The machine carriage to the wedding

Organizing a wedding celebration, each pairHe is trying to do everything perfectly. This also applies to the choice of the tuple. Order of the car, which will go to the couple, although not a primary cause, but a mandatory step for the majority of the intending spouses. To emphasize their individuality, the bride and groom can be a special way to decorate a car or pick up an unusual transport - for example, wagon with horses and wagon. The original decision of the coach is to choose the machine that will surprise present and passers-by.

Which car-coach will suit the style of your wedding?

Machine-coach - a normal car, especiallyfeature of which is the body in the form of a classical coach. For honeymooners who want to enjoy a comfortable limousine, but are tired of the usual white or black cars, perfect for this option. The car as a coach is able to emphasize the original thematic celebration or a wedding rich classic.

Machine-coach is perfect for weddingevents in the style of the Middle Ages. Previously, horse drawn carriage, used mainly for private use rich people, representatives of the aristocracy and royal nobility. Stagecoach, omnibus, chaise - all kinds of vintage common then transport. If the couple want to emphasize style wedding, auto-coach with the perfect handle.

Classical Medieval coach

Car-carriage is able to highlight andthemed celebration. The bride and groom can enjoy a carriage, realizing the wedding, such as the fairy tale "Cinderella." Even the trucks perfect for elven celebration where the couple transform into creatures from the pages of children's books. For example, in the fairy tale "Puss in Boots" or for an event at Disney cartoons.

Machine-coach can be a great decorationGreek wedding style, because coaches prototype - a chariot (or chaise). They were irreplaceable on the battlefield, were used as a vehicle wealthy people were present in the mythology (the god of the sun Helios every morning passed through the sky on a golden chariot). If the couple want to use the car-coach for the theme of Greek and Roman event, you need to decorate it accordingly - golden ornaments, pictures the big wheels.

Helios in his chariot for wedding car decoration, coach

This car is suitable not only for celebrations,reflect a certain era, or the fabulous events, car-coach can decorate and the classic version of the wedding. If the bride and groom suit lavish celebration in the chic restaurant, where a large number of guests invited and which provides for the official celebration, this car will look appropriate. Whatever the wedding was not satisfied with the future spouses, the car-coach will be its unusual decoration to attract the attention of passers-by on a trip around the city will enchant present their unusual appearance.

Models wedding car-coach

as a coach machines exist in the world, theyrepresented by different brands, but in the territory of Russia are more common original vehicles of the brand "Chrysler", "Dodge", "Cadillac". Typically, in these models, the cabin can accommodate 5-9 passengers as opposed to the classical carriages. Cars have an unusual design, beautiful interior design that meets the tastes of even the most demanding customers. Such vehicles are reliable and safe.

Despite the differences in appearance, trimIt has in common: there is certainly a high ceiling and seats, the walls and ceiling of the carriage, as a rule, are decorated with silk or leather material. Inside the carriage, car newlyweds offers comfortable sofas, tables, a table and a bar with kitchenware. During the walk, nothing will distract Suite from each other, tinted glass in vehicles and provide modern comfort climate control, favorably distinguishes the car-carriage from its prototype.

Machine-coach Chrysler

Snow-white "coach" of Chrysler - is a greatsolution design and maximum convenience in one "bottle". The car accommodates six people, interior is decorated in an elegant antique style, and the car looks beautiful decorated golden patterns that will be wonderful backdrop for wedding photos. In addition to the soft seats, high ceilings, comfortable viewing newlyweds will get a modern car, which is equipped with all necessary appliances and a bar for the official visit.

Wedding car brand Chrysler-coach


"Coaches» Dodge cars from other brandsdistinguished, first of all, capacity. The comfortable, spacious cabin can accommodate eight to nine people, depending on the car model. White body carriage, decorated with golden ornaments, looks elegant, he certainly attract the attention of passers-by and decorate festive pictures. The high ceiling in the spacious cabin "coach" will give the couple a chance to relax and enjoy the wedding walk.

Wedding coach car Dodge


Spectacular "coach" Sadillac, as a rule,represented in white and red. Newlyweds can choose the one that is more appropriate for the theme of the celebration. Soft sofas can accommodate about six people. Large body of the car is decorated in bright colors and equipped with modern audio technology, climate-control system. Large windows decorate embroidered curtains that create a special ambiance.

Wedding car-coach Cadillac

Pros and cons of wedding car-coach

If the couple want to emphasize the styleweddings, ordering the carriage, but there are doubts about the safety and comfort of the vehicle, an excellent alternative would be a limousine-carriage. The main advantages of the car - it is a comfort in any season thanks to the air conditioning system, high capacity traversed, the presence of the audio, which will give the bride and groom the opportunity to listen to music in high quality.

The main negative carriage car - this carsuitable either for a thematic event, or for a lush and expensive events. In another case, the car may look out of place and even funny. On the downside, the coach cars can be attributed to the fact that the bride and groom do not fully Experience the advantages of its prototype - hammering of horses' hooves, the creaking sound, and large wheels.

The approximate cost of the rental-car coach

The cost of rent depends on the coachthe geographical location of the future spouses, the model chosen and the number of seats in it, the day of the week or time. For example, one hour limousine rental in Moscow you pay 4000-5000 rubles. Price car rental will vary depending on the interior, providing future spouses exclusive-carriage machine for celebration:

  • The company «Limo-city». Sextuple "Cadillac" and devyatimestny "Dodge" - 4000 rubles / hour.
  • Car salon "Absolute Crown". Seven-seater "Cadillac" - 2700 rubles / hour.
  • Transport company "Allure Limo". Sextuple "Cadillac", "Chrysler" and devyatimestny "Dodge" - 5000 rubles per hour.
  • Auto-Salon "ALFA-Limo." "Chrysler" for 6 persons - 3000 rubles / hour.

Photos coach machines for wedding

In order to evaluate the appearance of the car, coach,which distinguishes it from other models of limousines for the wedding, pre-study photography. interior Pictures appearance of the car, carriage, the bride and groom next to it will help future spouses to decide whether they want to order the vehicle, whether the coach is suitable for the selected topic of the event.

Fancy cars, carriages for wedding