silver wedding traditions

In any anniversary has its own customs and beautifulrituals. When a couple has lived together 25 years, then this period speaks volumes that in this period the pair retained the respect and love, was able to narrow the differences and to avoid major fights. This anniversary is popularly known as the silver wedding, because silver is a noble symbol of spiritual purity. There are certain traditions of this anniversary, which we will tell you.

Customs and ceremonies 25 wedding anniversary

People say: as a couple will celebrate another wedding anniversary, and will live on. Therefore, people try to celebrate silver wedding anniversary in a big way, to feel again the main culprits celebrations. According to ancient Russian traditions of Day of the 25th anniversary of marriage to start with kissing couple. Kiss each other need, without getting up from the bed, and the longer it will last kiss, the happier we will continue to live together.

Some anniversaries are trying to this day to holdre-registration of marriage or get married if the couple has not married. Often couples on the 25th anniversary of the attempt to fully replicate all the way, they did exactly a quarter of a century ago, starting with the bride price and ending with jokes, jokes in the banquet hall with the most guests. The history of the celebration of the silver wedding of one pair, see the video:

Morning washing

There is another wonderful tradition -morning washing. On the morning of male and female silver wedding three times wash each other with water, poured into any vessel made of silver. The first washing symbolizes the washing away of cargo past years, the second - to get rid of bad thoughts, and the third - the cleansing of the negative for a prosperous life together. After water procedures wife wipe each other linen towels and the water that remains in the tank must be exposed under the sun's rays to evaporate along with it all the hardships the couple.

Silver jug ​​and bowl for washing

Exchange silver rings

The husband is required to congratulate his wife on the day of silverchic wedding bouquet of flowers, but the most beautiful ceremony exchange of rings is considered. By tradition, the spouses arranged a beautiful ceremony, which invited guests. Celebration held at home or in a restaurant where the couple put on each other's ring finger silver ring as a sign of fidelity and love. This ceremony is carried out in the church, where the priest happy married couple again. Rings are carefully stored hero of the day as a symbol of mutual love, when a year later the pair again puts gold wedding rings.

Exchange rings silver wedding day


Festive dinner with family and friendsheld under the general merriment. The couple recall how fun at their wedding 25 years ago. They dance to the same music, held the same wedding contests, witnesses still trying to entertain invited guests. Photographer makes memorable photos and shoots video, which is then happy to look all the participants of the holiday. It is better if the photo and video shooting will be done by a professional.

Silver celebration is complete without festive loaf, which cut anniversaries together, giving guests the best pieces back. Traditionally, during the festive meal on the table should be:

  1. Silver utensils.
  2. The silver or silver candlesticks with white candles.
  3. Corresponding color napkins.

If there is a silver utensils, the spouses maydo German silver or any other sparkling silver metal utensils. For the holiday home is not necessarily to prepare a large variety of dishes. This day is allowed to do the usual coffee or tea with sweets. And if anniversaries are not young, the evening held at all without entertainment. In this case, the best family holiday viewed videos and slides of old photos.

Meal on a silver wedding

The ritual of tea drinking

After the festival the guests leave the couple alone,so that they could be alone. Jubilees traditionally sit for the evening tea party, which takes place in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The husband and wife lived together remembered the years, celebrate the good moments, leave behind the problems and make plans for the future. Tea drinking from silver cups to fully support all the traditions that must be done in this important day for them.

Silver set for afternoon tea

Traditional gifts for silver wedding

It is clear that as gifts on a silver wedding preference silverware. Guests presented by tradition:

  • cutlery: spoons, knives, sets;
  • dishes, kettles;
  • decorations;
  • figurines, clocks;
  • religious attributes of the icon or a pair of chains with crosses.

But given that the silver did not settwentieth anniversaries in the collection it is better to discuss with them the desired gift. You can dream up a little and come up with something original, for example, a silver tie clip husband or wife with suspension for a photo of her chosen one. There are many options for gifts for the soul, for example, tickets to a concert of symphonic orchestra or a bus tour of local attractions. Creative imagination - and you can not go wrong with the choice!

The best gifts for 25th anniversary