Chechen wedding

The rich tradition of the Eastern peoples of the CaucasusIt reflected not only in everyday life but also in large-scale festivals. For the Chechen nationality, Muslim, ultimate truth is a fact the celebration according to the strict rules of Sharia and adat. Is no exception and the Chechen wedding - for such an event, this nation belongs very seriously, because there is not decided to divorce. Chechen couple, a family, held a series of interesting rituals and customs before the wedding, in its process, after the official part.

The choice of the bride and familiarity

According to Chechen customs future wife choosesthe groom. Choosing women for procreation - not a simple matter, requiring the consciousness of a young man. Traditionally, a man has no right to take a wife in a woman having the same surname, that of the father or mother's future husband, her grandmother on his mother or father, and so on - up to three generations. When choosing a bride and acts as the consistency of her parents, her family's position in society, the ancient kind, the health of the future spouses.

Once the choice is made, a man will meet a girl and get her location. Introduction can occur in several ways:

  • Wedding acquaintance. According to ancient custom, the wedding is going to Chechen families a decent amount of people there also appear unmarried boys and girls. Girls embroider handkerchiefs before the celebration, the men come up with clever jokes and phrases to win a girl's heart. During a wedding celebration in Chechnya liked the lady through the intermediary of a young man sends some refreshments. If she passes the return gift - a scarf or two cigars - meeting shall be considered valid.

Embroidered handkerchief - a sign of location
  • Date. If the future spouse has not happened to meet his beloved in one of the wedding, there is another way - to invite to interview the neighbor girl. Communication narrowed in the presence of senior - a shameful occupation, so the young people at the meeting to be hidden from adult eyes. To invite a future wife on a date, a young person uses an intermediary: this is usually a friend narrowing or a child who will give the girl a message. If a girl is interested in the proposal, it goes to a meeting in the Chechen boy.

Provided that the number of joint meetingsare successful, young people like each other, the future spouse starts talking about marriage. As a rule, she does not refuse, because for a long number of visits indicates the location of the constriction. Then the young man should be asked to kind of "pledge" that it will not give anyone else your heart - it may be her ring, necklace or other valuable item.

collateral options for the future of the Chechen wife

Once the choice is made, there isacquaintance, which ended consent to marriage. Groom communicate its decision to the female half of a Chechen family, it is extremely impolite to appeal to men. My mother, grandmother or sister of a young man render its decision on the bride: As a rule, a negative attitude toward the girl even now can change the view of the future spouse. If they are satisfied, then the wedding to be. Young stipulate the date, and the family has been the message of the matchmakers.

Chechen matchmaking is a lunchmatchmakers with men of the family of the bride: for the guests prepared a feast, held informal discussion, after which the two men communicate their intentions, saying the date. Father of the Bride, enduring solution, first says that here it is necessary to think. Only on the second or third visit, he blesses the union of Chechen lovers. By the way, do not be ashamed, when Chechen bride herself will decide about marriage before - it will only help to avoid unnecessary costs.

Wedding day

Wedding day in Chechnya - this is, first of all,a feast for the groom's family, because the bride's family is not involved in the process. During the celebration, there are only relative, that come along with the bride in a car. Organization takes over the future spouse's father, the female half is engaged in preparing a festive table. First, to the Chechen bride goes home machine with a mullah (Muslim priest), there are a conversation about spiritual things. Only after some pleasantries, guests proceed to the next stage of the wedding visit.

Traditional wedding in Chechnya

bride Redemption

Redemption Chechen bride (bride-price, or Urdu) - isa certain sum of money or its equivalent valuables, which pays the Chechen side the groom's family a future wife. The amount is determined by an Islamic priest, it affects the well-being of parents betrothed, the position of the Chechen family in the community, the positive qualities of a girl. Not to be confused with the redemption Urdu valuable workers or "purchase" - the Chechen people there is another interpretation.

The bride is taken after the payment of Urdu

By the Chechen bride is treated with greatSincerely, it is revered, so this fee should be hero of the occasion as a reminder that instead of money he got something much more valuable - close faithful wife, the mother of the future of children, beloved companion. Good practice to act when the future Chechen spouse pays more scheduled redemption amount, which means that he really appreciates the addition to his large family. Money after the wedding, as a rule, go to the bride.

Chechen bride dress

While spiritual talks underway in neighboring roomsMullah, the bride getting ready - put on a beautiful wedding dress, prepares outfit, which should not be white, by the next day. Dresses for Chechen weddings are a mix of the national costume with a modest European dress - looks rich and beautiful, look at the photos:

Wedding dress Chechen culprits celebrations

Oath of the bride and groom, talks with Mullah

Although modern spouses can not do withoutofficial registration in the registry office, according to Islamic tradition the marriage is not recognized - a couple of turns of the bride and groom in a husband and wife only after a ceremony held mullah. Registration itself can take place either on the same day, and within a few months. The ritual goes like this:

  • For woman. Bride on the Chechen tradition remains in his room along with two witnesses of - she was dressed, packed her suitcases, which will carry the future spouse. Before you go to the bride, Mullah certify whether the marriage is not against the men of her family. Then Mullah conducts the ceremony: he reads the agreement of the Qur'an to be taken by the culprit celebrations - there announced its public rights and duties. After following the mullah girl reading the Surah of the Holy Scriptures.

Betrothed to meet with Mullah
  • For men. After the ceremony, the bride wedding the same procedure takes place when the groom men two witnesses. Also announce the amount of Urdu, which he has to pay for the culprit celebration.

Following the Chechen groom eventsbride are considered married, they are given a certificate of marriage, having liquidity in many countries. After a while, the young exchange silver rings.

Wedding procession. The road to the house of the groom

Before you begin the movement of a weddingtuple Chechen bride need to bring from home - that honor usually goes to his brother celebrations culprit or cousin, the father of her future husband. At the right moment the relatives of Chechen bride will know that the girl is ready to go, then escort it comes. Before you can carry it to the car, he has to perform a small custom to give the Chechen betrothed bill the biggest advantage (currently 5000 rubles).

Brother of the groom leads the bride to the wedding train

Male escorts Chechen beautiful bride-tocar, helping her to sit down, together with a girl riding another sister or girlfriend. Sam escort sits behind the wheel, and then begin the real race. When there were no cars, carriers were traditionally horse on which Chechen men staged a contest for the right to occupy the second place after the motorcade cab with the bride, it is considered honorable. Now wedding horses replaced horsepower cars, as people continue an ancient tradition.

Often this leads to a dangerous gameloss of human life, or even death, it's more for those who got behind the wheel drunk, or inexperienced drivers. To avoid such hassles during the Chechen leader wedding convoy, riding ahead with the bride, usually lowers the dangerous speed, reducing the likelihood of an accident. However, this is not the only road test: Chechen wedding procession can stop anyone people and demand a ransom for the ride.

tuple Stop: a driver distributes the ransom

Pays, as a rule, the groom's brother or cousinfather's brother accompanying Chechen bride for the wedding. When the cortege returned to the house of the groom, the car driver, who managed to take second place behind the car with the bride gets a valuable gift - it can be a plush carpet or a separate table at the wedding, which can take only selected the winner of the people.

bride Meeting

Meet the girl who will soon take overthe role of wife - an event which offers all the guests, so it is held interesting. There are several ceremonies held after the arrival of the Chechen bride:

  • Bite off a piece of candy. Immediately upon arrival, a spouse meets the groom's mother, helping her out of the car so as not to bruise or stain your dress. After the mother-in-hands culprit celebration candy, that is to bite off half. The second half of the mother eats a future husband - this will ensure a "sweet" life together, and daughter-in-law.

Meeting a bride with the groom's mother
  • Shots or bursts of automatic fire. During the mother of hero for the day holds a sweet ritual, there is a loud shots, notifying the district about the arrival of the restriction to the wedding. Earlier this custom served to ward off evil spirits.
  • Checking thrift. Often, during the approach to the house, the culprit celebrations can wait for unexpected test. For example, the groom's mother could leave the mat with a broom lying on it. If the restriction guessed theatrical sweep of his, then, it was to be a good housewife after marriage.
  • Angle. After the future spouse comes to the wedding, put her into a corner and allowed to hold a little boy - it will ensure that the first born male child. The bride should caress it, and then reward with sweets or money. In the corner it will be until the end of the wedding, sit in front of elders is not permissible, however, anyone can come and look under the veil.

Chechen wife holding the baby

Custom unleashing language

The custom of a wedding in Chechnya - unleashing tongue(Mott Bastar) - held during the celebration. At a certain point to a narrowing of suitable future husband's friends, teasing her, trying to pry the caustic jokes, but wife silently tolerate their attacks. Then, in the same manner wedding guests trying to obtain from the Chechen bride a glass of water, and after asking permission to drink. The task of the bride - until the last moment to keep silent, and eventually doled men say "Happy drinking."

This phrase - a sign that "unleash the language"managed. Guests Chechen wedding drink water, and then are required to return the girl to the glass, but filled with money. If she does not pay, according to tradition Chechen bride has every right to never speak with offenders.

The bride holds a wedding in Chechnya in the corner

Wedding songs and dances

After the Chechen bride went throughthreshold of a married home, begins Lovzar - this is the celebration of the wedding. The important role played by the Chechen events toastmaster, who manages to speak high-sounding speech, skilful wrap momentum shine metaphors and toasts in honor of attending the wedding as if he knew everyone personally. Feast punctuated Chechen folk songs and funny dances, the main of which - lezginka.

Tamada sees to it that in the middle of the hall onwedding lezginka dancing man and woman - he first chooses a Chechen man who goes out and makes a few movements, turning movements with the help of friends in a sign of respect, then the dancer turns to the female guests wedding. By this time Tamada has time to opt for a Woman dancing couples gradually changing. Chechen guests dancing until the mood and desire.

Watch the video how the gay Chechen Lovzar wedding, where guests are dancing energetic lezginka:

Chechen wedding video in 2016

Chechen wedding 2016 - this magnificentevent, still strictly subordinated to the laws of Scripture. Traditional wedding, wealth, customs, the holiday rituals, adherence to clear rules of the Koran makes a celebration a unique event in the life of everyone who visited it, is an unforgettable experience for all guests.