Table rings sizes

While buying a ring is important to know the necessarysize, especially if it is carried out on the network, on foreign websites. In different countries, different dimension - there are European, Russian, American, English, Japanese and other tables. Presented below international ring size table will help you determine their own, and then purchase an accessory that will sit well on my finger.

Dimensions jewelry rings - why it is necessary to know

Not to be mistaken in choosing a ring, it is importantto know the width of the diameter of a finger circumference. This will save time during the search for jewelry in the store, as well as when ordering products from the network. For example, a ring, which is sold in Germany, will be different from the Russian - dimensional value varies depending on the measuring units (centimeters, inches). Jewelry is suitable if you know exactly the size of the individual rings.

Russian scale for jewelry

International tables for male and female rings

Sizes of men's, women's ringsIt was created by the fact that there is a mathematical relationship between the dimensional parameters. The value is determined by exact calculation. Since European business is easier rings than with American and Japanese. In Russia, the size is determined by the inner diameter of the rings in Europe - circumference. To understand what size corresponds to Russian, multiply the inner diameter to 3.14, and vice versa, when it is necessary to determine what corresponds to the European.

Formula definition of the numbers that will meet the foreign indices:

  • American = (Russia - 11.5): 0.83
  • Japanese = (Russian + 12.67) * 3
  • English = (Russia - 11.5): 0.4

How to determine your size

There is a way that will help to know the diametersuitable decoration: take a thread, a strip of paper (width - half a centimeter) or cord, grasp the finger. Make sure that the bezel is easily passed through the lower phalanx, I remove and put on, but sitting tight, especially on the ground. When you are sure that the thread-ring sits well, mark marker crossing circuit, and then using lineup look at the value in millimeters, divide by 3.14 - this is your size.

Determination of the volume with a thread

Another method of determining - fitting in the store. It is more accurate, but even here there are some nuances, knowing that you will get a more accurate result:

  • On the left and right hand figures to be different, because the left hand is a little less. Each finger must be measured separately, as they all have different widths.
  • The heat fingers become thicker than in cold temperature. So if you buy a ring in the summer, there is a chance that it will fall off in the winter.
  • Is accessory, will also depend on the width of the fit - if it is eight millimeters, it is better to take half the size decoration more delicate rings on the contrary - should sit firmly.
  • A large number of drunk liquid may also affect the performance of dimensional change during the fitting, because the body swells slightly.
  • Ask the seller to give you a try on a few ornaments of the same circle, but different widths, it will allow you to see whether you need to choose another option - more or less.
  • The ring must not rub the joint, it is difficult to pass through the lower phalanx.
  • Do not go for a fitting from a serious exercise.
  • Decoration should sit comfortably, easily removable, easy to put back. Try several times to give a real score for the ring.

If you choose a gift - an elegant weddinga diamond ring for his beloved, to find out the size of her ring finger will turn on the gloves. Rarely selection occurs on clothing size: if a girl wears things to «M» matches, it is unlikely that the dimensional ratio is greater than 17.5 mm. There is another way to determine the appropriate circle ring on the standard measures - it Paltsemer see photos:

Convenient Paltsemer

Sizes with aliekspress site

Aliekspress - large online store,delivering products around the world, to include accessories and rings. Below is a range where there is a circle diameter - it corresponds to the size of Russia's.

Scale with Aliekspress

The exact definition of the circumference of your fingerhelp find the appropriate ring size. Focusing on the tables, you can safely order products from the network. Tell us in the comments if you order foreign products? You always manage to obtain the necessary quantities decoration?