple and see how they live.
  • The young wife for the first time after the wedding can visit her father and mother in the family home only with her husband and mother.
  • relatives of the groom invite young family take turns to visit, the bride was able to meet with everyone.
  • In the first fall after the wedding, the husband's relatives, along with the bride and groom went to pick up the promised dowry cattle. This is the final stage, after which the cycle of wedding ceremonies.

Poslesvadebnye tradition Udmurt

Video: marriage in Udmurt

The birth of a new family - it is always specialholiday, which is surrounded by a variety of rituals, beautiful traditions. Wedding in Udmurt passes through the ancient customs, due to what it looks like a beautiful act. For people interested in Udmurt culture and mores of the people attending the wedding will be a real discovery and is sure to leave a sea of ​​emotions and impressions. If there is no opportunity to attend the ceremony, then watch the video so you can see all the beauty of the wedding feel like a guest, feel the feelings of relatives and Facilities:

Photo Udmurt wedding

It is difficult to convey the beauty of the wedding Udmurtwords can not describe the beauty of folk songs, the charm of traditional costumes, which are very different from our usual white dresses and black suits. Many old traditions are gone, but the customs they follow, making the ceremony a magical action, penetrating deeply.

Marriage in Udmurt

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