How to determine the ring size at home

Most women and men wear weddingring as a sign of loyalty to each other, a simple ring as ornaments. But when faced with the choice for the first time, many do not know the required volume. Any jewelry store will provide you with the service definition finger diameter, but there are cases when the size you need to know in advance. In this case, the question arises: how to determine ring size at home?

What is the size of the ring

By size is meant the diameter of the ring, i.e. the distance between two opposite points of the circumference of the hole. Visually look at the photo below.

What is the diameter of the ring

To determine the diameter of a piece of jewelry at home, should take into account some points:

  • Throughout the day the amount of fingers is slightly different. Noon - is the most appropriate time to determine the amount. On the morning of his hands still swollen, due to the accumulated water per night.
  • Do not measure after sports, high room temperature, immediately after the cool street.
  • It should be borne in mind that independent measurements will not have a high accuracy. This will be the approximate / estimated size.

When choosing a piece of jewelry on the ring fingerright hand, teach that it may not be appropriate in size for the left hand. If you gave the decoration is not the right size, in this case refer to the jeweler, he unrolled his (slightly increase the diameter).

As the ring size from the table at home

Consider two ways to determine the size ofring yourself at home, using the table. To do this, you need to prepare a small piece of stiff paper, pen, ruler, half a meter yarn (ideal thickness suitable yarn for knitting), a pair of scissors. In addition to plain paper, is well suited to the leaf cell. At home, consider the measurements that the ring must pass freely through the joint (phalanx).

Using strips of paper

  • The first method. Cut a strip of sheet width from one tohalf and five centimeters in length. Wrap it around your desired finger. At the spot where the adjacent end of the strip, put a pen mark. Expand the paper, a ruler, measure the distance from the edge to your mark. Found length - girth is to find a cross-section you want to divide this amount by the number 3.14. Size is determined by finding the diameter equal to a table.

Determination of wrap phalanx of using paper strips
  • second method. This option is perfect for menwho want to wear such a gift on the finger of his girlfriend, present themselves with a more appropriate one for the inner loop. Take the ring and attach to the sheet, trace its outline pen, a thin marker inside the base. From this circle get the diameter. Usually, the difference between the size is half a centimeter.

Council: Is the result rounded to the smaller value for narrow rings for more - for the broad rings.

With yarns

For this method of home, take a thick thread(Tape), a little tight and neatly wrap around your finger five selected coils (coil width should not be more than six millimeters). Do not reel too tight. Both ends of the cross, not by taking turns, cut them with scissors at the intersection. Or check handle a crossing thread ends, Unwind, cut on the marked space. Measure the line resulting yarn segment.

And so in the home to determine your individual size, should be separated from the resulting measurement value on a special number of 15.7. The result should be rounded.

Determine the circumference of the phalanx with the help of thread

How to make the house ring pattern sizes using coins

Some sites offer ready for printinga printer templates. However, when copying or printing patterns, the image will be slightly distorted. Therefore, in the home is better to make a template with your own hands.

As you can see, the conditions provided by the house, it is possible to determine the right size for your ring. These methods are not only easy to use, but also take you a little time.

If you know even a simple, interesting and effective ways to determine the ring size at home, then leave your comments. They will be useful for other readers.