When to play the wedding

Joyful day engagement consummated. Loving each other people have decided to tie the knot and live side by side all his life. In place of the ecstatic feelings of anxiety comes easy and experiences about the organization of the upcoming celebration: when to play a wedding, who to invite, where to celebrate a happy event, where to go on their honeymoon. The first step in planning your wedding - define the desired day and set a wedding date.

The best days for a wedding in 2016

According to astrologers, 2016 - the best year formarriage. This Year of the Horse, the animal having a strong energy. Blue-green horse will bring the union of two loving heart is not only unbridled passion and ardor of the senses, but also prudence, pragmatism, practicality. Couples legalized marriage in the Year of the Horse will live a long, happy, surrounded by warmth and care.

How to choose a date for marriage

To select the date of the marriage, it is better to usenot only the church calendar of great events, but also to listen to astrological forecasts. For example, astrologers are not advised to get married in the days of the solar and lunar eclipses. Over 2016 such days will be April 15, 8 October, April 29, 24 October. It is better not to marry during the Venus retrograde - is the period from 22.12.2013 on 31.01.2016. Moon and Venus have a negative impact on the family unit, make discord, strife, bickering.

Given the lunar calendar, it is better to playwedding in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 15th, 17th, 21th, 24th, 26th or 27th lunar day. It is recommended to assign a holiday on the day of young, growing moon, so your relationship will always be filled with the love, respect and understanding. If the Moon is in Taurus, Libra or Cancer, the couple will live a long time.

Favorable days for marriage

Religious people will choose for your wedding dayaccording to the Orthodox calendar. According to the Christian canons Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are considered prohibited days for the wedding. You can not arrange of identity during major holidays, the list of which is in every Orthodox calendar. Besides playing wedding prohibited for posts. 2016 Posts:

  • 1.01.2016-06.01.2016 and 28.12.2016-06.01.2016 - Advent;
  • 03.03.2016-19.04.2016 - Lent;
  • 16.06. 2016-11.07.2016 - Petrov post;
  • 14.08.2016-27.08.2016 - Dormition Fast.

The best days for a wedding in 2016 on the church calendar:

  • From 20 January to 23 February - with the exception of unfavorable days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and days of continuous Weeks);
  • From next Sunday after Easter on April 27;
  • In the summer and autumn of choice should be stopped at any date except for days of fasting, and Thursday, Saturday or Tuesday.

Favorable days for marriage in 2016

Adverse days for marriage

Choosing a date for a wedding in 2016, must befollow the same guidelines that are given for 2016. That is better to avoid Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, large religious holidays and their eves. Note that prevail throughout 2016 will be the Green Sheep, which according to the Eastern calendar, come into its own February 19, 2016. According to the astrological signs this year will be different volatility, contradictory, spontaneity. Before legislate against, it is better to think carefully about your decision.

Some newlyweds important to choose not onlyright, but also a nice date to get married. In 2016, the beautiful number is not much, but still among them will be able to choose your favorite date. For example:

  • 15/04/15 - however, this day falls on a Wednesday, which is not very convenient for the celebration.
  • 05/01/15 - Friday will be, according to the church calendar wedding allowed, but only in May, some couples do not want to play a wedding, then to "not suffer a lifetime."
  • 15/05/15 - beautiful date, which will be Friday, but that's a month, again, not all satisfied.

At what time of year it is best to play the wedding?

Autumn is considered the traditional times forwedding. Autumn wedding play everywhere. Yet since ancient times, this was considered the season of weddings. This is due to the fact that during the spring-summer period, people were busy garden and ogorodnichimi affairs, from which were released in the autumn. In winter, many people do not want to celebrate lavish celebrations due to lack of inexpensive products. Therefore, the fall is considered the best time of year to play the wedding: the warm weather, beautiful foliage gold becomes ornament celebration, tables full of various dishes, thanks only to remove the crop.

Autumn wedding

Autumn is still considered to be a season when the bestmarry. Photo and video from an autumn wedding always looks festive, luxurious, romantic and charming. The weather is not so hot in the summer, but not so cold as winter. In the autumn we will be able to save at the banquet, since the products in this season is cheaper compared to other seasons.

The wedding winter

Some newlyweds want to get married in the winter. In winter crouches many auspicious days for marriage celebration. February 14, the feast of St. Valentine's Day is a favorite among honeymooners day: turn to the registrar, because couples want to legalize their relationship to the so famous day - Valentine's Day. Beautiful pictures come out with a winter wedding, the bride will look particularly solemn in a white dress on a background of snow-covered landscapes.

Spring wedding

Those who wish to marry in the spring, it is necessarytake into account that part of March and April - during Lent, when to marry is prohibited. Beginning next Sunday after Easter, begins during the spring weddings. Weather is already stable, the warm rays of the sun will not be allowed to freeze on the high bride dress. Trees covered with a beautiful white color, will be a perfect backdrop for beautiful wedding photography. Spring - a time when better organize themed romantic wedding.

Summer wedding

Many couples want to play a wedding in the summer. In summer, the bride can put on the easy open dress. Lush green grass, colorful variety of flowers and sun rays - a great natural decoration for a summer wedding. In the summer months there is a possibility to play in the celebration of nature, than can not boast of other seasons. As you can see, every season has its advantages, the final choice of the date is only for the bride and groom.