Why can not measure someone else's wedding dress

Wedding - a solemn and momentous day inSuite life. Girls in preparation for the wedding ceremony largely superstitious. The dress of the bride is a key attribute in the marriage ceremony, so his choice to every girl, about to get married, relates very sensitive. In addition to our will, in life there are omens and superstitions. Happy marriage linked a belief that it is impossible to measure someone else's wedding dress. Believe it or not, the case of the woman, but to get acquainted with the nuances of selecting attire is young and skeptical brides.

Signs and superstition associated with the fitting of wedding dress

Wedding - a special ritual between people who enterin the family unit. There are many superstitions and omens associated with this ceremony, and very interesting to those who talk about fitting attire of the bride:

  • The young should not wear a wedding dress before the groom.
  • The main thing that was a single cut dress.
  • It is impossible to try on someone else's clothes.
  • Do not give anyone your festive clothes - no girlfriends or sisters or mother. The same rule applies to the veil and the bride's shoes.
  • Dress the young mom helps (no outsider can not touch her clothes), and wears earrings married friend who has found happiness in marriage.
  • The image of the bride has to have not only an all-new, but something old, borrowed.
  • It is not necessary to supplement its image jewelry and precious stones, it is advisable to use the beautiful jewelry.
  • Often the bride dress passed by inheritance from generation to generation, from mother or grandmother, but only if the marriage was a happy relatives.
  • It is undesirable to immediately try on the complete image - it can be a combination of clothes and shoes or boots will replace the veil.

Trying on the bride's dress

Why can not measure someone else's wedding dress?

There are traditions that are respected by people manycentury. Thus superstition and considered that the measure can not be someone else's wedding dress, to give his other girls, even if it's sister. The history of this tradition stems from the fact that every thing has its own unique energy. Wedding - the event charged a powerful force, and the clothes of a young bride with a single power, the same goes for a wedding ring. It is not necessary to measure someone else's wedding dress, or you run a high risk, and your fate can drastically change.

Alien bride dress

Can I wear my mother or grandmother's dress to a wedding?

It is not recommended to measure other people's wedding dress,but this rule there is a small exception. If mom or grandmother's dress, you can not just wear it often, but even leave him married (if the previous owner was happy to dress in their marriage). As a result of the positive energy of their happy union partly goes to the young, will strengthen the communication power of generations.

Can I borrow a dress for hire?

Attire young - this is a special clothing thatIt is a kind of talisman of a new family, so you can not take it for rent. According to the signs, clothing, which was taken with a friend or in a specialty store, continues to store the energy of other people's union. It can bring a young family of other people's problems, unhappiness. This festive clothing will not be able to become a strong talisman.

Hire wedding dresses

What does it mean to measure the wedding dress in a dream?

If a girl dreams of himself, trying on wedding apparel, a dream can be interpreted in different ways:

  • For going to marry a woman this dream is not a bad omen. It means that the trouble of the solemn event, continue to pursue it, even during the holidays.
  • If an unmarried woman is not going down the aisle soon, he sees himself as a bride trying on clothes, then in the near future will be a situation that will cause serious damage to its reputation.
  • Such a dream from a married woman - is an unfavorable sign that portends strife in the marriage relationship, it is a harbinger of breaking the bonds of marriage, a major quarrel.