Muslim wedding traditions

Islam has many followers, but in different countriesThis religion has its own peculiarities. Not many Muslim nations adhere to strict sharia law - a mixture of cultures has greatly changed the classical laws of Islam. However, the eternal values ​​remain unchanged, so the wedding ceremony of the East many centuries retains the basic laws. Islam is considered to be: how much will be respected tradition Muslim wedding, so the young will be happy. The combination of marriage in Muslim countries is carried out with a special abundance and splendor.

Muslim wedding customs and rituals

Muslim man can not look for a wife alone, these women are engaged in his family - his mother or older sister. The future husband describes in detail the desired quality of his lady:

  • growth;
  • complexion;
  • level of education;
  • interests;
  • social status.

Muslims form prized luxury womantherefore suitors permitted under garments girl ankle see and appreciate its thickness. If the result is like the female candidate continue to be tested further. Thin or thin ankle, which is so valued in the West, according to Muslim tradition indicates poverty pretender, minimizing the chance of getting married.

When the bride is found, the period beginsgrooming and preparing for the wedding. Young friends in the house the girl's parents where the man comes with his family, and gives expensive gifts to his future wife. On the first date allowed for young short conversation and exchange of views - not more. Then a pause in communication is maintained when the girl's family appreciates the applicant for his daughter's hand. A week later, the bride's side should be answered. If courtship groom for some reason do not succeed, his gifts are returned.

Attribute bride - the hijab

Rite "Night of Henna"

The most beautiful wedding Muslim tradition -the night before the wedding. Bridegroom pattern applied henna on his hands, and the bride - on the hands and feet in the form of plant ornaments, so the rite called "Night of Henna". The bridegroom is sent before the wedding to have fun with friends, and future wife to dress up in beautiful Muslim dress with expensive embroidery, a veil covering her face. The bridegroom's mother lays a carpet underfoot girl who presents as a gift, and invited her friends showered coins, wanting to procreation and family well-being.

Painting hands and feet with henna (mehendi) has itslanguage. These traditions are known from the time of ancient Babylon, and trust-painted woman who is happily married. Vyaz wedding pattern must necessarily hide a groom's initials, which he will track down on their wedding night. This kind of welcome recognition of the bride, for the young could never see before the wedding. Henna selected quality, because the longer it is kept in the hands of women, the longer the bride exempt from any work around the house.

While holding the bride henna smears not work

The ceremony of "Nikah"

According to Muslim tradition, the wedding ritual of "Nikah" provides four modalities:

  1. The presence of a male relative from the bride.
  2. The presence of male witnesses on both sides, non-Muslims.
  3. Full payment of dowry the groom the bride's parents.
  4. Consent of both the young to live together family life.

Violation of any condition becomesthe reason for the divorce. The wedding ceremony is held in the east, as a rule, in the mosque, where the mullah reads newlyweds verses from the Koran, in which instructions are given to family life. Lasts "Nikah" for about an hour, during which those present listened to the mullah and prayers. During the ceremony, the groom presenting valuable gifts to his beloved, the list of which is in the list, and mullahs have indicated in the certificate of marriage. Ends "Nikah" according to Muslim tradition the exchange of silver rings.

Conducting the ceremony Nikah in Mosque

Rite "Valim"

Traditional wedding table covering called"We bring down" the Muslims. This ceremony is a religious sense: you can not have the Koran banned products and drinking alcoholic beverages. Muslim wedding table falls from the abundance of vegetables, fruits and sweets. Wedding feast never lasts long, and does not turn into an endless booze. For table invite relatives, friends, honeymooners, but people of other faiths are not allowed to the Muslim feast at the wedding.

Traditional Wedding sweets east

Traditional wedding dresses of bride and groom

Honeymoon outfits are of great importance toMuslim wedding ceremony. They must conform to tradition. The man should be in the skullcap and long, ankle-length robe (Galaba), costly embroidered with gold or silver threads. Unlike the women's dresses, wedding dresses Muslim men should not be silk or emphasize body reliefs.

Wedding dress for brides sewn withthe use of expensive and brightly colored fabrics of different colors: satin or silk. It is important that the fabric is not translucent. Prerequisite for the bride's dress - long sleeves to cover arms and high collar should cover the chest and shoulders. Beauty Muslim never wear a wedding dress fitting, or open, because according to the Quran, a woman should not flaunt their beauty.

Muslim Wedding dress of the bride

Video: wedding ceremony in a mosque

Creating a new family - one of the most importantMuslim holidays. According to the tradition - it is not only responsible action, but worship Allah, so the ritual must be approached very seriously. Today's newlyweds before concluding the "nikah" should refer to the Imam and learn about all the traditions that accompany the ancient wedding ceremony.

According to Islamic traditions - should in any alliancestrictly abide by the rule of law, the duties and the bridal union between a man and a woman is not an exception. After the wedding the Islamic Imam advises newlyweds to spend "al Valim", treating guests to publicly announce their marriage. How is held the Muslim wedding ceremony, let's look at the video: