Stealing the bride at the wedding

Stealing the bride at the wedding - an interesting tradition,which has its roots in antiquity. Ancient Slavs girls were taken away during the holiday festivities and merrymaking in the forest. This was considered the main wedding ceremony: the girl whom the young man had taken on a pre-planned agreement, began to lead him a life together, and became his wife. In modern weddings of the theft of the bride create a fascinating spectacle.

How to organize a wedding bride theft?

One of the most fun traditions considered theftbridesmaid on wedding or shoes. No celebration is complete without this ceremony, as guests will not rest until it is held. It is important to draw a happy headache did not groom, toastmaster and witness, crossed the verge of reasonable. To steal the bride at the wedding did not cause any trouble and problems, listen to the advice of leading professionals.

Costume stolen bride

theft plan is pre-negotiate with the master of ceremonies,that there was no misunderstanding. Too far to hide the young are not worth it, otherwise guests who stole it, start looking. It is worth remembering that the pantries, basements, closets, attics and dishes are not suitable as a place where the bride is allowed to hide. Remains of food, cobwebs, dirt does not go to the benefit of the girl and her outfit.

Theft of a young girl better organized whenno one expects that. Pre-pick a place where it will be hidden. People involved in the kidnapping, must carefully think about it, including the redemption, which will receive from the groom. It's worth noting entertainment for guests, while the groom will look for his beloved. At this point, the toastmaster may entertain guests contests.

Ideas bride abduction scenario

In modern Russia, the kidnapping of the bride at the weddingconsidered a fun tradition, fascinating ceremony, part of the holiday program a pleasure. If advance this rite is not thought out, it becomes a cause of spoiled the mood of the newlyweds, a source of conflict among the guests. To avoid such troubles, you should use prepared scripts bride kidnapping.

Stealing the bride Roma

Theft beloved Roma groom at the wedding -eyecatcher. This nation is associated with fun songs, bright outfits, as well as the talent to pull off all that is bad. To distract the vigilance of the groom, you need to ask for help a few people. To organize the abduction need diamonds, bright scarves, gypsy costumes, guitars.

The abduction of a young wife Roma

First, the room must enter singing girls,encircle the groom in front of him waving skirts, shawls, making it impossible to break the vicious circle and see what is happening outside. Meanwhile, two Gypsies take away the bride. When the bride will throw and discovered the loss, the time will come to demand a ransom, because free of the Roma do not return anything.

As the groom has to pay ransomfake money, sing, dance, play the guitar, to perform the task comic. After receiving the award Roma are ready to give his beloved. However, the scenario includes a gypsy. It is desirable that it was a man dressed as a woman. It is unlikely that such a substitution of the groom suit beautiful wife, so he will have to pay again. After returning this wife Roma satisfied guessing on hand or on maps, splitting between a pair of marital duties.

In the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus"

Easily organize the theft of the bride, based onscenes of the famous film "Prisoner of the Caucasus". For the experienced thieves need suits, shorts and Goonies. Take a sleeping bag, stuffed with something big. Disguised men gone to the banquet the bride, come back and demand as ransom from the groom toasting or execution thematic songs. After that thieves are trying to shove a sleeping bag groom without a bride. The spouse, revealing the deception, again demanding the return of his wife. And then he returned to the young.

Abduction of the script of the film Prisoner of the Caucasus

Armed attack

This scenario involves the seizure of the banquetHall men disguised in military uniform with a toy gun in his hand. Particularly interesting in this action will take part young people who are addicted to paramilitary games such as paintball, and can rent weapons and uniforms for one night. In this case, does not necessarily take away the bride in a separate room, just put it in front of all the guests. The kidnappers demand the bride monetary reward.

Armed bride kidnapping

Video: the theft of the bride in national costume

In addition to the above there are plenty of scenariosinteresting ways of how to make the theft of the bride funny, original show. For example, the abduction of the bride at a wedding in traditional costumes. It is very bright, with a spectacular view of the performance of national dances and songs. Young steal guys in suits in the most unexpected moment. And what happens next, look at the video below.