Traditions German wedding

Modern wedding in Germany very muchsimilar to European and American. But in this country there are several interesting old traditions and rituals, which many people adhere to centuries. There are a couple of major differences between them, taking into account the region of the wedding. If you want to know how the marriage in Germany, is familiar with a number of the most common customs and traditions.

Wedding traditions in Germany until the day of the wedding

A feature of the wedding in Germany is that therespected the traditions and customs are already beginning the day before the scheduled date of the wedding. The rituals of marriage in many states between a highly similar, so they often overlap, but this country has its own unique "flavor", which are sometimes funny. They are able to make a variety of traditional wedding vision.

dishes Lasher

The German version of the wedding and at the same time strikessurprises with its originality, uniqueness. For example, a very original rite in Germany, called polterabend (meaning "wedding shower"). On the eve of the wedding, the bride and bridegroom in the evening with friends and going to his own house begin to beat the old dishes, which have invited bring.

In Germany, this curious and noisy traditionIt is a symbol of persecution from the house of the bride of evil spirits. The bride and groom will need to gather together all the mountain of broken dishes. And friends will sprinkle their lentils or peas. This German tradition symbolizes fertility, health and happiness of a young family. To pre-holiday evening was fun and memorable for a lifetime, you need to invite a lot of friends.

For this event in Germany decided to cookfood and drinks (this can not be a one dish should be served gorgeous table). This tradition allows you to invite those who have not come to the wedding. For example, the lovers would be delighted to see on their wedding neighbors, but the budget does not do that. This festive evening allowed to beat not only china, but other fragile clay or ceramic objects, that is part of an ancient tradition. Guests can bring even the toilet, but you can not beat the mirror.

Breaking dishes before the wedding in Germany

Buying bridal shoes for coins

Amazing another wedding tradition in Germany. During the pre-holiday shopping trips when the bride makes the final selection of bridal shoes, pay for it, it should only coins. Collect them every girl starts from early childhood. This ancient tradition is a symbol of thrift, frugality future wife, and means that very soon it will become a good housewife, which will be very attentive to the family budget. This rite is called Hochzeitsschuhe, which means "wedding shoes".

Buying shoes for the bride wedding

Customs and traditions to be observed on the day of celebration

Wedding in Germany begins with civilceremony in the registry office, you are invited to the relatives and close friends. Then, a religious wedding in the church. It is better, if the wedding will be held until noon, it's time in Germany is considered to be ideal for creating a new family. Previously, if you enter into marriage until that time it was not possible, on the church clock arrow translated exactly an hour ago.

The bridegroom takes the bride from her parents' house. In church they go to a beautiful, traditional horse-drawn carriage. All the way a girl should not look back. It is believed that this will promise her second marriage. Following the young sent a long motorcade with guests and relatives. While traditional wedding lovers are close to each other, and went into the church, moving with slow steps to the altar.

Bride and bridegroom path strewn with petalscolors. This old German tradition predicts that scents to attract the location of the newlyweds goddess of fertility, which will give the children love. On the bride put on a special wreath decorated with beads and jewels, it will not be removed until the night. If a girl is first married, a bridal bouquet to be of myrtle. Throughout the ceremony, the bride and groom hold candles for decorations that use satin ribbon, a living flower. Young does not release from the hands of the bouquet.

Planting a rose bush

On the wedding day, the couple have to plant pinkbush - this tradition is widespread in Germany. Very curious fact that the city authorities ordered Leyzinge every groom to his wedding day to plant trees at least 6. If young ignore the law and do not obey, the girl is forbidden to marry him and the wedding is postponed as long as this condition is met. Not surprisingly, Leyzing still is called "boom town".

Sawing logs

After the wedding ceremony, as soon asthe bride and groom left the church, the guests in front of them put a heavy log on Sawhorses. Lovers give a rusty old saw. Becoming facing each other, they begin to nag. This original tradition says that newly minted husband and wife in a marriage will work together, and all the problems in family life can solve together.

Sawing logs holiday

As soon as the young family cope with thistask starts the moment the wedding rejoicing with riding around the city. At the same time all the cars start and are sent to a place where a banquet will be held. Each machine, part of a wedding convoy decorated with a ribbon having a white color, and it is attached to an antenna car. During the movement of the machine constantly honking, still even for a second.

bride Kidnapping

In the midst of the wedding the bride and abducts witnessHe hides it in some pub, which should be close to the venue of the banquet. The main task of the groom - to find his beloved, and the faster it will pass this test, the better. He found his wife, the young will have to pay for all that by this time had time to drink a bride to foot the bill yet for the kidnapper. This old German tradition is observed for a long time.

Distribution zapisochek - "phantom"

Almost every German weddingobserved such an old tradition - guests heard the note - "Phantom". This small message will indicate that a subject will have each invited to send the couple every day, but only after the wedding. For example, it may be a favorite pack of tea bride pack of pasta for the groom, chocolate. With this wedding tradition, the German couple will get to the honeymoon over every day on the new package. Write forfeits are young parents or themselves. This is done before the wedding.

Dropping guests grain and salt

There is another old tradition at the wedding inGermany - the bride generously sprinkles guests on holiday with salt and grain. To this end, her dress undergoes small changes, made special hidden pockets that accommodate the necessary components for the upcoming action. The Germans have this tradition is associated with a call for a young family of abundance, wealth.

Surprise-joke for the wedding night

There is one funny tradition - before the weddingthe place where the bride and groom will spend his wedding night, visit their relatives and friends who are left there an unusual surprise, a joke. For example, it may be a sheet with spicy words or pictures, placed in the nightstand toy "for adults", the room is filled with a huge number of balloons, which the newlyweds will have to throw out the window, or burst. Someone decided to take a lot of alarm clocks and make them early in the morning, and then hide in different places of the bedroom.

Surprise wedding in Germany

Traditional wedding dress newlyweds in Germany

Wedding bride outfit in Germany has notsome strong differences between European dresses. But wreath with bridal bouquet should be composed only of white flowers, they necessarily weaves a small sprig of myrtle, which is a symbol of the heavenly blessings and longevity. This plant is often added and flowers young. After marrying a wreath and bridal bouquet should be kept in the house as a family heirloom. The groom can wear a dark or light suit.

Dresses Young in Germany

Video: tradition sawing logs bride and groom

The most fun of the German tradition of the wedding -young joint sawing logs. This ceremony is observed for many years and is a symbol of the fact that the newly made husband and wife will be able to solve all the problems of the joint forces. If you want to learn how to carry out such an ancient ritual, you should read the following video: