Wedding marks by month

As there are hundreds of different against weddingtake, some of which had become a tradition. Joining their hearts in marriage people tend to live close to his half to the end of his days. And the desire to enlist in this matter supports higher power seems quite natural. Let's look at the most famous signs, related to the choice of wedding date, and select the months that are suitable for the wedding in 2016.

In what month is better to marry?

Wedding date itself, no matter how successful itmay be, it can not guarantee the spouses perfect life - yet, the future couples is determined by the newlyweds. But to increase the likelihood of creating a harmonious union, correctly selecting the month and the day of the wedding - it is possible. Interestingly, according to an ancient tradition, on the future fate of the pair affects not only the month or the number of the wedding date, but even the day of the week.

The choice of a favorable day of the week
  • It is believed that the wedding, which was held on Monday, will guarantee the prosperity of the young.
  • Tuesday - give health.
  • Wednesday - almost a perfect day for a wedding, the bride and groom will live very happily.
  • Wedding, scheduled for Thursday, is fraught with many difficulties in their family life.
  • Pare, bind themselves sacred union on Friday, you will need to pass a lot of tests in life.
  • Saturday's wedding will be successful only if the lovers are ready to make any sacrifice for the benefit of his own family.
  • Sunday - as the medium for the wedding day. The life of the spouses will be happy, they will inspire each other to any accomplishments.

Folk omens for the months of the year

Nobody has the right to force you to believe, or,on the contrary, do not believe in omens. Each person decides this for himself. But do not focus on them too much attention. The most important thing in a marriage - a sense of the spouses. Those who are inclined to believe the wedding signs, can take advantage of a sign of good days to get married every month. Favorable days highlighted in blue:

Calendar successful days for wedding

There are people on all wedding signsmonths of the year. According to our ancestors, to play a wedding in some periods - is undesirable, because the life of the spouses as a result of neglect precautions threatens to be difficult. Others months, on the contrary, are successful. Let's look at each month in more detail.

  • January for centuries people feel bad time for the wedding. Distributed by belief in what is painted in early this month the couple lose their mate, that is - widowed.
  • Wedding, played in February, give in love happy and harmonious relationship. Family scandals will occur very rarely.
  • Couples tie the knot in March, according to national signs - will move to live in another city (or even go abroad).

Signs associated with March
  • April is better not to choose for your wedding, because life together young is extremely fragile, and light bands will take turns black sharply and unexpectedly.
  • Zhenivshiesya in May at risk to suffer and grieve atThroughout their future life together. The case can even reach the cheating or marital battering. In order not to reproach myself then - it is better to move the wedding date for a month.
  • June is perfect in order to bind the hearts of the Holy Alliance. The family will prevail harmony and happiness, and spouses will love each other immensely.
  • July - not the most favorable, but not a bad month. Your family life is further mirrored reflection of your relationship to your sweetheart.
  • August - a favorable period. Love is passionate and hot, and life will literally boil. In a good sense of the word. Marry in August, the best emotional spouses.

Marriage in August
  • The September wedding will ensure a reliable and stable family life. Husband and wife will feel support and understanding of your second half - but hot and passionate relationships in their family will not.
  • Wedding, played in October, most likely, will bring a lot of obstacles in life together. Frequent are the scandals and misunderstandings. Stability in this case, however.
  • November, according to national signs, give wealth. Young will not need the money, however, their love is not very strong.
  • December - almost a perfect time to celebrate the wedding, which will give a lot of tenderness, joy and love. Feelings over the years, the couple will only get stronger, they will have many children.

Wedding signs astrologers

Folk omens - is good, but the weightya word about the choice of wedding date and ready to say astrologers. Connoisseurs of the Lunar calendar, report that it is desirable to avoid the destination wedding on 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 13, 14, 19 days of the lunar cycle. Well, 10, 11, 17, 21, 26 and 27 days - on the contrary, could not be better suited for this important event.

Influence of the zodiacal sign

It is known that the signs of the zodiac is divided into 4 astrologersElements - 3 in each plate. This is - the elements of Fire (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), Earth (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus), Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) and Water (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer). You may be surprised, but astronomers believe that the signs of the zodiac have an impact both on the fate of individuals and couples to life. That is, the constellation under which formed the family unit, affects the future of family life. What is the nature of the characters in each of the elements?

  • The life of the family, formed by signs elements of Fire, is full of optimism, commitment and passion.
  • If the wedding is played under the influence of Earth signs, the life of the spouses will be reliable, measured and calm.
  • Marriage under the influence fastened with Air signs, promises spouses ease, simplicity and openness.
  • If you marry during the reign marks the Water element - your relationship will be ruled by emotion, sensuality and attention.

The best months for weddings in 2016

Finally, let's ask for the opinion of astrologersabout all the months of the come in 2016. The stars will tell us how favorable or unfavorable for marriage is one of them:

  • January, according to experts, isadverse month for weddings. Do not forget that the Blue Horse relinquish their rights Kose, only 19 of February. Since the horse - an animal dedicated, and the family formed under this sign will be strong. But this is the only plus. Hope for financial success and great achievements of the spouses do not have.

winter wedding
  • February 2016 is also not considered to be favorabletime for a wedding. 7 can extract only a more or less successful days (2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, Feb. 13). Marriage, played on these dates, will be stable and calm.
  • In March, for a wedding is better to choose the days of the firsthalf of the month. March 20 will take place on a small solar eclipse. According to astrologers, in the days close to it, it is desirable to refrain from making important decisions or performing important tasks. So, assign a wedding on the first days of spring.
  • April. The first half of the month - not a very good period, the second - is favorable for the wedding. Moreover, this evidence and national signs.

spring Wedding
  • May. Period from 1 to 20 May 2016 - the perfect time to create a new family. The couple will live a long time, joyfully and happily.
  • The first month of summer - a favorable period forcreate a happy and loving family. Patron 2016 - Wooden Goat, promises to unite their hearts during this month of pairs joy, loyalty and strong feelings forever. The best time - the middle and the second half of the month.
  • Wedding, played until July 20, beyondno doubt, will ensure a sweet and happy life together. Perhaps the young are occasionally quarrel, but then be sure to find understanding in their halves.

summer wedding
  • July - the best month of 2016 for a wedding, regardless of the number. Happiness, love, loyalty, money, health - all this will be the young, more than enough!
  • September. This month is scheduled immediately 2 eclipse - lunar and solar, and it is very bad sign. Try to avoid a wedding destination in the first month of autumn.
  • October. Folk omens assert that this month is not the best suited to marry or marry. But astrologers - not so categorical: in their view, the entire second half of October will be favorable.

Wedding in autumn
  • By assigning a wedding in November, you will make the right choice. Every day of this month will be favorable: the young will live happily and in prosperity, not knowing the sorrows and troubles.
  • December - another good month for a wedding this year. Couple zhenivshayasya the first month of winter, to live a stable and spouses feelings are strong and all-consuming.