Wedding worries

Wedding - it's always a wonderful welcomeevent in the life of not only the newlyweds, but also their families, friends and loved ones. In this magical day two loving hearts are moving to a qualitatively new level of relations, create a cozy, family union, which plans to carefully protect and develop throughout life. The preparation for this solemn event involves the wedding chores, inevitably consuming a lot of time, effort and energy. In order to minimize such costs are kindly requested to carefully consider all the components of the upcoming event.

Applying to the registrar

Bride submit an application to the registrar

Pre trouble in the first placebegin with the submission of the application to the registrar. It would seem, at this stage of planning a wedding celebration, everything is clear. However, the submission of an application for registration of marriage conceals some important nuance, the knowledge of which will help to avoid the young inexperienced pair of unexpected trouble. Here are a few highlights from the couple may face at this stage of preparation for the wedding celebration.

  1. The application must be submitted to the registrar not later than one month before the planned wedding.
  2. Keep in mind that the peak date of the summer and fallavailability is not seen. As a rule, they appear miraculously only after the employee is offered the symbolic separation of "gratitude".
  3. Often young right in the registrar office tryingimpose services of a wedding photographer, videographer or toastmaster. Many even manage to scare the fact that in the ceremonial hall is forbidden to enter with their specialists. Do not pay attention to such threats - they are absolutely groundless.

budget planning

The couple plan to budget measures

Budgeting - an integral part of the trouble,connected with the organization of a wedding celebration. Similarly, the calculated amount will help to avoid unforeseen costs. This is the most unpleasant and time-consuming part of the care to which should be approached very carefully, responsibly. Planning a wedding budget, start with the definitions of all items of expenditure, which will focus on the celebration organization.

Once you calculate the approximate amountyou have to invest in organizing a wedding event, start slowly to ring you are interested in the options of wedding salons, studios, businesses and restaurants. Then, to the resulting totals add about 10-20% - this will be reserve for unforeseen expenses and efforts. Remember that only accurately compiled and elaborate wedding budget can save you from unpleasant hassle in the future.

Wedding image of the bride

Wedding image of the bride, delivering pleasant chores

An integral component of pleasant hassleIt is to prepare the bride's wedding image. Every girl wants to look perfect on your holiday, so think carefully not only the dress, but also accessories, make-up, manicure, hairstyle. Traditionally, the bride is the embodiment of tenderness, romance, beauty. However, today's brave girls often resort to extravagant bright images, which also has a place to be, especially in the conditions of existence nowadays such diverse notions of beauty.

Wedding dress and shoes

Dresses and shoes bride

Choosing a luxury wedding dress - one ofthe most enjoyable moments in the pre-holiday business. In order to look great, you need to carefully consider all the components of the image. The diversity of various models, offers a modern couturier opens brides terrific choice in which each girl will be able to find the perfect option for themselves.

Seductive fitting styles - choiceslender long-legged beauties. Girls with curvaceous should choose A-line wedding dresses or straight cut. Style with a fluffy skirt and bow at the waist will visually emphasize the slender waist, hiding the full or narrow hips. Particular attention should be paid to efforts such as the choice of clothes.

With regard to such trouble, as the search for a suitablebridal shoes, there is every bride has the right to choose a model that matches her style and taste. Shoes should be in harmony with the dress to be as convenient as possible. Choosing high studs, be sure to keep in mind that to them you have to spend most of the day. If you can not afford to refuse the beautiful but uncomfortable shoes, grab a removable shoes in the restaurant, which prevent the occurrence of unforeseen trouble.

Makeup and hair

Make-up and hairstyle for the bride's wedding

The happy bride wedding chores includedselection of a suitable make-up and hairstyles. At the wedding ceremony or while dancing with her father, hero of the occasion can overwhelm the emotions, so cosmetics on her face must be waterproof. Prefer soft pastel shades, because the bride represents tenderness, charm. If you want to make a bright accent, highlight red lipstick lips and black eyeliner.

Selecting styling - another part predtorzhestvennyhworries. Wedding hairstyle should correspond to the specified style. Dress with open back looks very impressive with pulled back hair. Wedding toilet in retro style underlined neatly arranged on one side curls, complemented by spectacular volume hairpin. Do not neglect the elegant ladies hats - this season they are at the peak of popularity. Selection of hairstyles, dress and make-up - pleasant chores, so Treat him with all my heart.

The bride's bouquet

A selection of wedding bouquets, cause trouble for the soul

Bouquet - is another integral pointwedding and an important part of pre-holiday trouble. Nowadays, modern professional decorators and designers offer a rich assortment of various variations of flower arrangements for every taste and color. Choosing a wedding specialist is inextricably linked to the pre-troubles. In addition, the bride is necessary to determine the appropriate color and style of composition.

The style of the groom

groom suit for wedding

Pre trouble groom, as a rule,limited training hen and choice of wedding dress. Here celebrations culprit may choose any type of costume: tailcoat, tuxedo, three-piece suit or trousers with a shirt and a fashionable vest. The main thing - to the image of the groom wedding combined with the dress of the bride. It is important to choose a wedding dress perfectly sitting on a figure. Supplement costume help stylish decoration in the form of a buttonhole, a butterfly or a pocket handkerchief.

Buying Engagement Rings

Groom wears bride a wedding ring

Exciting chores include purchasewedding rings. When choosing emblematic jewelry, pay special attention not only on their appearance, but also in the metal or alloy from which they are made. The most popular have always used gold and platinum rings. Jewellery made of silver less relevant, as may eventually be deformed, but it is more profitable for the price.

Choosing Wedding Professionals

Organizer saves the newlyweds from the wedding hassle

Concerns related to the preparation for the weddingevent, involve a thorough search of the leading and responsible organizers, which not only will provide invaluable assistance in the preparation of the plan of measures, but also be able to take on the organization of entertainment programs including contests, musical accompaniment. An important role is played in the festive bustle decorators, who with the help of thematic attributes can create a romantic atmosphere.

To find a good specialist, weddingagency or professional toastmaster, have to cope with such troubles, as the study of a large volume of information presented in the case of electronic catalogs on the Internet. Carefully read the reviews about interest you wedding planner, find out in person all your concerns - it will be safe from the troubles that might arise in the future.

banquet facilities

Making table and banquet - an integral part of the hassle

Festive banquet and his organization - specialpart of the preparation of the solemn event. Bustle in this case include the search for a suitable venue for the holiday decoration of the hall, serving dishes and glasses, choice of cars, menu compilation, layout seating guests, preparing many other related things. For this item, the celebration should be approached very carefully, responsibly. To minimize emotional troubles and the time required, not be amiss to ask for professional help.