Wedding signs for the bride

The roots of the wedding will take and beliefs are deeply rooted inpast. In those days, people are wary of them unknown things, tried to prevent the unpleasant phenomenon. With the aim of warding his family and in the hope of a happy life together, and were invented all kinds of signs. Believe whether wedding or beliefs in every way to ignore the works of folklore - you decide. Let's look at the signs of the wedding, the bride needs to know that.

Choosing wedding time

Surely every bride tormented by the question, whata better day to get married? Here is what this bill proverb. The most favorable for the marriage are considered to be such numbers as 3,5,7,9. Skeptical old people refer to the wedding on the 13th of any month. It is believed that such a marriage could be short-lived and very unhappy. It is not advisable to appoint the date of the painting on the Wednesday or Friday. Time-based and should be with the wedding in May - people say, "Marry in May, all life will suffer."

Choosing dresses

Choosing dresses

According to national signs on a wedding dressor need to buy or sew. It is strictly prohibited to take a dress from girlfriends or relatives. Otherwise there is a risk to live permanently in debt. In addition, it is not necessary to show the bride dress, because in the future are frequent family quarrels.

Another sign about the wedding dress: the bride should have something old and new, as well as anything rented, and something blue. The main thing that no one gave the bride to measure your dress, veil and shoes, either before marriage or after her.

vubor platja

Purchase rings

According to popular belief, choosing wedding ringsBoth future spouses, and pay for their bridegroom. Special features on the rings there is no choice. The main rule - rings should be made from white or yellow gold. you can buy rings with precious stones if desired. An interesting fact is that every stone on the engagement ring carries a certain energy and, according to popular belief, a different effect on the life of a new family.

Bride on the wedding day are not recommended to wear no other ring, except for a wedding. A bad sign is when the bride or the groom drops the ring on the wedding ceremony.

Wedding signs - buy rings

Bridal bouquet

Now florists offer brides a hugechoice of various bouquets. Roses, irises, daisies, orchids are favorite flowers for wedding bouquets. The main thing that the flowers were alive. In no case do not need to buy artificial flowers. With some apprehension Treat guest who decided to present you with dry flowers. If such an incident had a right to be, as soon as possible slept like a bouquet.

During the entire wedding ceremony and festivebanquet indispensable attribute can be given only at the time of the witness or the mother. After the triumph in any case do not throw her bouquet, dry it and keep it as a home guardian.

Bridal bouquet

Weather for the wedding

It's no secret that it is better to celebratewedding in the warm sunny weather. Many couples are very upset when, during the celebration of the rain or snow, but in vain. Rain during the wedding symbolizes a happy family life. Among other things, he is able to protect the young from the evil eye or words. Snow, in turn, portends wealth, so a snowstorm for a wedding - it's a nice gift of nature.

We have considered only a tiny fraction of weddingIt accepts that the bride needs to know. Currently, there are collections that include a wide list of beliefs. Undoubtedly, observe all signs - is unrealistic, but to fulfill some of them would be superfluous for greater reliability.