Wedding shoes signs

The wedding day - this is an important event for eachnewlyweds. By entering into marriage, the man asks himself: "Will there be a home life long, happy?". These controversial issues are fueled by a variety of signs, in which, as a rule, believe the bride. Beliefs on bridal shoes, especially exciting: the accompanying shoes bride signs and conditions of their correct choice - these are issues that are addressed in preparation for the wedding is paramount.

Signs for buying shoes

Will take related to the purchase of shoes for the bride,great set. In order not to get lost in them, divide them into two categories: on a style and color. These superstitions and traditions should know more on the way to shop for clothing, to place you on the right screen out unsuitable shoes. Let's examine these signs.

The correct shoes for the bride

Choosing style according to the signs

  • "No!" Sandals. The couple will live in poverty, so to speak with a "bare" legs. Even a small hole in the shoe is not welcome - happiness will flow away through it.
  • "Yes!" Shoes closed. It symbolizes the stable financial position of family life as well as her husband's generosity. The family will be strong, happiness "will not run away", and the bride and groom do not disperse.
  • "No!" Clasps and hooks. Shoes with buckles - the family discord between husband and wife. Without fasteners - to quickly and easily the birth of children.
  • One pair of shoes for a whole day. It is forbidden to change shoes for the wedding (usually in a restaurant Bride wears comfortable option for a low-heeled). It is better to choose a convenient heel is still in the shop, otherwise family life would be "lame."
  • Day of the week and the completion of the image. In order to successfully sign the registry office, buy wedding shoes on Friday, in advance are like them, that they were "worn out" - a fortune for the family. And do not look in the mirror in the whole outfit - such sign to small quarrels with loved ones.

The color of wedding shoes and signs

Tradition has it that the whole wedding dress girls(Dress, veil, gloves) must be different by color, especially shoes. For white or pastel dress shoes Pick up a bright color or pattern with colored elements, better deep red hue. This color is considered a symbol of protection and the "wall" that will protect your family union life. This superstition comes from ancient times when the bride wore new shoes instead of red cloth boots that promised a long and strong family life.

Color shoes for celebration

Signs associated with a heel

  • Height. Bride shoes according to the signs must be on a high heel. The higher it is - the more significant place she would occupy in family life. However, too high heels and do not choose, because due to this possible marriage inequality - someone will be more important.
  • Stability. Wedding shoes with heels must be sustainable. On this will depend the emotional and psychological background of the family way. Believe me, fall on your wedding day, breaking the heel - a bad sign.

options heels

Stolen shoe

Steal shoe at a wedding - it's oldwedding tradition. At weddings unmarried girls were taken from the bride's shoes to try on. My friend, she was like a time left her in demanding a ransom from the groom. Pay young as he could: comply with the terms of competitions, he gave sweets, flowers or paying money. To hold such a ceremony, which is a test of her future husband, follow this list of steps:

  1. Behind the scenes, take the shoe.
  2. Take responsibility for what is happening, and then inform the master (Toastmasters).
  3. Discuss with him to competitions of the groom.
  4. Check the progress of the job groom,as well as the return of shoes bride. Young asks to return the shoe just like - a sign states that the husband is stingy; paying money or sweets, performing intricate competitive tasks - all to be generous family life.


Coin & Shoes Bridal

There is a sign at the wedding of usea coin for good luck, wealth. So, for you have always been financially secure, think in advance about the round metal coin. Good luck - to wear wedding shoes with the money. Put under the heel of the coin: the groom - to wealth, the bride (below right foot) - from the evil eye, temptation and seduction.

Coins as a good sign for the newlyweds

Marry without bad luck - this desireevery young girl. A wedding shoes are considered one of the most important accessories for a future wife, except for a wedding ring. Pick shoes bride according to the signs and rules, that you believe! In the case of an unpleasant incident concerning the will, you can fix any eventuality, because this will always help parents with friends. Happy wedding to you!