Azerbaijani wedding

Marriage, creation of family in all countriesSince ancient times was considered the most important event in human life, because it marked the transition to the new status, and the imminent birth of offspring. Azerbaijan - is no exception, and attitude toward marriage is serious. Azerbaijan's wedding - it's a huge celebration on the scale. Before it starts, during and after the celebration are plenty of rituals, rites, customs are taken into account. In the process of organizing and holding the celebration involves a large number of people - from relatives to neighbors.

The choice of the bride

Azerbaijani girls are taught from childhood to bemodest, they spend a lot of time with her friends, avoided the company of men. Even now, when young people are more free to choose the second half, it basically makes the man, because not all Azerbaijani bride close contact with the suitors before the wedding. After selecting a girl groom asks permission from their parents. As a rule, they supported his son, but their failure is often the reason a young man to change the decision.

Then comes the stage of the so-called message. How it works: First man chooses Mediatrix - a close relative, she is committed to recognize financial situation girl, her parents status in society. It also determines whether Azerbaijan is able to make her a bride worthy couple, because if he is consistent enough to provide for the family, the bride's parents can not agree to the marriage at the stage of the small courtship. Also relative learns about thrift girl, her health, and education.

Azerbaijani Beautiful Bride

In practice it does not matter the age of the futureAzerbaijani bride - according to Muslim tradition to marry off a young girl can be even 14-15 years. After the groom decided on a suitable bride, his parents were sent to the same intermediary or another person from the nearest relatives to tell the father and mother of a young girl groom intentions. If they give their consent, appointed date of the upcoming matchmaking.


In Azerbaijan, the suit before the wedding takes place in two stages:

  1. Small suit.

After receiving the response of the groom's father talks tofamily, to find out their opinion on the Azerbaijani girl and upcoming wedding - every word has weight. When the discussion is finished, the Azerbaijani groom's family sends matchmakers to the house of the future spouses. As a rule, first come for a little matchmaking woman groom's family - mother and another close relative (mother's sister, her eldest daughter). This is due to a belief that only a mother could truly understand the girl's heart.

Prepare the table to a small Azerbaijani matchmaking

When the female head of the family came to the conclusioncontinue to exercise, there are fathers. the groom's father comes along with three Azerbaijani men - it may be close relatives (brother, father), or respected people of the city or village. He reported his intention to take his son to marry a young bride. At first, the girl's father refuses, saying, "I need to know the opinion of my daughter." When asked about the upcoming wedding of the girl he is silent, which means her consent.

Matchmakers leave the house, and the final decision awaits them during the great matchmaking.

  1. Many matchmaking.

When it passed the stage of a small Azerbaijanimatchmaking, the head of the groom's family invites relatives to discuss the upcoming event. The female half of a young man of the family goes to the bride to know her opinion about a future wedding. When the bride replies received, the woman appointed day matchmakers soon. As time goes by, there comes a matchmaking date, ambassadors come, they are put at the head table.

Many Azerbaijani matchmaking

At present wooing many relativesgirl, except his mother - she spends time with her daughter on the walk, so as not to be at home at that time. After debating extraneous things - crop, weather, politics and other news - relatives, in-laws asked the big question: "Will you give us a beautiful girl?" If the Azerbaijani family has decided not to give his daughter in marriage, refuses. If the relatives agree, then asked matchmakers have time to think - this means that they will come the second time.

Azerbaijani family of the bride to the secondthe arrival of envoys to invite many guests, table covers, this time the bride's mother is present during courtship, but says not a word. relatives, in-laws come again, take them well, be sure to treat. There is casual chatting. After a while one of the matchmakers groom asks the question "What do you say this time?" The second visit is rarely denied, therefore, as a rule, the bride's father says: "Allah bless them!"

Dishes for the Azerbaijani feast

Guests are served a sweet tea, and sister of the futurewife after the matchmaking runs congratulate Azerbaijani bride (she is waiting for the decision from his girlfriend). When the stage of a large courtship is over, and the guests have gone home, the girl returned home, her wishes to emergency wedding nearest relatives - parents, brothers, sisters. On this day, during the celebration congratulations culprit made cry.

Betrothal small and large

As courtship, engagement of young people in Azerbaijan before the wedding, held in two phases.

  1. Low engagement.

This stage of pre-wedding preparation is carried outWithin a month after the consent of the father and mother of the bride to hold the wedding. Close relatives of the groom visit the house of the future wife to spend a small engagement. The girl sits surrounded by 20-30 people (this is her girlfriend, peers). On the shoulders of one of the messengers has the responsibility to put the ring on her finger beautiful, covered her head with a scarf, and then to try at least a little bit of some sweets.

The second half of the Azerbaijani sweets fromwhich is a bit off of the messenger belong future husband. When the relatives of the groom leaves, cover the table with sweets, continuously appearing during the Azerbaijani wedding - it is assumed that they provide future marital fertility, fertility. When all the guests and bridesmaids ate, bachelorette party begins.

He is interested in the ancient Azerbaijani rite: Bride in turn puts a hand on the heads of single girls, they try on her ring. It was believed that the first example of a ring future wife, soon she will celebrate the wedding. After the bachelorette party-girl friend of the bride performed the rite of the other Azerbaijan: two identical sweets were put under her pillow to see her lover in a dream.

Delicious sweets Azerbaijani
  1. Big engagement.

A few months after the small engagementIt held the second stage of Azerbaijani custom. This is a real feast, to which both parties are seriously preparing. Family future wife is preparing a festive table, although often all sorts of products to it (eg, meat, flour, vegetables, sweets, alcohol) sends the family of the groom. Not only made to send the bow, because he has long been considered a harbinger of bitterness in life together after the wedding.

While there are many great engagementguests - from the closest relatives to the neighbors. This is due to the fact that the Azerbaijani marriage is based on love, not only young people but also on the approval of society. Society became an important witness in the preparation for the wedding, before it was thought that it would make the marriage bond even stronger.

Relatives culprit celebrations in the future daybetrothal was to bring everything you need for a happy life of the bride - not only gave the shoes that later, after a certain amount of time has brought the mother in law. Great gifts were packed in boxes, tied with red ribbons, small put on brass trays, covered with colorful bedspreads. These trays were called Haunch and mandatory part of the action in the old days, they are used in our time. Secured family often invited musicians to accompany the offering of these gifts.

Many Azerbaijani engagement

Examples of gifts that brought Azerbaijan betrothed:

  • lengths of cloth for dresses
  • colored scarves
  • ornamentation
  • stockings
  • sweets

After the presentation of the gifts at the finger future wifeShe wore a wedding ring. Then the two families sat at the table to discuss the size of the bride price. The important point redemption amount was determined by the well-being women, its economic, respected by the society to its family - the money received during the redemption paid for the wedding expenses, and they went to the purchase of dowry.

Traditionally, in addition to or instead of foreclosureIt consisted of a wedding contract, which guaranteed the bride monetary reward if the husband decides to divorce her. After the engagement and the wedding itself was held to a different amount of time - from several months to several years. She spent all the time at home, and the groom's family continued to send her presents - different clothing items to decorate and to facilitate life, fresh fruit and sweets. At the time of sacrifice holiday gifts served as a live bull.

After the day ended with the betrothal, the Azerbaijani kin culprits celebration gathered around the bride looked gifts, congratulated Woman with a wedding soon.

Bull - a traditional wedding gift in Azerbaijan

After some time, after a lot of engagement inIt comes in the family of the bride: sending gifts to her future husband on the same copper trays. The first is for the groom, the second with gifts for men, and the third - for women, the other generously filled with sweets, fruit. At this time, the table covers the other side, although going much smaller number of guests. After a feast of the bride cousin tells a tray who is the mother of the future wife to thank her guests disperse.

pre-wedding chores

To the triumph of the Azerbaijani everything carefullypreparing, for the wedding of the soul unites the two lovers. Many prenuptial hassle of waiting families on both sides. Prior to the event must be conducted "conversation", the date appointed by the head of the groom's family. Two male side (close relatives of the young man and woman who marry) agree among themselves, choose their wedding day, which was believed to be the most favorable for a family, decide the details of Azeri celebration - music celebration, the number of guests, menu.

Basically wedding expenses accrue relativesAzeri groom, however, is often that the family of the bride refuses to do so, placing the entire wedding themselves. After reaching agreement, participants 'conversation' diverge, wishing each other good and happiness.

Azerbaijani custom - talk before the wedding

Wedding gifts and dowry

Azerbaijan bride receives gifts fromher spouse during the entire time of courtship before the official wedding venue. She passed away shoes, jewelry, clothing. On one of the national holidays celebrations culprit gets interesting set of gifts - a beautiful dress, red scarf, jewelry, as well as a rope lead ram whose horns are painted with henna. Traditionally, the trays bring all sorts of sweets and fruits. The most well give the bride henna and girlfriends paint her hands, feet, hair color.

Before the solemn day of the Azerbaijanimarriage in the house of the future husband of the bride brought a dowry of her male relatives (brother or uncle) - is her personal belongings, household items. Carrier future mother in law gives a gift. When he leaves the house, come girlfriend Azerbaijan bride, to arrange a dowry, clean up, clean up the mess, to decorate the room. Girls necessarily receive gifts from the hostess.

Pre-wedding chores Azerbaijani families

Ceremony "brocade bichini"

"Brocade bichini" with the Azerbaijani languageis translated as "cutting clothes." The event also held a few days before the wedding. Women on both sides arrange festivities with dancing, songs. During the ceremony, the bride's chosen mentor that will lead her husband to the house of her husband, to decorate the hands and feet with henna drawings, clothe. As a rule, it became a mentor Azerbaijani woman in years, having experience with children and undiluted, with a good social reputation.

Preparation of bread

Many Azerbaijani traditions are closely linked tobread, because it is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and fertility. For example, before the departure of the father's house Azeri groom had three walk around baked bread to the family, and without it was safe. Also, to protect your future relatives from evil spirits and ensure fertility, she took in her future home a piece of bread from the parental nest.

Preparation of bread for the upcoming wedding - the traditional custom of Azerbaijani families, which takes 2-3 days before the event.

  • First, choose a house where bread is baked - the groom or bride.
  • Then try to make a good dough, rolled it, bake pitas.
  • When baked treats women thank the hostess for the given place, wish wealth and always hot bread on the table.

Bread - a symbol of fertility and abundance

Mahr (ransom)

Mahr - a certain amount of money orreal legacy that Azerbaijan will get his wife if the husband decides to divorce her or in the event of his death. About Mahra agree before the wedding, all this shall be documented in the marriage contract. If a woman decides to leave her husband's house, she did not receive a ransom and will not be able to pick up gifts and marital property with his Azerbaijani spouse.

Seeing the bride

Seeing Azerbaijani bride - an ancientwedding tradition. Seeing the beautiful full of symbolism. At first, people come from the groom to the bride pick Azerbaijani, they dance, they sing. Bride waiting in the wings behind the closed door, the key of which guests will receive after receiving the gift. After parents will bless Azerbaijani girl, her waist tie up red ribbon, throws a veil on her head, and output to the yard - there is kindled a large fire.

Tying a red ribbon Azerbaijani girl
  • Azerbaijan thrice encircle the bride around the fire - it promises light and warmth future home.
  • Following her throw a stone to the walls of the house were strong.
  • Then pour a few drops of water under the feet of a girl do not be sad and do not grieve.
  • At the threshold of a new home put a plate that Azerbaijani bride should break a leg.
  • In the hands of a little boy gives a girl to become the first-born from her male child.
  • Once in front of the bride Azerbaijani kill the ram, and the blood-smeared forehead and dress - it will help his wife to come to terms with the new relatives and quickly become a real part of the family.
  • Mother-in-law's hair irons that between them there was always mutual.
  • After the girl's head is sprinkled with sweets and rice - for abundance.
  • Then the bride is carried into the prepared room, decorated with various ornaments, which she accepts the wishes of happiness, health and imminent birth of offspring.

Honeymooners sprinkled rice for the future of family wealth

Typically, all the way to a married homesAzerbaijani guests, carrying the bride in every way blocking the road friends, brothers, sisters, neighbors culprits celebrations, asking for missing a small ransom - sweets or money.

"Shah" bride

Shah - a wooden wedding decoration, combininga few elements: mirrors, candles, cloth, as well as sweets, fruit. For Azerbaijan it is preparing a bride's best friend-needlewoman. In the house of a friend, decorating Shah held a walk - to get young people come to eat, drink and celebrate. By evening, the groom comes to Azerbaijan with friends, take the Shah, and after being taken to the house betrothed, firing guns, singing songs.

Azerbaijani dances at weddings

As a rule, during Azerbaijanmarriage plays traditional music performed by traditional instruments, so present in the main dance known since childhood Azerbaijani dances. The wedding itself almost half consists of a music and dance program - singing and incendiary dances, all this goes on until the early hours. Watch the video, where perfectly executed a beautiful, energetic and cheerful Azerbaijani dance during a wedding:

Poslesvadebnye tradition

Many Azerbaijani customs passesafter the wedding day. Immediately after the wedding night the relatives on both sides come to look at the sheet, proving the innocence of the Azerbaijani women. When purity leaves no doubt, everyone is going to have breakfast - owners of the house served pilaf. Also after the wedding for three days, the mother of the bride Azerbaijani bring different dishes to ensure food newlyweds.

Out of the bride

After the bride enters the new house,it should not be within two weeks after the wedding to see in-law. When the desired amount of time has elapsed, the mother in law covers the ceremonial table, lined with its national dishes, sweets, and the wife's father is calling for a Woman, gives her a gift - from now on it is formally adopted Azerbaijani family.

Feast for the exit of the bride

Poslesvadebnye visits

When the wedding took place, a compulsory Death visits:

  • A visit to her daughter. A few months after the event, together with the wife's mother warns new family of seven daughters of the arrival. Guests arrive, the table is served, after the visit of the Azerbaijani give gifts to the newlyweds.
  • The first visit to her parents. Only after the expiration of forty days after the marriage the wife is allowed to visit his parents' home with her husband and other new relatives. There are a large Azerbaijani feast, after which the girl for a few days stay at home. Then she picks up her husband - since then she can visit relatives, when he wants.
  • Visits to relatives. The close relatives from the newly-Azerbaijani husband and wife in invites young guests to dine with them, to learn the news, to present several gifts.

Video Azerbaijani wedding

Azerbaijan's wedding - it's a beautiful large-scaleevent. It is full of a variety of rituals, traditions, customs, because has attracted considerable interest and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who has witnessed similar celebrations. This will help public photos that revived memories of a beautiful day.