Wedding bouquet signs

Though the court and 21 th century, we stillWe continue to believe in the various signs. Some consider them funny, others believe in them with full sereznostyu.Buket bride primetyimeet interesting, unusual. If you want to organize a traditional wedding, you should get acquainted with the customs associated with the main celebration symbol. What are the signs of a bridal bouquet?

How did the tradition of "Catch the bouquet?"

According to legend, before, when the flowers are notattach particular importance, friends of the bride tried to touch her dress or a veil - it is considered a good sign. Sometimes dress celebration culprits even endangered, because some of the ladies tried to tear off the piece of cloth from the dress "for luck." To divert attention from his person, she threw them flowers. Catch them was considered a lucky one, which soon met his future bride and marry.

Old Russian and Western tradition with flowers

In Russia, she did not throw the bridal bouquet, andHe passed his unmarried woman. This was done as follows: unmarried girlfriend stood in a circle and circle dances, weddings culprit standing in the center of the circle, eyes closed giving flowers at random. For a girl was considered a good omen to receive this accessory. The modern interpretation of color allows throwing (western tradition), and give (the Old Russian tradition).

Signs associated with flowers in the wedding bouquet

Ancient tradition has it that before the weddingceremony the groom himself must buy his beloved flowers. Each flower in the composition symbolizes the ratio of boy to girl. If the girl took the flowers, meant that she agreed to the marriage. Bouquet has signs, which we suggest you read.

  • Roses - gentle man means attachment towoman. However, the color of the roses also depends on its value. For example, white roses symbolize tender affection, full readiness man to marry a woman, he gives a flower composition. Red - love and passion. Yellow symbolizes the friendly sympathy rather than love. Tea roses signify imminent parting, as a man is not ready for family life.

Bouquets of orchids
  • Orchids - means an extraordinary affection, loyalty to the woman. Signs say that orchids symbolize passion and tenderness towards women.
  • Gerbera - symbolize the light relationships, flirt, most friendly sympathy.
  • Lily - is characterized by a young man as a reliable, stable man. He expects his chosen thorough approach to family life.

Chrysanthemums and gerberas - a graceful plant,who will appreciate the hero of the occasion. To create such a floral arrangement by yourself, check out this video clip, and surprise you with their ingenuity Woman!

  • Chrysanthemums - beloved sincere towards his lady. He trusts her as the love and financial affairs.

What to do with the bride's bouquet after the wedding?

After throwing a wedding accessory he willfrom one of the unmarried girlfriends. But the old sign says that giving the main symbol of the celebration, the bride deprives himself of love. What then to do? Order two wedding song! One of them will stay with you, your family saved the Union, and by the second is to determine which of her friends to marry soon. In the West, the newly formed wife saves flowers one year and then burn them. Bright flames coming from the dry petals - a good sign for the pair.

Options bouquets for the bride

Why dream of a wedding bouquet

To dream wedding accessories ilibuketBride good signs, because it heralds the ambulance joy, fun, perhaps, unexpected gifts of fate. A catch it means that very soon you will find your true love. Dreams, which featured the wedding symbol only portend good things.

Throwing the bride's bouquet

Bouquet has always been an inherent part ofwedding celebration. associated with multiple takes with him. Therefore, if you want to diversify your wedding, do not neglect the old tradition - throwing flowers into the crowd of unmarried women. Follow the signs and traditions, then your marriage will surely be happy!