Wedding manager

Wedding - a special day in the life of lovepeople every couple dreams of, so it was perfect. To accomplish this, it is extremely important quality organization process, coordinated work of all participants of the wedding action, the timely receipt of necessary services. It helps to cope with pre-wedding worries and ensure the triumph of all the necessary wedding manager. Taking into account the wishes and preferences of the future spouses, he participates in the creation of a truly unique event that will be remembered forever present.

Wedding manager - who is it?

In Russia there was a tradition that the care of thewedding organization undertake future spouses, their parents or friends. This approach often does not provide the proper level of the celebration - there is always a risk of something forgotten, but during the holiday so do not want to solve the unexpected difficulties and deal with force majeure. In the West, the role of the organizer, as a rule, perform wedding stewards, completely eliminates worries shoulders heroes of the occasion.

So who is the manager at the wedding? This is a person who simultaneously performs several functions: plans, organizes and controls the process. Wedding administrator helps to organize an event for honeymooners dream, taking responsibility for parts of the holiday. First of all, it is a professional person who truly loves what has been - it allows you to create a real fairy tale.

The manager of the wedding - Assistant around

From the bride and groom need only one thing -to talk about what they want to see the wedding and how many are willing to spend. After that, an experienced specialist will develop and offer several options to choose from, each of which will be implemented only after approval by the heroes of the occasion. The final decision will be taken only when the future spouses will be fully satisfied with the scenario of events during the wedding day.

At the planning stage ends, andIt begins the main part of the work - the organization. The manager, taking into account all the details, is looking for the venue, hiring a photographer, videographer, orders a transfer for guests, if such a need, appeals to the printer for printing invitations, seedling cards, menus, purchasing the necessary decorations for the banquet hall and so on. When organizational issues into account, the manager monitors quality performance.

Managing is often underestimated, but it is importantunderstand that his work - is a guarantee of quality holiday organization, facilitating the work of the future spouses. Conveniently, when the dirty work makes someone else, and you only approve or not, searching for the right.

What's his job?

The main duty of the manager - from A to Zto think, to plan, organize and control for the wedding day. The first stage - preparatory. It specialist meets with the bride and groom, discusses the details of the celebration, helping to choose the wedding date, trying to understand what the future spouses are waiting for a holiday. This phase covers a long period of time, because it accounts for the solution of many problems.

It is imperative that the pair was able to accurately convey,how they see the future spouses wedding - be it touching, sweet, home event with the closest people or pretentious, pompous celebration. You also need to decide what will be the wedding: classic or subordinate certain style. The manager may offer ideas for themes.

If the wedding is held in the summer, the expert canoffer the option to exit registration - then with his help, given the experience of such events, selected place. Be sure to discuss options wedding banquet hall, which is ideal for a number of guests and the newlyweds budget. Separately negotiated, which will host a photo shoot, video shooting, what style, how much time.

Test readiness of the banquet hall to receive guests

Once selected a restaurant or otherPlayground, the manager hires actors, presenters, musicians and other people who will entertain guests during the event. The script is developed almost to the minute. A few more responsibilities manager during the preparatory phase:

  • The development of the festive menu.
  • Order wedding cake.
  • Determining the amount of alcohol, the selection and purchase.
  • It gives answers to all questions raised by the newlyweds.
  • Hiring a florist to prepare a bouquet and other accessories.
  • Orders motorcade.
  • Pre calls up all the people who deliver the services for quality of the wedding.

But the most time-consuming step is considered to be a weddingday - the second stage, when the manager uses all the power and knowledge to make the perfect holiday. It monitors the comings make-up artist, stylist, florist, route, coordinates guest in the registry office, helps during a photo shoot, and meets the rooms leading performers, checks the equipment in the banquet hall, takes the wedding cake, guests transplants. The manager takes care of duties and shoulders heroes of the occasion.

The manager helps the bride with wedding morning routine

How to order wedding services manager

Order service wedding specialist willthrough agencies or on the advice of friends. It is important to find a professional who is perfect for the organization of your wedding, so carefully review the portfolio, meet different people, service providers and select the person with whom will find close contact. The manager should be none other than as your friend and counselor, you will be able to fully trust.

Choosing a wedding manager

Advantages of wedding preparation with the help of a wedding manager

Hiring a manager has many advantages:

  • The time saved. You can forget about the pre-wedding bustle, from which on the day of the celebration is already bursting at the head - they will pro.
  • The money saved. Many believe that the manager - very expensive, but the knowledge and experience to help a real specialist supporting options, where you can save, and vice versa: to say, where no way to save.
  • Savings nerves. Those nasty things that you may have to face at his own wedding (stray guests, spoiled a bouquet or boutonniere, "floated makeup"), will allow the manager thanks to experience and ingenuity.

The manager of the wedding - an indispensablethe person who will be your friend, adviser and assistant. Great knowledge of a specialist in the organization of the wedding feast, sociability, the ability to take into account the details will help make everything at the highest level, and your wedding will be an unforgettable event for all present.