Is it possible to change the wedding rings on the new

For centuries, the wedding ring was considereda symbol of mutual love and a happy marriage. related to a lot of folk will take with him. Some of them are known, others - no. For example, you probably know that it is impossible to measure other people's wedding rings or ringlet fall at the time of putting a finger on the constriction (narrowing) - not good. The question whether it is possible to change the wedding rings to the new, less known. This guide will help you understand it.

Signs and superstition associated with a wedding ring

About the wedding decorations there are many signs,who knows every future bride. For example, it can not be given to anyone to measure - both before marriage and after. To drop a piece of jewelry, before they put on a finger - or separation means long separation. If this happens, it is advised to pass a thread through the ring, which is pre-prepared witness. It is believed that the strand must absorb negative omens. After the wedding thread is burned.

If you find a wedding product - fateI prepared for you a speedy marriage or marriage. However, to leave such a discovery is not necessary, and the more wear it. It is better to smelt the product in other decoration. It is believed that the need to buy a ring with a smooth surface, then the marriage will be "smooth" (without quarrels) and happy. But many women would prefer to wear on your finger article having a gem.

Wedding decoration newlyweds

In addition to well-known, there are many otherwill, which not everyone knows. When choosing and buying wedding rings is often a number of questions. For example, whether to take parental decorations? What ring can play the role of a wedding? If the couple have decided to take a gift parental engagement products, it will bring good luck only if the parent happy marriage. Ideal would be if they have already celebrated the silver wedding. So, giving jewelry to their children, parents figuratively pass the baton to a strong and happy family life.

Signs associated with wedding jewelry

If mom and dad did not live in perfect harmony, thenYou should think twice before taking such a gift. However, according to some signs, the couple in any case should not wear rings parents, even if they are melted. It will bring a young family problems and a lot of fights, which will not result in marriage to no good. Therefore, each pair, depending on the degree of superstition, she decides to take a gift parental jewelry or not.

A successful case - if the jewelry will gothe future bride and groom from the golden jubilee. It may be, for example, grandparents who lived together for a long and happy married life. Very cruel, "cost" to the new owners of the wedding ring, inherited from widows and divorcees. Such gifts is better not to take, it can lead to repeat the unfortunate scenario of previous owners.

Can I wear wedding rings to wedding?

The answer to this question is ambiguous. Newlyweds often wonder, if allowed to wear a wedding ring before the marriage. Some signs allow you to do it, and others do not. For example, if you went into a jewelry store and purchased a new decoration there, then wear it before the wedding allowed. But if the product is left on the last marriage / marriage, the new marriage should not play with him. Leave a souvenir or take them to buying.

Can I change the ring after the wedding to another?

Many people are concerned about whether or not allowedchange the wedding decorations with new ones. The unequivocal answer is no. If your marriage or civil ceremony you spent painting in the registry office, then the product is allowed to change later. This desire usually occurs when the decision to purchase was made late and the couple could not find something that they really like. It is believed that the jewelry worn on the fingers of the young in the walls of the registrar, carry some special power, but many, and after their shifts quietly live in perfect harmony.

Jewelry newlyweds: allowed to change or not

If the marriage is illuminated church

Attitude to change products after weddingprocedure wedding in the church a little more. Since the ring - it is the "heart" of your marriage, which has been fixed in the heavens, then change it is highly undesirable. Also, do not get married rings that someone has put on. Therefore, you need to purchase only new products. The exception may be except that the parent decorations, but only if mom and dad have already noted the silver wedding. Also, the best solution would be the adoption of the Rings grandparents if they had traveled abroad golden wedding.

What to do if the ring was stolen or lost it?

How do I do if the decoration was lost orstolen? In this case, you should buy the same product in the same store or to order a duplicate in the studio. Well, if you just wanted to have a more original jewelry, you can buy a desired item and wear on another finger. Engagement also leave it on the ring finger as a symbol of marriage. It is not necessary to give fate a reason to check your family strength.