Chinese Wedding Traditions

Chinese wedding celebration and the upcomingpreparations for it have their own characteristics. This ancient ritual reunification shower Honeymoon in heaven, worship all the gods in the spirit of pagan traditions. Wedding in China - very distinctive, colorful spectacle sacred ordinance with their traditions, beliefs and superstitions. For example, the white color in the dress newlyweds symbolizes mourning and unhappiness, the red - a symbol of a happy family life.

Chinese wedding customs and rituals

Wedding Celebration in China comes at a veryunusual for us rites. A special role is given to divination star, special divination, the results of which determine the possibility of creating a marriage of a girl with a young man. Modern Chinese wedding is a bit changed: besides the traditional red color in clothes and accessories, celebrations newlyweds present white, familiar to Europeans, color. The Chinese firmly believe in the well-established tradition of unity in love of fate, do not forget the popular fortune-telling, especially matchmaking ancestors.

Choosing the date of the wedding star

How is the suit in China

Matchmaking - an important stage in the Chinese wedding. The main role in the creation of future family belonged to the parents of the bride and groom. Between the two families, there was an exchange of written notice of impending courtship, the marriage of their children. A messenger from the groom's family are bringing the bride's parents agreed matchmakers list of auspicious dates. The bride and her mother and father chose the date of the wedding of the future.

Bride Redemption consisted of a monetaryamount, wedding cakes, chocolates, wine, chicken, traditional tea "Dragon" and "Phoenix". Mythical Creatures dragon and phoenix symbolize masculine and feminine. From the bride sent reciprocal gifts - mostly clothing for all members of the groom's family. If the gifts from the bride have been received, the groom's relatives have already started to prepare for a mutually agreed wedding.

Wedding invitations to guests and engagement

Cakes, who gave the bride, handed outrelatives, friends as a sign of future invitations to the wedding. Dowry was a young painted ornament pot with coins, candy. The engagement of the two young men could take place even in the childhood of the future of the couple, that is, within 1-2 years of age to young people. After that administered the wedding date.

Preparation for Chinese wedding

Shortly before leaving for the groom's house the bride shouldto move out of his room in the attic or in other non-residential room. Some time before the wedding she lived with her close friends, who sang songs about the upcoming separation daughter with her parents. The groom with his father and mother to equip the newlyweds room, they have thought through all the stages of a wedding celebration.

Traditional bathing the bride before the wedding

On the eve of the girl-bride wedding nursedhis skin, taking a bath with the addition of healing juice grapefruit, pomelo, decoction of herbs. The ritual bathing symbolized the expulsion of future married life the influence of evil forces. Then, the bride wore a new garment, lighted red candles, which were symbolic image of the phoenix and the dragon. Women with many children, always happy in marriage, curled hair like a girl hairstyle married oriental beauties blessing to fortune, the birth of children.

After styling the bride came down from the attic,I am sitting on the back of the same a large woman or her older sister. Then she put on a dress, preparing for the upcoming wedding. Red-colored shoes were expecting it on a sieve in the middle of the room. Covered his face with a veil, wearing a headdress, the bride knelt before images of ancestors, parents, according to the wedding traditions of China. Everyone was expecting the arrival of a wedding convoy, led by the groom and his guests.

The decoration of the bride

Traditional Chinese wedding dress brideIt is a red robe, embroidered with rhinestones, pearls and decorated with embroidery necessarily dragons, phoenix. Mythical characters symbolized Suite, a man and a woman. The red robe - a family heirloom that keeps young family after the wedding. Scarlet color for a wedding dress is not chosen by chance, because it symbolizes mutual love, prosperity, fun.

Traditional headgear and bride

Headgear for the bride was also redcolor and looked like a crown, trimmed with colorful feathers, medallions, pompoms, beads. His form girl hid under the dark veil. To show the viability of the family, the bride must have traditionally throughout the wedding to change at least three times her outfit. As a rule, first woman wears a white dress, then put on an orange or pink. Be sure to dress models completes the demonstration process red traditional attire.

Traditional decoration of the Chinese bride

Moving bride in her husband's house

The entire wedding procession was heading towards the house of the groom. The rite of moving the bride to the groom accompanied by special ceremonies and magical rituals. The bride was riding in a decorated palanquin, which is showered with rice, beans, copper coins in a fertility symbol, prosperity, wealth. The future wife was not should bring dirt to the groom's house, so the entrance to the porch necessarily Stela red mat. In order to protect the bride from the bad fate of characters imprisoned girl so that she could not see, for example, a cat or a widow on the way to the groom.

Chinese Wedding cortege

It was believed that the sparkling fireworks and roaringexplosions of firecrackers that accompany a wedding procession, ward off evil spirits, the dark forces. According to legend, a mandatory accessory wedding bride should be the mirror. The display light beam illuminates her further career. Mirror guarded Woman at the wedding as long as the couple did not sit down to the marriage bed. Only after the wedding, the groom had the right to open the face narrowing and see its shape in all its glory.

Wedding feast

Worship at the altar of the relatives of the newlyweds

The wedding ceremony was accompanied by oldChinese rites. Couple approached the altar - a small table in the yard or house. Here came the sacred ritual of the young - the worship of the gods of the earth, the sun, the sky, the moon. At the end of the sacred action, the marriage is concluded and approved in the heavens. Then the bride and bridegroom worshiped elder sort, parents, family and all the guests. Friends of the groom gave all participants a special celebration image character for the translation, "double happiness." This symbol cling to clothes or plaited hair.

Newlyweds, arms crossed under the crimson ribbon,We drank a cup of red wine. This was followed by copious meal all invited to the wedding. Take a seat at the tables smartly retracted banquet hall, guests are preparing for a long official ceremony celebration. The manager of the wedding invites to the stage of the hall newlyweds. Guests endows the bride and groom red envelopes with money or bank cards inside. The newlyweds took gifts and bowed honorable guests.

Traditional Chinese wedding table

Follow congratulatory speech invited,solemn word newlywed parents and guests. After the ceremony, gifts, guests tasted a variety of dishes and drinks. The bride and bridegroom avoided all the tables of guests, inviting those to drink wine or rice vodka to the health of young people. In Chinese wedding traditions absent mandatory "European" dessert - a wedding cake. Instead, on the tables adorned with fruits and sweets.

The role of the newlyweds in the midst of the wedding wasespecially significant. All subsequent program of celebrations depended on organizational and creative abilities of the groom with the bride. Later, entertaining part of the wedding were specially hired entertainers, who entertained guests interested in contests, games, karaoke. The Chinese do not dance at a wedding. Young should still have time to change clothes several times, showing guests other traditional outfits.

the marriage bed

While preparing for the wedding the groom had totake care of buying a new bed. Lodge Suite is located, according to popular tradition, the couple, who had many children and relatives. After you install it on a bed placed the children, thus symbolizing fertility, future motherhood. The bed decorated with lotus seeds, a variety of fruit, peanuts. The children tried to taste all the goodies on the bed newlyweds.

Marriage bed newlyweds on Chinese traditions

Video: Chinese wedding present

Modern Chinese wedding recalls ina sense, the European triumph, borrowing some details of preparation for the momentous day, and to celebrate the wedding ceremony. Chinese bride, like the Russian girl in style to style your hair in an elaborate hairstyle. The groom - the gallant young man with a confident outlook on life. Find out what traditions faithfully adhere to the couple at the moment, watching the video below.