Why God does not give the husband

Many of the girls after multiple meetings andpartings in desperation ask themselves: "Why God does not give the husband? What am I doing wrong? Go to church every Sunday, posts observe, I pray. " Actually, why did God have to give her husband? Women - emotional creatures. They think that the sacred marriage created in heaven, because all his life dedicating expectation invented Prince, ignoring ordinary earthly men next to him, who could become good partners.

Church view on celibacy

The young girl, beautiful and successful, but do notmanaged to establish personal life, start failures blamed on God, or on the so-called crown of celibacy. Ostensibly cash wicked witch, the crown of celibacy doomed to loneliness beautiful maiden. But even experienced psychics claim that if there is such a thing, it is a very rare case. Rather, she herself creates a negative program, drawing to itself a certain type of man who can not make her happy.

What do they say about priests crown of celibacy? They believe that it is not. For neither Jesus nor the apostles prayed for the removal of "crowns" because they do not know about them. Modern Christian denominations believe this prejudice. Many married people suffer from a drunken husband, and the other childless or child is sick, and it does not mean that they are cursed. Clergymen believe that we should pray to God to communicate with him, because only God is able to restore the lives of people.

Priests recommend that women pray for loneliness

Karmic causes

Fatal bad luck with men, forcing manygirls think about why God does not give them happiness in his personal life. It is believed that loneliness affects the karma, so in this lifetime, we are working on the karmic debts of the previous incarnation. For example, in a previous life someone rudely rejected attempts to normal relations, and someone raised the bar high requirements for the future husband and thus put a stop to all encroachments on the ability to successfully marry.

In this embodiment, the fate of a chance to correctmistakes of the past by changing their behavior, and if she continues to behave in this way, it will be lonely. The failures in his personal life sent down by God to man deeply immersed in self-knowledge and analyzed my life. And he tried to change themselves, directing their evolution on the way to infinity in the right direction.

There are rituals to purify karma

Some esoteric believe that the answerthe question of why God does not give the husband a long time, but the woman can that kind of karma scan. It is believed that the success of a person affected by ancestral karma, and if it is unsuccessful, then you have to pay for it the whole race, overcoming adversity, loneliness. But many experts do not agree with this opinion, because of the same kind can come out successful and losers, potential murderers, violators of the law, and the priests, happy family life, and the pathological loners. Rather, loneliness - is:

  • inner subconscious human need;
  • internal psychological conflicts;
  • negative attitudes of parents or society.

Psychological causes

The girl often there is not a man for the reason that it does not give God, but because of their own attitudes to loneliness. Let's look at these internal installation:

  1. The husband is no need. This particular form of self-sufficiency, when a person feels fine and no so-called second half. It is either conscious or subconscious installation, when a woman, in fact, an introvert, and it is difficult to share your inner world and comfortable with the other person.
  2. Finding the perfect husband. In this situation, the offense against God is not worth it, because the girl every man who found her on the road, he sees some drawbacks. Often this setting is too loving parents, who claimed that he "do not pair" or "he is not worthy of you." That woman is waiting for her prince to retirement, every year more and more presenting claims to the opposite sex.
  3. Need a male sponsor. A certain category of women considers only the richest men in the future as a husband, but as a rule, they themselves nor the level nor the education to successful people do not reach. That there is such beauty only to the rich at once, and as a wife, it does not suit them by status. There are two outputs: either find a husband from his circle, or be the most successful, that the partner was on the level.
  4. Bad experience. Loneliness in marriage is also present, so not sure if God would give her husband, the marriage will be successful. Women often after one or two divorces simply give up on the relationship, adjusting himself that the rest of her life, she will spend in quiet solitude.
  5. Not ready to give love to the husband. Not every woman is ready to give love a man, in spite of God and His commandments, and a strong half and avoids it, subconsciously feeling the coldness. And God is not being. We must learn to love, to give warmth, only a miracle will happen: the chosen one will feel it and will appear on the horizon.

The reason for loneliness is longing for one person

Energy causes

In fact, loneliness - this is not a problem orsuffering and need, the choice of the person, and that's fine. Not normally, when loneliness leads to stress or illness. But why her husband's absence causes women to suffer? Let's see, here are the main reasons:

  • Low energy tone, when there is no power to create a family, for active communication, and I want to hide in a small hole, so that no one hurt, but God has this hole lead of her husband.
  • Man is constantly offended, jealous, it requires what pushes away the opposite sex. This behavior permanently destroys emotional connection, and in addition, God does not support these women.
  • Narcissistic woman that all behaviorIt shows that it needs no. She has a lot of empty novels and romance with men that it changes as gloves and throws no regrets. She thinks that the man next to her, God will give better than before, but to no avail, hence the stress and psychological disorders.

Strong girl is difficult to find a husband

Magic causes

If a woman for a long time, God does not give the husband, she beginsthink of the damage or the evil eye. A really easy to take off the problem and hang it on the other. But is there really spoiling for failure in his personal life? Corruption - is when breaks energy protection on the man, and the hole is laid certain negative message. If a woman is physically and mentally healthy, then it has a high energy, because to break her evil eye on the street or jealous woman at work is very difficult.

On aura photos of people - healthy and with the evil eye

But if this happens, you need to find a "seer"thin body psychic, who after diagnosis will determine if the holes in the energy body or not. If the damage or the evil eye on the level of the chakra responsible for sexuality, then, was the "black" promise to loneliness, which is removed or conspiracies, or independently, strengthening its energy. What people think about this experts - psychics and parapsychologists - erase the video: