What to do if you lost wedding ring

Rings in folk beliefs have manyvalues. They are symbols of strength and wisdom, power and love. From rings do family talismans and amulets to help avoid disaster. Wedding rings are a symbol of love, two hearts, so if one partner loses the ring, then we say that divorce is inevitable then. But what if you lose a wedding ring? Is it possible to prevent the gap?

Lose the wedding ring - what is it?

Wedding decorations are all married peoplelife, and at first they Suite symbol of eternal love. And the alarm in the soul can be easily explained when one day you will not find on the finger treasured jewels. Do not panic in case of loss: It is unknown whether the unhappiness in your life, or signs will attract you will attract negative situation in your own home, every day waiting for the disorder in the family.

Negative expectations allow fears become reality

Folk omens and superstitions

Keep calm state at lossdesirable, but to national signs, too, need to listen, because they did not arise out of nowhere. A folk beliefs say that the loss of the main attribute of marriage threatens:

  1. Separation or serious disorder with a partner.
  2. Deteriorating health.
  3. A possible widowhood women.

But we should not take things so literally. Most likely, your subconscious wants to warn about a possible threat, but it's not necessarily going to happen, if the time to take action. For example, it is not necessary to bring small household quarrel before the scandal, or to stop in time in some unpleasant conversation with her husband - and the problem is solved. Often subconscious warns:

  • a serious quarrel with loved ones;
  • the loss of confidence in the relative;
  • about troubles with blood relatives.

What does it mean if a man lost his wedding ring?

It is believed that the wedding attributes storenewlyweds with grief, loss of life, severe upheavals and separations. And no wonder wedding rings people wear on the ring finger, because it is a finger of Apollo - the god of sunshine and love. Many people believe that to lose wedding-decoration - is to doom their marriage breaking or dislike. But even such serious warnings do not prevent the loss of valuables, because the right hand, in most cases, is a leading, and during some actions decoration can easily slip off the finger.

On a photo wedding ceremony: strengthening the Union

What to do in this case?

If you lose do not lose composure, and immediatelywhen it detects loss of a husband Get remember where he could lose precious and when he saw him on the finger for the last time. If this does not help, Old Believers are reminded that wedding rings like play houses. Ask your house-loud to lose and gave perhaps missing a few days there. Some refer to the grandmothers who do special charms of water from the miseries and troubles, but not all have such friends, who should be trusted.

Priests in the event of loss of wedding ringsadvised to buy a new, and then go to church, where married, explain the situation to my father and ask him to put a new ornament along with the ring his wife to the throne, as he did during the wedding ceremony. No additional rite church and does not require a new exchange of rings is not required. After that, do not be afraid of any signs and be happy!