Wedding printing - a tribute to tradition?

In preparation for the wedding, the young couple must betake care of a thousand little things that are designed to create the most solemn day in the life of heroes of the occasion - a search for the venue, menu creation, inviting the guests, booking a photo shoot. An important detail is a magnificent wedding celebration printing, which is not only a tool for creating the right atmosphere, but in some cases, simplifies the wedding coordinator.

What is a wedding printing

Printing - is propagated paper products. Under the wedding polygraphy means mass production of printed products, which serves as a wedding decoration. It includes: invitation cards for the guests, banquet cards, newspapers, book requests, labels on champagne and much more. Prospective spouses not necessarily use all of the elements, especially if your budget is limited: the organizers can choose from a few preferred types of printing products.

Beautiful Printing Products

wedding reflects the style of Printingactivities and manufactured in accordance with the theme of the upcoming holiday. The colors of printing materials, decoration items, fonts, text - say heroes of the occasion, based on your wishes and preferences. Fully personalized wedding version of the product will be more expensive than, for example, classic print invitation cards or seating cards.

The price of printing will be affected:

  • paper material, used in the making,
  • the number of elements of the decor,
  • time spent by an employee on the dash or collage of unique graphic elements.

Invitations, postcards, banquet seating cards

The main and most have taken root in Russiaprinting elements are the invitation cards and nursery cards. Creating and sending invitations - an important part of preparation for the celebration because it is the first thing guests see on the wedding theme. The invitations should reflect the style of the celebration, to be performed in the color palette of the holiday. In each card indicates the name of the guest and honeymooners, written invitation text, place and time of the specified dress code.

Invitation cards guests

In recent years gained popularity wedding,decorated in a certain style. This can be used when creating invitations. They are ideal for a thematic celebration and will be truly unique. For a pirate celebration fit printing of invitation cards, scroll to the treasure, to the gangster wedding - cards as playing chips or casino table. In Europe, there is another interesting tradition of using printing for seating guests instead seedling cards use nameplates for different small tables.

Banquet seating cards to make your staynavigate and quickly find their place at the banquet. There are many variations of wedding accessories, the main thing that printing combined with interior design and decor of the room. Many couples try to make the triumph of the most original, so come up with an unusual kind of cards or fixing the way: look cute card, stuck in the fruit, cards, origami.

Nursery card for a banquet

Garlands, banners, paper decorations for the hall

To decorate the banquet hall, the following printing supplies: garlands, posters, pictures, newspapers, menus and other details about each ornament.:

  • Wedding garland - a fun way to effectively decorate the room, to create at present a fun, festive atmosphere. They can be of colored flags, or in the form of broad bands with inscriptions.
    Examples of paper garlands wedding
  • Posters can be made in different styles,contain inscriptions with wishes for the couple and guests, to be filled with humorous verses about family life, or tell the story of newlyweds. It is interesting to look at the posters themed weddings. For example, at a wedding in the style of Oscar as posters can act posters of famous films, where instead of real actors are printed photos with the bride groom.
  • Wedding newspaper. An interesting variant of the use of the printing industry - the creation of this paper. This is an original way to introduce the guests to the history of love heroes of the occasion, and leave them a long memory of past events. The paper may contain stories about childhood, love the background, a description of the development of relations, include many common photo.
    What is the wedding newspaper
  • wedding evening program. Hero for the day should take care of printing two programmok - the first will include all the wedding day, including redemption (if any), registration, photo session and a banquet. The second - a banquet only. This will all be guided better in time, but will also create additional intrigue: the couple may indicate that at the end of the evening the guests will be a surprise. The surprise may be fireworks, performances by music groups, giving gifts, interesting rooms, fire-show.
  • Wedding menu. Hero for the day, be sure to do the design and printing of the wedding menu, where all the possible positions of the dishes will be indicated. This is especially important for those weddings where guests during the banquet sit at several tables. Everyone present will be able to choose what is there for a snack or hot - this will avoid passing through the food tables and related inconveniences.

Diplomas, medals and labels on champagne

Certificates and medals will be nice and pleasant giftfor the guests of the festival. This may be the best mother-degrees, ideal groom, best father-medals' parents for their patience "," Album for the good support ", etc. Perpetrators of celebration can easily find a ready-made options or create a similar wedding accessories yourself. Beautiful labels for champagne will be a wonderful complement the overall decor, will help to maintain your wedding style, to create the right mood. The labels can be printed a photo of spouses, wedding date, the history of their lives.

Examples of wedding certificates

Examples of wedding champagne labels

Envelopes for money and book requests

Envelopes with money souped spousespresented the guests. These accessories are made in the form of special cards, which are invested bills. It can be classic envelopes that just get in the stores or original handmade greeting cards, custom-made. If guests will be well aware of the wedding theme, they will pick up an envelope that best suit its style. See photos of envelopes for cash gifts:

Beautiful wedding money envelopes

Book requests - this is an interesting weddingaccessory, which will be a great reminder of the happy day of celebration. In the Western tradition, each pair acquires or creates an album alone, where guests during the holiday record their wishes. Later, the couple can be pasted to the successful wedding photography. Exquisite album is perfect for lush wedding with lots of guests, because the more present, the more requests receive heroes of the occasion.

Wedding wishes album

What is the wedding printing

At the wedding the printing industry, there are several important functions:

  • The emphasis level and wealth wedding. To date, wedding printing is considered a sign of high class organization celebration.
  • Additional themed. A properly designed printing underlines the wedding style, creates a special festive atmosphere.
  • Providing the convenience of guests and weddingcoordinators. For example, this applies to the menu, where everyone present can choose his favorite dishes, or seating cards. The latter significantly simplify the process of occupation of places at the banquet table, eliminating him from the fuss. With the same purpose can be created room scheme, which will indicate the names and numbers of tables for sitting invited them.

Driving banquet hall
  • A method of attracting attention, creatingoriginal mood. Perpetrators of celebration can creatively approach to decorating printing products and create their own coat of arms to be used in all elements of decor - this will be the highlight of the evening. Develop a coat of arms can be graphic design studio, which will take into account all the wishes of the couple or the very future of the family, armed with fancy and colored pencils.

How to order handcrafted wedding polygraph?

Wedding printing can be orderedlarge publishing houses or private individuals who provide services for the creation of printing handicrafts. The second option will allow future spouses to develop a truly unique holiday decor, but can be much more expensive. When making printing handmade commonly used all sorts of decorations: feathers, beads, crystals, shells, ribbons. The final result will depend on the style of the wedding celebration.

Find people who make printingmaterials with their own hands, can be on the Internet - the price will depend on the ability to master popularity expensive decor items. Before you order products, be sure to check out the portfolio, read reviews, look at the work associated with the wedding theme.

Handmade Printing

Wedding printing - a simple way to makecelebration even more complete, give it a certain mood, highlight, and save time and make your stay at the holiday more convenient and enjoyable. By the choice and development of printed products should be approached seriously to the end result of newly arranged the couple and all present. Qualitatively made printed materials will serve as a beautiful décor, will delight guests of the event, will contribute to whole perception of beauty celebration style.