Supports for wedding rings

The climax of the wedding ceremony -a solemn exchange of rings between the bride and groom. This historical episode celebration is sure to be present at the photos and videos, so all used for this purpose accessories should be flawless, beautiful. What might be a support for engagement rings? How to make this accessory with your hands?

Ideas of decoration stands for wedding rings

Stand for rings - a subject that cangive a solemn moment in the registry office elegance, beauty. If properly and carefully choose the wedding accessory, it will make pictures and video between the newlyweds exchange rings more spectacular and original. Forms and materials of holders for rings can be varied. Some of them are made in the form of a beautiful flower, swans, shells, boxes, while others represent a book with a hole.

In the form of a flower

Gently, romantic look at wedding ringsstand in the form of a beautiful flower on a long stalk. This accessory has a sophisticated look and will add a bright touch to your wedding. The original, spectacular will be the holder if to make it in the shape of a flower, like the elements of a wedding bouquet. If the celebration is designed in the style of a particular palette, it is appropriate to choose the stand of the same shade.

And if the wedding will be dominated by a particular type offlowers around the design of the celebration, as the holder, choose a bud. Stand in the form of red roses, pink or white color will perfectly blend in with the wedding rings. No less sophisticated looks holder in the form of an orchid. Whatever stand-flower you choose, it will give a solemn moment in the exchange of symbols of fidelity special atmosphere.

Holder-Flower for wedding rings newlyweds

In the form of shoes

Bright and unusual look stand-shoes. This accessory can create a fantastic atmosphere at the wedding. As in the old fairy tale, the prince found the shoe on his mate, so the bride and groom joined their hearts in the registry office, through this decorative detail. This will make the wedding a bright, memorable, romantic. Slipper-stand may have different shades, shapes, and performed in the right style.

Holder-shoe for engagement rings

Stand in the form of a swan

Since ancient times, the noble white birds gracefullycurving necks to symbolize loyalty, love. If you are impressed by the beauty and grace of a swan, choose to stand under the wedding decorations figure these birds. Effectively looks chrome swan on a platter, which symbolizes the lake. Such a bright and sophisticated accessory emphasize taste great and will give the newlyweds wedding ceremony tenderness solemnity. After the wedding, it is perfect for decorating the interior of the apartment.

Figures swans under wedding rings

Wedding rings stand in book form

Books can store not only an interesting story,but also become an excellent place for storage of wedding rings in a ceremony at the registry office. Especially it would be appropriate on a vintage, retro, spy or rustic wedding. Ancient book will create an extraordinary flavor while exchanging wedding rings. If it beautifully decorate the ribbons, brooches, or other suitable components, the accessory will cryptic romantic. It's easy to make your own or order from skilled masters.

Stand-book for wedding rings

Decorated with figures of angels

Original and cute looks stand for ringswith a picture of a baby with wings. The mythical image of an angel like some couples. Accessory is made of chrome-plated or gilded metal, porcelain or other materials. The color of such products is often white. At the wedding ceremony of babies with wings figures are unusual, mysterious.

Decorative brackets for engagement rings with angels

Stand in the form of shells

If your wedding style is the sea, the ideala place to store accessories wedding will shell. These seafood are original, unique shape. The holder is made of a single shell halves and two. Such products may be of different sizes, but too large instances hardly be appropriate. Refined and sophisticated looks disclosed shell, inside of which there are 2 pearls with dressed them wedding rings.

Wedding rings holders of shells

An alternative base for the wedding rings

Anyone familiar pads for rings - a gentle,bright accessory for the wedding ceremony at the registry office. It is made from white or colored fabric. A decoration for pillows used all kinds of ribbons, lace, beads, crystals, pearls, embroidery, artificial flowers and other beautiful decorations. Another alternative to stand under the wedding rings are a decorative saucer. It is interesting to watch these attributes written on them the names of the newlyweds. After the triumph of the saucer is a perfect home decor.

How to make a stand for rings with their hands

You are free to make a holder for ringsin the home of a vintage book. Vintage, elegant image of this accessory will make the exchange of wedding decorations at a wedding unusual, mysterious. It is not suitable for any wedding. If the theme or style of celebration include vintage notes, feel free to choose a homemade stand-book as a holder. Make it yourself easy, but to do this it is necessary a few weeks before the wedding, so, slowly, to create a beautiful accessory.

To make a stand-book for rings, take:

an old book;
paper cutter;
satin ribbons;

The sequence of actions is as follows:

1. Turn a few pages of the book, on the page to the right, draw a hole shape (circle, square, rectangle, heart, or other shape). The easiest way to draw a square.

Draw a square on the books page

2. Stationary knife to draw the outline of the hole cut in the book. It should have such a depth that it fit 2 wedding decorations.

Cut a hole in the book for wedding rings

3. Take the red satin ribbon or a different color and thread it through the cut hole in the book.

Red thread the ribbon through the hole in the book

4. What do the same with the rings by threading them through the tape, tie it in a bow.

Thread the ribbon through the rings and tie a bow

Photo of wedding rings stands for

Modern couples are now have a largerange of supports for engagement rings. If you want your wedding to be framed in the same category, try to choose all the accessories in harmony with the style of celebration. This rule also applies to the purchase of the holder for wedding decoration. The exchange of rings between the bride and groom will be imprinted on the photo, and therefore will stand on that frame. The combination of happy newlyweds individuals, interior beauty and accessories able to make it a moment to photograph a beautiful, unique.

Wedding rings holders