Wedding signs for the groom

Not everyone believes the wedding signs, beliefs anddivination, but almost all are trying to comply with them, to take trouble and bring happiness. Sign, associated with the bride at a wedding, there are so many, so you should be prepared for the upcoming event. Wedding signs for the groom - a set of rules, which are rooted in deep antiquity. After complying with all these rituals will give the newlyweds confident that their marriage will be happy and strong.

Signs on the wedding day

The wedding day - a wonderful, exciting day,who want to spend an ideal, to create a truly strong, happy family. Even the most skeptical couples involuntarily listening to all the folk beliefs and superstitions. Following the signs, you will at the wedding should be extremely careful that the marriage lasted for a long time, happily.

On redemption

Bride Redemption - this is an interesting and fun event,making the wedding day even more fun. There are many signs, you should know the groom during bride price. But do not take to heart the negative signs, because in such an exciting, beautiful day like a wedding, nothing should mar the lovers. The most famous sign at the wedding that the groom can not see the bride's wedding dress before the wedding day, but there are other interesting wedding marks for the groom to be aware of:

  • If the groom accidentally tripped over the threshold of the house, where he lives the bride, the signs say that soon must take place at another wedding of close friends.
  • Kiss the bride groom after foreclosure must only once, when it is to give her wedding bouquet. According to legends, it promises a long, happy life together.
  • Poor future spouses see each other until the end of the repayment.
  • After the redemption procedure, when young will leave the house, the groom can not look back.
  • To family life was rich, you need to puta gold coin in the shoes before the ceremony foreclosure and keep it until the end of the wedding. It is said that the observance of beliefs makes money, wealth. But the coin has to be in the right shoe of the groom.

Good luck wedding - gold coins

The registry office

Before shipment to the marriage for the bride and groom to secure theclothes pin desirable head down. Pin preserves, protects against the evil eye, but you need to attach it to an inconspicuous place to hide from prying eyes. The bride can attach it to the hem of the dress, and the groom hide behind buttonhole. It is believed that the bride can not see myself in a wedding dress in the mirror, and especially in the veil. And if the couple eat chocolate in half, then their life will be the same sweet, pleasant. Compliance with these rules is hardly a panacea for a happy life, but they can encourage future spouses. The main thing a man should know some important wedding will take for the groom on his arrival in the registry:

Pin - wedding omen from the evil eye
  • It is believed that if the bride stumble at the entrance to the registry office or church, he doubted whether the right choice to make.
  • The bad luck - to drop the wedding ring during the marriage procedure.
  • Once the groom puts on the bride a ring, they can not take the rest of the empty box or saucer on which it lay. It can take an unmarried maid of honor to get married as soon as possible.
  • After the wedding or the wedding the husband and wife have to look in the mirror at the same time - it's sure to bring good luck.

Another sign of the wedding: to groom future remained faithful, the bride does not allow her friends to watch with her in one mirror - it protects you from cheating. Parents meet young registrar of bread, salt, and the bride and groom should bite off a piece. It is believed that the one who took a big bite, is a family leader. Signs are different: the good, the bad, and true only those in which you believe with great force, so it is with all my heart to believe in the most good, positive omens.

At the banquet

Wedding will take for the groom at a banquet is not soa lot of. During a fun-filled celebration groom need to be next to the bride, and most importantly - the couple can not allow between someone becoming, passing - it promises discord and continual strife. Wine by the glass is required to drink up, because the rest of the wine symbolize the tears. And to the new life of the family it was rich, the couple were living together, they should sit together on a bench at the banquet.

The young family will have a lot of children, if the addlittle chicken dishes on the holiday table. To go on a banquet do not have a direct route, and choose a more sophisticated way to confuse evil spirits, and approaching the banquet hall have to honk loudly - to scare away evil spirits. The couple will live in peace, in harmony, if the cake cut together the first to put the pieces of the cake with the main pattern Statement for mutual agreement and understanding. The main thing - to stop to get stuck during a banquet with all sorts of nonsense, and enjoy the celebration.

Good luck - the joint section of the wedding cake

Signs related to clothing and footwear of the groom

It would seem, wedding dresses and groom's shoesdid not refer to the old customs, or signs, but it is a false belief, because the wedding will take related to the groom's clothing there is a considerable amount. Wedding signs for the groom need to know before the wedding day, so as not to make a mistake by choosing costume and other details. Therefore, before buying a wedding dress, the groom is in advance acquainted with the national signs:

  • Butterfly tie instead says that the groom can not be faithful. Following tradition, the groom need to give preference to the classic tie.

Butterfly - a symbol of levity groom
  • Selecting the white suit, according to tradition, is notbode well, and the groom will soon wait for trouble. Blue suit says avarice that takes the problems in the relationship between spouses.
  • To protect themselves from enemies, evil views groom need to put an icon in the suit pocket and take it to the end of the wedding ceremony.
  • Gray and white shoes groom portend health problems, so choose a dark colored shoes.

Watch the video with the most popular wedding signs for Grooms:

Signs for the bride and groom

In addition, there are many signs, whichare advised to comply with the bride, guests, groom, close relatives, not all of them are pleasant, positive, but their knowledge can prevent an event. Sincere belief in good, positive sure will bear fruit, and these signs will come true. To love was long and passionate, there are some useful take for the future spouses:

  • Rain though contrary phenomenon to the wedding, but is a symbol of prosperity and well-being, this will be a positive sign of the beginning of the birth of a new family.
  • Before the beginning of redemption bride need a little cry - for good luck.
  • The bride should make a few stitches on the hem of the dress blue thread, to protect against the evil eye.
  • The witness and the witness must be unmarried, divorced couples may be called to trouble Suite.
  • According to a popular wedding will take, if you drink champagne and festive wrap two bottles of red tape, the newlyweds will soon celebrate the anniversary of the wedding and the birth of the child.
  • Jewellery with pearl beads bride portends tears, is to abandon such beauty in favor of a happy marriage.

Ornament of pearls - a bad omen wedding

Men are still more superstitious than women. Many of them try to unconditionally comply with all rules and traditions. But all the signs, beliefs come true when sincerely believe. With all my heart go up to positive, pleasurable belief, but not neglecting the poor and the signs of the wedding for the bride and trying to avoid them, just in case.