Rite remove veil to the bride - the script and lyrics

In traditional weddings at the end of the celebrationIt carried out a ritual that has a deep sacral meaning: it is a ritual of removing a veil from the bride. In this touching moment under the eyes of the guests is a transformation - girl gets a new status, it is women who are ready to family obligations and the birth of offspring.

How is the ritual removal of a veil bride?

Time for removing the veil ceremony with bride's evening comes closer to completion feast. There are several variations on how it will be held and who will play a major role.

  • In the first draft of the script, remove the decorationmother in law. This ritual not only represents the loss of innocence and a farewell to girlhood, but the beginning of married life, the transition from one family to another. Therefore, in-law, removing the veil, thus he takes the girl in his house, where it will host and assistant.
  • Game version of the script of the ritual takes place,when the veil removes the bride's mother. Then together they play a small idea - three times the girl should refuse to remove the decoration of persuasion. On the fourth bride agrees, then there is a ritual.

Mother takes headdress
  • The third scenario is the ritual removal of a veil of the bride requires that the accessory takes the bride and covered her head with a handkerchief, thereby taking it to his family. This option is ceremony is rare.

To make the action more solemn, you cangive the audience a candle in the middle of the hall put a chair to seat the groom, and he was on his knees - the bride. Thereafter, guests must circle gathered around the young, burn the wick and silently watch as the mother in law or mother removed the veil. When removing each stud, which is attached veil, the groom kisses the narrowing. If the veil takes the groom, the bride is seated in a chair one.

When the bride's head adorns the handkerchief, sheline dancing with all the guests, who have not yet married. During the dance she attaches them to veil his head as a wish rather to become a wife and mother. After all unmarried girls danced, comes the groom's place - his triumph culprit veil covers her eyes so that he never looked at the other women.

Bride and unmarried girlfriend dancing together

The symbolism tradition

Tradition has come to us from antiquity, but beforenot removed the veil, and the crowns, the girls unravel long braid - it was a symbol of the end of their girlhood and early adulthood. Later came the classic white veil, and now a lot of options for a headdress - most importantly, to fit the dress.

Ritual primarily means that the girlShe becomes the woman says goodbye to her carefree life. It is a moment of transition it to another family, acquiring a new status - the wife, the mistress of his house, homemakers.

The words that accompany the rite

Rite removal with a snow-white veil of the bride -beautiful, but somewhat sad act, because she always says goodbye to girlhood. It must be accompanied by the wishes of happiness, love and joy. Since ritual is a part of traditional wedding suit folk music. If guests or relatives know folk songs, they can fulfill their own - then the ceremony will be even more solemn.

What to do after?

After removing the veils ceremony with bride helddances that use this part of the attire. Veil is to bring unmarried girls fast family happiness and the desire to protect her husband's other women. This ritual - the last part of the ceremony. When she finished, the newlyweds are usually removed on the wedding night, and guests can stay to celebrate. Dance ritual involving husband and wife looking at the photo below.

Dance ritual Suite


To present this beautiful touching solemnity of action will help video.

Beauty ritual removal of veils with the bride canmake it a great part of the evening a traditional wedding. Take care of his orderly conduct: if you need help visitors, warn them ahead of time, prepare a beautiful scarf, tell the unmarried girlfriends about plans to dance in their company. This approach will allow you to carry out this part of the holiday perfect.

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