Successful days for a wedding in 2016

Young couple, marriage recording, carefullyponders and chooses a good day for this significant event. Young hopes to play a wedding only 1 time in my life. Even if people still did not believe the signs, before the celebrations begin to listen to the advice of astrologers. Let's define when the fall the most successful days for a wedding in 2016.

Features years Horses for newlyweds

Year of the Blue Horses - 2016, that it will bring the newlyweds? Successful long-lasting union or unexpected divorce? We will answer this question oriental calendar.

A horse is considered successful, reliable animalso all things started in the year of the horse, will be successful. Astrologers advised to try their luck and to plan a wedding for this year - the horse is aimed at creating a family, she lives alone. This year will bring the newlyweds stability measured. May their life will not be full of mad passion, but the financial problems will be a party. A good material prosperity strengthens family relationships.

2016 - Year of the Horse

Selection of the month in the year


This is not exactly a typical month, the Blue Horsesbecause on the eastern calendar year comes a new January 31, and to this day is considered to be the mistress of still black snake. She patronizes serious, prudent people. January newlyweds horoscope promises a lot of money, a separate cozy nest where to settle immediately after the celebration. Romantic journey begins years after the horses.

Successful day for a wedding couple in 2016 are 15, 26, 30 January unfavorable day of the month - 31 January.


A year of the Horse, and with it - good day forweddings. Take the time to do the wedding, as soon as the month. At this time, all the emotions are extremely aggravated, you can scratch to start a grand quarrel and destroy relationships, they barely begun. It is much more relaxed, friendly family life promises the second half of the month, look at 14, 15, 28 February. The family soon will get a heir, and the young couple will be extremely successful businessmen.


There comes a long-awaited spring awakeningNature, begins to boil life around, which means that family life is going to be successful, bring joy to love. Upset young Only March 3 and 19 - these days expect a small trouble and misfortune. But if the young couple will be able to overcome them, you have nothing and never will separate them.


This month - one of the most successful formarriage registration. Love will last forever, the young will live together for many days. Initially overtaken minor problems, but the pair will be able to get around sharp edges, smooth out conflicts immediately. The month of April the whole favorable for marriages, especially successful day for gay marriage in 2016 is the date - 4, 7, 12, 21, 25 numbers.


Do not believe what they say: "Marry in May - will suffer all his life." This is not true, the month of May heralds good, calm, harmonious union. Only three days can bring misfortune - 3, 4, 9 number. Families formed these days, short-lived marriage break up very soon. Want to live without interference, "good" rodstvennichkov tips, as well as without adultery? Then get married May 22!


Extremely loyal, loving wife to be,opt for wedding days 1 to 15 June. Even if their relationship has lasted a little longer, they are more likely to survive until golden wedding. You have chosen to get married the second half of June? But this is nothing - there is a possibility that one of the spouses cease to love your mate and marriage fall apart. Especially fragile become marriages the following days 19, 23, 26, 27 June.


The first decade of July should not choose to dodevelopments. If you do not want domestic troubles, which are gradually eating away the family fortune, do not plan a wedding on such days 2, 4, 7 July. Emotional instability, constant quarrels, scrapes promise marriages 1, 8, 10 of July. Positive dynamics be outlined only from 12 July. If the celebration is planned for one of those days - 15, 21, 24 numbers, then you certainly will cover a wave of financial luck and understanding.


Horse Behavior unpredictable, it can bemanageable and docile, or quite the opposite - unbridled and rebellious. Not a good beginning of the month - 1, 2, 3 August - generate conflicts between the newlyweds, they will be a real war with the assistance of relatives. But the days 4 and 6 August, by contrast, promises a successful marriage. Families originated 16 and 20 of August, the love over time, replace a habit, but it will not prevent the pair live a life together.


Hurry to marry before 23 September, theperiod is favorable for couples who want to have children soon. From the 24 th of the month to plan the wedding is not necessary, you doom yourself to the frustration of their half and soon separation.


Successful start to married life will startand the end of October - from 1 to 10 and from 19 to 31 the number. These days, the breed is very strong and harmonious family, who will not be able to destroy even the biggest trouble. And marriages in the middle of the month may be short-lived, they will have a strong influence at all strangers.


The first half of the month is not suitable. Family survive many difficulties waiting for her persistent petty domestic conflicts, adultery, unreasonable jealousy. If you want a stable, strong family, then plan a wedding after 18 November. Bright feelings eventually lost the novelty, but the marriage has a chance to survive thanks to the financial side of the relationship.


A cold month does not repay the warm feelingslovers. Love young couple is over they will not in a few days, or years, to spend precious time on the stupid jealousy, will live together a long and beautiful life. Avoid wedding only 12 and 28 December to avoid a lot of problems at the source of family life.

Moon phase

Astronomy says that the moon affects allthe processes occurring on Earth. It is believed that it can affect the family life of the newlyweds. Turning for help to the lunar calendar, it is easy to determine the days, successful wedding. The lunar cycle has four phases:

  • New Moon - The Moon is dark, it is not illuminated by the sun. This is the beginning of the lunar month.
  • First quarter - half the visible range of the moon, like a letter P (being born moon).
  • Full Moon - The Moon is fully illuminated by the sun, see the whole of her circle.
  • Third quarter - again, we see half mooncircle, but like the letter C (old moon). After the end of the third quarter of the new moon comes again, the cycle repeats again. Moon passes each cycle for about 7 days, according to this principle the lunar calendar is based.

Never assign wedding if coming lunar eclipse. How does this phenomenon, look at the photos. Such an unfortunate day for any undertaking, especially weddings.

Moon eclipse

It is also considered appropriate for the wedding day, when the moon is waning.

Waning moon

The most successful are considered marriages to the growing moon, that is, from the time of the new moon to the full moon.

Waxing Crescent

In order not to rely upon the heavens, it is better notappoint a wedding for the first few days after the new moon, the moon at this time is only gaining momentum, it is still weak. Astrologers Moon symbolizes the woman, and the sun - a man. The woman does not have the strength and wisdom to protect the family, she was not ready for marriage. Choose for your wedding day, after 5 days of the new moon.

The position of the moon in the zodiac

Choosing a good day for a wedding in 2016,Riffle necessarily lunar calendar. It will be just fine if you have selected a day characterized by the Moon in Cancer or Taurus. Both of these signs are favorable strong family ties. This will make the wedding day the most fun, comfortable.

The first day of the moon in Gemini will cause unnecessary turmoil and emotion.

Guests are too squeezed, the true fun will not work if this date will be in the first day of the Moon in Capricorn.

If the Moon is in Scorpio, on holidayI felt some anxiety, though all will expect bad news. Although nothing like this day and will not bring, but that the emotional state can ruin the wedding. So it is better to wait out until the moon move to another sign.

Day of the week

As astrologers say, is not good formarriage week days are Tuesday and Thursday. Warlike Mars, Managing Tuesday, will make life a continuous slaughter of young, waiting for their daily quarrels, intense emotional situation. Thursday ruled by Jupiter, the young are in their own way to show their worth, and not determine conclusively which of their leader.

These days, as a Wednesday and Saturday may also notplease happy future newlyweds. Cold Mercury rules the environment, the young quickly cool feeling. Were married on Saturday, when Saturn is in the lead, will experience the strict requirements on the part of their halves, compromises will be difficult.

Monday can turn both luck and ill luck. It is a neutral day - to predict the future of the family, which was formed on Monday, seriously. Most likely, it will depend on the newlyweds themselves.

The most successful day for weddings in the new 2016 -Friday and Sunday. Astrologers claim that runs Friday, Venus, it predicts a young family love, understanding, long, happy married life. Sunday ruled by the Sun, which means that life will be full of light Suite happiness, boundless joy.

Suitable day for signs

Each couple is especially individual. Depending on the specific nature of the newlyweds it makes sense to assign the wedding day, when the sun is at a particular zodiac sign. Here are tips for those who like to plan ahead:

  • For the active, energetic, self-motivated couples who love outdoor activities, more suitable Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini.
  • Creative people, which is important for the possibility of self-realization, will choose for the wedding day the sign of Leo.
  • For sociable, friendly, are the soul of the company, suitable Leo, Aquarius, Gemini.
  • Believers, seek harmony, peace of mind, balance, have to plan a wedding on a day when the sun is in the sign of Pisces.
  • Business travelers, for which financial position is not in last place, will choose the sign of Taurus, while those who have many children - the sign of Cancer.
  • If the marriage is on the calculation, the best will be the sign of Virgo.
  • Non-traditional marriages good sign under the sign of Aquarius.
  • Very successful first half of Scorpio and Libra. No wonder there is so much in the autumn weddings.

Successful days for a wedding in 2016 according to the Orthodox calendar

Orthodox calendar are faithful couples or those who are going to go through a wedding ceremony.

wedding ceremony

There are a number of days when wedding not carried out, it is, for example:

  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday;
  • the day before the big church holidays (such as Christmas the Blessed Virgin Mary);
  • a time of great posts (Great, Petrov, Assumption, Christmas);
  • period from Christmas to Epiphany (January 7-19), before Carnival (February 7-13), the Easter holiday;
  • 10, 11, 26, 27 September - the day of the Beheading of John the Baptist and the Exaltation of the Cross;
  • temple on the eve of the feast;
  • All Souls' days.

A year is not a lot of days when the churchIt allows you to get married. If you are planning a wedding, and this day is not suitable for wedding, do not worry - officially register the marriage at the registry office, and the wedding ritual in a different period.

When you can not

In 2016 the church calendar year shows that theYoung did not get married in the days of the big Orthodox holidays: January 7 and 19, February 15, on April 7, April 20, May 29, June 8, 19 and 28 August, 21 and 27 September, 4 December, from 24 February to 3 March. In the photo, see the days on which the church is allowed or not allowed to perform wedding ceremonies.

Wedding calendar 2016 - good day

Numerology and wedding calendar

To choose a good day to planwedding in 2016, taking advantage of a number of reasons, it is useful to use as numerological count. The basic data for selection of a successful wedding month - the month of birth of groom and bride, or rather, their average number. For example, the bride's birth month - February, and the groom - April. Their average per month is calculated: 02 + 04 = 06/2 = 03. If the calculation does not exceed an integer fraction rounded to the integer.

For the wedding you need to choose the third, fourth, sixth, ninth, or tenth month following the month the average birth.

To select a specific day of the month as a basis for takingday, month and year of birth of young, plyusuem all figures. For example, the bride's day of birth 12.05.1989, perform addition: 1 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 3 + 6 = 9. Day of birth 17/01/1987 groom, add up the numbers: 1 + 7 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 3 + 4 = 7. Then we add up the individual number of groom and bride: 9 + 7 = 16. We came out that the 16th of this month is favorable for the wedding.

Another good day for weddings in 2016determined as follows: the last day of the month (30 or 31) take up the number 16 (30-16 = 14). Interested in a month you have two successful wedding day - 16 and 14 number.

Successful dates 2016

It is better to plan the celebration at a time of growingMoon, which begins on the new moon and lasts until the full moon. Among the select days of the week on Friday or Sunday. With regard to specific days of good for your wedding day in 2016, stop for prime numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11), their magic for a long time considered to be positive, you will have good luck all his life.

Learn from video, how to choose a good day for marriage. After reviewing it, you will surely decide his wedding day.

Adverse days

Astrologers mascot masculinity is consideredThe sun and the feminine - the Moon. During their "dispute" is not recommended to plan a wedding - it's the day of the solar or lunar eclipse, new moon, full moon. Such events may impose an indelible imprint on the relations Suite. Also, do not set a wedding on the day of the religious holiday.

January 31 - the first day of the year of the Blue Horses, considered to be very unfavorable for marriage, because it is a day of confrontation Horses and Black Snake, which does not promise anything good newlyweds.

Beautiful date

A good day for a beautiful wedding in 2016is Valentine's Day - 14 February. Date 14/02/14 astronomers decipher this: 2 - two lovers heart and two digits 14 represent the edges of the scales, balancing family life, making the spouses equal partners.

Ideal significant day for a wedding - 14 number of months, ie the date 14.hh.14.

If your spouse loves to smile, it is a good, sunny people, for your successful couples wedding day - 1 April.

June 13 (Friday) - a beautiful day for a wedding.

Amazing day 7/7/14 - number 7 has always meant a fortune, winning. The sum of two 7 14 just like two people form a harmonious and perfect union.

Who is planning his wedding in August, be sure tonote on a good day - 08/08/14. Two eight symbolizing infinity of love, besides August 8 - it's Friday. Astrologers advised to choose this day to conclude a successful marriage.

October offers us a nice date - 10/10/14. Two desyatochku two round figures, is an ideal perfection. This day also falls on a Friday, you can seize the opportunity, dare to register the marriage.

And finally, the last in this year's beautiful date -12.12.14. The number 12 - a truly magical, much of our life is subordinated to it - 12 hours on the dial, 12 months a year, 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 apostles. Friday December 12 - one of the happiest and fateful wedding day.

Wedding horoscope - is not a panacea, it is notguarantees one hundred percent luck and your family castle, and only suggests guidelines. You can listen to it, to determine the best days for your wedding in 2016. But remember that you do have to build little by little the family happiness. We wish you the wisdom of life, great patience.

If our information has helped you choose your lucky day for marriage leave in the comments your review.