Can I wear wedding rings to wedding

Wedding rings - one of the main attributeswedding, this solemn event, which marks the beginning of married life together. The vast majority of girls dream of a successful marriage, and the ring on the ring finger - a sign that it is a joyful event in a woman's life has already happened. Therefore, the girls can not wait to early to declare the whole world about their women's happiness, and decorate the ring finger before the moment when the bride and groom to formalize their relationship. But I can wear wedding rings to wedding? It does not hurt such haste?

Why not wear a wedding ring before the wedding?

Many nations of the world have beliefs and traditions,associated with the wearing of wedding symbols. According to them, wearing the ring on the ring finger symbolizes fidelity, as well as the fact that the newlyweds fate intertwined in a single circle. Also, they carry around lets you know that a woman is related by marriage, and is not in finding a partner. But marriage is not yet an official wearing a ring on the ring finger is not accepted. But what if the wedding is about to take place, and wear jewelry on the ring finger I want to right now?

Why do not wear wedding rings to wedding

Some women refer to this issuesimply, they are easy to wear jewelry on the ring finger, not being in a marriage relationship. Some unmarried, divorced ladies wear the ring on the ring finger for the following reason: the beauty of a woman draws attention to her, and that many do not like molestation, easier to put on the ring and live in peace. In addition to single women, they are also the ladies, many years living in civilian, informal marriage.

It is another matter if a girl doubt, wear orno. If the relationship is not very strong either the bride zavistnits much, does it make sense to tempt fate? Probably not. Why create another reason to experience? What if something really goes wrong and the wedding will be postponed? There is also another, more significant reason not to wear a wedding ring before the wedding. It is known that during the wedding ceremony, the couple will wear them for the first time. It is a joyful, long-awaited moment for them. So why spoil your holiday and wear the ring before the time?

Wearing a wedding ring before the wedding: signs

Folk omens and superstitions

The people popular sign, if wearing ringsbefore the wedding can be the cause of various troubles and problems during the wedding ceremony, pending its abolition. There is also a belief that a violation of wedding customs is fraught with sudden and quick divorce spouses. Like it or not, do not tell anybody. In addition, there are other beliefs associated with the wearing of wedding attributes:

  1. Wearing a parental character of marriage is allowed,if their love was strong, and the marriage - a long one. If parents celebrated their twenty-five year wedding anniversary, the devolution of parental wedding characters even encouraged.
  2. On top put on gloves decoration can not - not good.
  3. Decoration, which will be used for the wedding may not inlaid stone carving, on the contrary - it should be smooth.
  4. After the first fitting can not be given to other women to measure decoration.
  5. During fitting the ring should be worn and removed only by yourself.
  6. If you stop the wedding decoration like, buy yourself another, and the first sure to store, do not sell or pass it to other people, except children.
  7. Do not drop, save marriage attributes, especially before the wedding - it's a family breakdown.
  8. Take symbols of conjugal life can not be a gift, buy them yourself.
  9. If the ring found on the street, it indicates that she met her fiance.

Wearing a wedding ring: tradition


According to tradition, before the ceremonymarriage (betrothal) to be held two more Rite - courtship and engagement. Matchmaking - an acquaintance of the future newlyweds to parents. After courtship engagement should be: on this day the groom and the bride makes a proposal they submit an application to the registrar. On the day of the presentation of engagement also occurs bride engagement rings.

After this ceremony the couple is no longer hidetheir feelings, they begin preparations for a joint wedding ceremony and marriage. His gift for engagement bride has the right to carry and show her friends and acquaintances as soon as it has been handed over. Wearing his bride will be a few weeks - until such time as the wedding will take place.

When can I wear a wedding ring

When can I start wearing a wedding ring?

Wedding symbol is worn only whenthe couple announced husband and wife - not before. Since then, the bride became the lawful wife and received the right to wear jewelry on the ring finger. However, if the bride wants to wear it before, no prohibitions for that. According to national signs, wear a ring before marriage is not desirable, but if a woman does not believe in omens, it can do as it sees fit.