caucasian wedding

On the mountain Caucasus, a large number of livesdifferent nationalities. Ossetians, Chechens, Azeris, Dagestan, Armenians, Abkhazians, etc. All of this national diversity formed a unique culture, consisting of a variety of traditions, customs and rituals. A huge role in the life of a Caucasian man playing the day of the marriage. Caucasian wedding - large-scale events, celebrates no less than three days: they are waiting for the guests fun dancing, loud music, lavish feast, ancient customs.

Features traditions at weddings Caucasian

There are some distinctive features of the Caucasian traditions of weddings, sets them apart from the other nations.

  • Wedding hiding. In ancient times, not looking at the fact that the bride and groom is the culprit caucasian celebration, they were not taken together present at the wedding. Young people, as a rule, during the high jinks were hiding from each other, celebrating the triumph among his relatives and friends, and seen just before the onset of the wedding night. This practice is associated with a clear separation of male and female companionship.

The bride enters into a new house with covered face
  • Entering the house betrothed. The real highlight of Caucasian bride's wedding was the entry into the territory of the groom's house. The girl completely hides the face to avoid the evil eye and evil spirits that could not disturb the new family. The threshold was covered with sheepskin, cross his girl was always with the right leg, breaking it small saucer - it was believed that it will bring happiness and help avoid further strife in their life together.
  • Embrace. Before you retire with the betrothed, the bride had hug with several family members. Her first hugged the little boy (or girl took the baby in his arms) - the symbolic rite provided first-born male. Then followed the grandmother of all - the older women of the family.
  • For life caucasian girl in a new home wassweet and carefree, the groom's mother puts in her mouth a spoonful of honey, and then showered her with all sorts of candy, coins, rice. Figure symbolizes abundance, fertility, prosperity.

Caucasian bride is sprinkled with sweets
  • The wedding night. After all the ceremonies betrothed meeting passed, it was escorted to the room where the meeting of the perpetrators of the Caucasian celebration. Since then, the couple is considered officially married. Also it passes "the removal of restrictions," which will allow young again see his relatives, friends: during the celebrations had to hide from them.
  • The conclusion of the bride to the river. Rural tradition, which is designed to Caucasian girl is not dragged under the water the water until it will dial it for farming. As he passes: Woman fed to the river, then the man throws water on a piece of bread, the music plays, the participants sing songs. After the fire in the bread.
  • Gifts. Giving gifts from one another Caucasian family - is a necessary tradition prescribes certain embodiments gifts. For example, the bride is required to give all the men were Caucasian family of the groom warm socks - gift saying that she is a good hostess.

Warm socks - a gift from betrothed

In large cities, many of the traditions ofCaucasian celebrations have changed, there are new interesting details. For example, if before the girl with the men celebrated the wedding separately, now everything was different: young female half is not only present during the celebration of the Caucasus, but also has a chance to look for a lover. Girls are seriously preparing for the wedding of her friend - embroider handkerchiefs, dresses, and the men prepare clever phrases to win the heart you liked the ladies.

After the young men exchangedcourtesies, as a sign of sympathy for the young man sends a closer look girl treats, but not himself, but through an intermediary. If sympathy is mutual, through the same intermediary, it transmits own embroidered handkerchief. The exchange of gifts meant the beginning of their acquaintance and its possible continuation.

Matchmaking in the Caucasus

Before matchmaking took the bride's choice. Previously, a young girl chose the groom's parents, it could happen long before the appointment of the wedding day, because sometimes the future spouses married off while they were still children - under the age of 12 years. An important role was played by the well-being of parents and their position in society, her daughter's health. Now young Caucasian men can choose a bride, though symbolically still ask parental permission, and only then are sending matchmakers.

Beautiful Caucasian matchmaking

Courtship consists of several stages:

  • Appointment dates Caucasian matchmaking. Send a man from the family of the future spouse meets with the bride's family to report the arrival date matchmakers, so their appearance is always aware and carefully prepared for him.
  • The first matchmaking. On the appointed day the guests come from the Caucasian groom - usually the one close male relative (father, brother or uncle), a respected man from the village, as well as the mediator who knows both families. Guests sit at the table, they were warmly receives the bride's father and several close relatives. After conversations on abstract themes matchmakers proceed to the main purpose of his visit - a request for the hand and heart of a desirable woman.

The first arrival matchmakers decided not to accept. The head of the family said: "We need to think, to talk to close relatives, ask the opinion of his daughter. Soon we will give an answer. "

  • The second suit. Next courtship is conducted on a larger scale, the preparations for it too seriously - rich man's table, the number of participants in the process anymore. Matchmakers are greeted warmly, invited to the table, at first again talk on abstract themes. When it comes time to talk about the case, the mediator asks that the family elders have decided. At this time, the head of the Caucasian bride's family is responsible blessing.

Greater Caucasus matchmaking

The rite of courtship may varyfrom the cultural characteristics of a particular nationality of people living in the Caucasus. Traditionally, the upcoming wedding date assigned parents, then it fell on the shoulders of the future spouse and remained still, although now must take into account and respect the opinions of Caucasian bride. Previously it held in spring courtship and wedding were playing in the fall after harvest, but this custom is gone, replaced by a warm summer weddings.

Also, after a courtship solved questionsnumber of guests, the cost of the forthcoming celebration of (monetary side assumes the groom). Usually Caucasian festivities comes a huge number of guests - relatives, even the most distant, friends, buddies. If the future spouses forget to invite someone to one, he has every right to take offense seriously. Sometimes it is possible to meet anyone strangers, they will be welcome if they will make a worthy gift perpetrators caucasian celebration.

Scale Caucasian wedding

There are cases that the suit fails,bride young man refuses. Then he can decide on a tricky act, committing theft Caucasian bride. Together with friends, a man steals a Woman, brings home, in every way trying to persuade her to stay, promising gifts and comfortable life. Even if she does not want to be his wife, she has no choice but to agree: the bride's honor is considered to be tainted if she had spent the night in the men's house.

The custom of celebrating the 2 weddings

Celebration of weddings in the Caucasus, as a rule,It lasts from two days and more. Previously held at the same time celebrating the two - one in the house of the future spouse, where men gathered on both sides, the other - in the bride's home, where a woman came. This allowed everyone to feel comfortable, and the female half could have fun without serious supervision of men.

Now women have gained more freedom foragainst men, holiday can be held together, but the tradition of parents culprits celebrations are not made to be present during the event, so there was a custom of the two Caucasian weddings: the first represents a kind of farewell to his beloved daughter, the parents, it passes a week before the main celebrations. Gather relatives betrothed, come the bride and groom, it is a fun walk.

Greater Caucasus festivities

Then, a week later, on the day of the officialmarriage, walk relatives of hero for the day. Parents pay a dowry betrothed, girlfriend carrying her dowry, decorate the house, she moves in with her husband. Because of this separation, the two heroes of the festivities celebrating the wedding, but now to save money, is not uncommon to hold a joint celebration of the Caucasus, where people come to the relatives on both sides.

Caucasian bride - the image of chastity and modesty

In the Caucasus there is a cult of respectattitudes towards women, but women are expected to behave appropriately. Caucasian bride - is a model of beauty, modesty, innocence. The girl who marries in the tradition of the highlanders, during the celebration should be quiet, almost no talk, eat and drink a little, her face is often covered with a white cloth. Unlike European wedding, where the bride takes an active part in the celebration, then the culprit celebration more perfect wedding decoration.

Beautiful caucasian bride

Another interesting feature of the Caucasuscelebration, unusual Russian people - during a celebration not to shout "bitterly" In addition, the kiss in public is not consistent with the image of Caucasian bride and the youngest person can not touch the beloved to the wedding night. Also during the event, or jokes are unacceptable liberties with respect to the Caucasian culprit celebration.

Lezginka music and dancing at weddings Caucasian

A wedding in the Caucasus, as a rule, oftenaccompanied by a cheerful, energetic live music, guests are eating, singing, dancing folk dances, foremost among which is lezginka. This is a fast dance Caucasian people, which is sure to at least once, but will dance celebration guest - a man acts as an eagle, a woman - as a swan. The bride also has the right to dance, but only after the invitation to an older relative.

Watch a beautiful video, where a unique folk dance Caucasian dance - lezginka:

Caucasian toast at a wedding

During the celebration of the Caucasus adoptedsay a lot of toasting with the wishes of young spouses. They often represent a parable, instruction metaphorical statements. Addressing a toast to the groom, it is necessary to praise, first of all, his courage, perseverance, strength. Praising the bride, emphasize her modesty, thrift, beauty, humility. In celebration of the wedding guests behave loudly on the belief it will bring more happiness to the newlyweds.

Holiday newlyweds tuple

Wedding Honeymoon tuple can count on20 cars. Drivers behave loud - honking to alert all about scale joyful event. The first car driven by a banker: the driver pays the ransom money for passage to anyone who will stop him, even a passerby. In the second car ride culprits caucasian celebration. The third lucky carpets, which spread out in front of the bride, so she did not set foot on the tarmac.

Caucasion 2016 wedding video

A wedding in the Caucasus - this is a great and significantan event that will not leave anyone indifferent from those present. The friendly participants of the celebration, the groom handsome, modest bride, catchy dance songs and toast - all compulsory parts of the magnificent ceremony, which for a long time will remind myself stunning photos and video.