Chinese wedding

Few people know how to be held weddingChina, which practices are followed, how to prepare the ceremony. In this country has its own unique traditions and the many rules of the wedding, which must be strictly observed. Full list them impossible, but the Chinese wedding is very beautiful and unusual. So many interesting to get acquainted with the features of the subtleties of this celebration.

Chinese tradition, before marrying

If you do not like the template holidays, and want,to own wedding was unusual and memorable to all the guests for a long time, it does not become boring, lifeless during the day, have left good memories - you should become more familiar with the basic traditions of the Chinese wedding. Because of this you will be able to go back to the wonderful tale, to feel like a real Chinese woman.

How is a wedding in China

Guessing on cards

Before you will be the suit of the groom,young bride's family sends a special pre-booked a note, which must be specified eight characters life. It is written not only the name of the groom, but also the day, month, hour, the year of his birth. These data will be used during the ongoing divination. When things are going well and the marriage is going to be successful, the same data will be sent to the young bride. Card three days in the house, if during this time, nothing bad will happen, the parents give their consent to the marriage.

Courtship and marriage contract

The groom's family should be invited matchmaker, whichentrusted to an official visit to the bride's home. During this visit, find out the exact date and time of birth of young, her name. This data is used astrologer, horoscopes, which also checks whether the lovers to be together, and what lies ahead fate of this pair. In certain ethnic minorities in China has interesting traditions, for example, the nation blang is customary to send a matchmaker in the bride's home to a pack of cigarettes and tea (this is a symbolic gift).

Chinese wedding includes modern marriageContract. Take the red piece of paper, it is written mutual guarantee marriage - the groom is depicted dragon and phoenix the bride. Drawing up of contracts must contain information about the young and their families. Necessarily prescribed in the marriage contract and the amount of repayment, which makes the bride groom.

Matchmaking in China

Choosing a wedding date

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of dateswedding. To this end, the groom's parents should invite the fortuneteller, which determines the number, and then the two families begin preparing for the wedding ceremony. Most importantly, this day was favorable - in China it is believed that properly chosen wedding date is able to disturb the happiness of the young family. As soon as the chosen number, it is reported relatives of the bride.

Mourning the loss of relatives

Chinese wedding is an interesting andunusual tradition - mourning the loss of loved ones. Representatives of this nation has always cherished not only refers to the process of marriage, but also to the family institution. Before she marries, she must mourn the loss of loved ones. To this end, they all go into some cozy place where the bride is given time, so she could say goodbye to her parents and other relatives.

At first glance it may seem that such aJoint evening reminds fun bachelorette party. But it is not so - this ceremony was very touching and sad. After all, the bride has to say goodbye to his family, and after the wedding, she will belong only to her husband. Therefore, an event similar to a bachelorette party only because people are going to close the bride in one place.

Mourning the loss of loved ones

A phased process of Chinese wedding

Wedding in China - it is a very beautiful ceremony, which will symbolize the birth of a new happy family. This marriage ceremony should contain a few basic steps:

  • "Tea gift".
  • Wedding procession.
  • The wedding is on the rise.
  • Chinese wedding cake.

Stages of weddings in China

"Tea Gift"

Directly on the day of the wedding to the bride's houseYoung brings gifts wrapped in red cloth. Almost always Prezent are gold coins, for which the young girlfriend let out of the house. The gift should contain more beautiful pair of earrings, four bracelets. Such a present is not in vain called "tea", as tea in China symbolizes fertility, marital fidelity.

As foreclosures groom gives not only money,and other gifts that the couple is determined in advance. Chinese pre-wedding ceremony is conducted using another ancient rite. As soon as the young will be held ransom, the groom gets to his knees in front of her parents and gives them the cup of tea, is asking for permission to marry.

Wedding procession

Wedding procession should be nominated to the housethe groom and the bride goes to the litter. This was done to ensure that young on their feet did not bring dust and dirt into the house of her future husband. This procession foreshadowed the birth of a new family, so accompanied by explosions of firecrackers, fireworks, which are not only entertained passers-by, but also ward off evil spirits - is a necessary part of the wedding ceremony of China.

How is a wedding in China

Wedding cycle lasted noisy and funbride's meeting in the house of the groom, accompanied by a variety of ancient traditions. I put a small table in the yard (center), which was called the altar of worship to the gods - the future wife came to him, bowed to the gods of the sky, the sun, the moon, the earth, after which the marriage was held prisoner. This rite notify the powers of heaven on the birth of a new family.

Throughout the wedding the bride storessilence, because according to ancient tradition, this contributed to the birth of heirs. Young was not allowed to eat during the holiday and it was considered a beautiful silent statue at his own wedding. So the wedding was held in China only a few centuries ago, but the modern celebration is carried out without strict observance of all rites.

But some wedding traditions followed by Chinese- Necessarily present at the wedding of red and sweet wine which is considered lucky, able to make faithful to the couple. The bride can safely choose a traditional dress color, but need to complement the image of the red shoes. Most Chinese women prefer not the European version, and the red dress or gown of the same color. But there are also modern traditions - for example, a cake in China is the main dish, and its size should amaze guests.

How is a wedding in China

Wedding on the rise

The Chinese are very much believe in astrology and the datewedding should be selected strictly on the astrological calendar. The main thing that the wedding ceremony itself took place only in the second half hour after the clock will mark 30 minutes. This is explained by the fact that the arrows are beginning to rise and are a symbol of a new family on the rise. If young conclude a marriage during the first half an hour - they start a life together on the decline.

Wedding in China

Chinese wedding cake

The main feature of the cake for the weddingChina is its value. Adopted make a cake in the room cheers guests. Decorating a cake can be a tiger or a snake, so not surprised that the dessert takeaway is considered one of the most important and vibrant part of the wedding. It is important that the cake itself consisted of a large number of stages and was not too narrow - it is a symbol of the ladder for the young in a happy future together. Therefore, for a wedding in China, a huge bake cakes to have a new family's future was bright. Young must feed each other cake.

Features makeup and dress Chinese brides - photos

The bride should start preparing for the daybefore the wedding - on the eve of celebrations removed the girl from the face of all the hair and apply a thick layer of powder, so that the similarity created unnatural mask. I complement the image of bright red lipstick and black arrows. The modern bride is not always observe the ancient tradition and prefer the discreet makeup, slightly emphasizing the eyes and lips highlighting.

Video: the process of Chinese wedding

Wedding in China - it is incredibly beautiful andoriginal ceremony that requires special training and a thorough study of the traditions of this country. If you want to spend a themed wedding, chose the this ceremony, then you will be interesting and helpful to read the following video, which describes in detail all the subtleties and nuances of the wedding in China.