How to choose wedding rings

The question of how to choose a weddingring, is an important and crucial point in the preparations for the wedding. The symbol of love, loyalty begin to look no less than two months before the celebration. Many centuries tradition preserved at the time of the wedding rings exchange. The round shape symbolizes infinity, with no beginning and no end, a love of the newlyweds. What kind of wedding rings is better to choose - to decide for themselves newlyweds.

Signs associated with a wedding ring

To have survived a lot of will andfolk beliefs associated with wedding symbols. Someone believes in them unconditionally, someone just wondering for general information. Signs are not taken out of nowhere, people for centuries tracked coincidence inherent in the events with a particular subject. Here are some of the signs and believe in them or not - think for yourself:

  • Giving to measure your ring, either before or after the wedding can not be anyone.
  • Find someone else's ring - a fast wedding (if you are not married or not married).
  • Wearing someone else's wedding attributes is not recommended, even if they were inherited from parents - take away the happiness from the previous owners.
  • Lose the wedding ring - lost family.
  • When registering to drop one or both of the charset value of marriages on the floor - a fast separation.
  • If the bride's wedding gloves - duringwedding ritual glove is removed, or if the model allows only free finger. On the fabric jewelry can not be worn - it threatens swift divorce.
  • If it happened that the family split up - do not wear wedding rings as decorations, otherwise will find a new family.
  • Buy two rings need in one day, in one place - this will lead to a long happy married life.
  • You can not marry a widow's ringlet - repeat the unfortunate fate.
  • To the marriage was strong and long to put two wedding wedding attribute in a bag, fill with water, freeze it.

Criteria for the selection of wedding rings for the wedding

Choosing and buying wedding symbols - businesssubtle, requiring a delicate approach. There are many questions: who buys, when, what form should be a metal, decorated or not. First you need to find out whether someone has an allergy of a newlywed couple on certain types of metals. Sometimes can act as allergens cobalt, chromium, nickel, less noble metals. As a rule, the choice of a pair of rings is done together, but pays for the purchase of the groom. Select paired engagement ring or choose options that differ in design - it's the newlyweds.

rings Selection Criteria

The shape and size of products

Practice shows that to choose jewelrydecoration size is not as easy as it seems at first. Depending on the season, time of day, a little finger can change the size. This setting affects the amount you drink fluids, exercise and overall health. To select an engagement ring size, the fitting is recommended in the second half of the day, preferably several times to make sure to choose the right numbers.

One can not ignore the fact that the size,listed on the label Product does not always coincide with the actual number, opposed sometimes up to 0.4 mm in diameter. The more expensive the product, the greater the likelihood of complete correspondence between the written and the actual number. The size of the product influenced by the inner surface of which is flat or rounded. When the swelling fingers rounded shape comfortable. When choosing a model, it should be borne in mind that the wider the ring shape, the greater should be the size.

To ring looked nice on the hand, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the fingers:

  • On the long, thin fingers look good either narrow or very wide rings, about 6 mm.
  • For long thick fingers fit only the broad rings.
  • On average finger length and thickness is preferably 4.5-6 mm wear a ring.
  • In the presence of a wide joint, consider the diameter of the product to make it safely worn on your finger and shoot.

Availability of samples

Classical basis for engagement ringsGold is considered to be 500, 583, 585, 750. When buying jewelry be sure to pay attention to the trial, which is put on the inside of the rings. Digital prompts percentage of the noble metal in the product. The highest gold sample is considered to be 958, the lowest - 375. On this depends the price of jewelery: the higher the sample, the more expensive the product.

The choice of metal

Wedding jewelery is not necessarilyIt should be gold, but it is a classic version. If you like to wear silver, the wedding can also be symbols of this metal or white gold. Silver is very nice combined with white gold. The most pure metal platinum is considered to be out of competition, but products made of it are very expensive in price and not everyone can afford such a purchase. But variations of titanium is very light in weight that looks like white gold, preserve the original appearance for many years.


Before buying engagement rings need to advancedecide how much you are willing to spend without prejudice to the other points of the preparation for the wedding. A high price does not always mean beautiful product. Do not be discouraged if you do not have enough money on your favorite model, select a similar product, but a little thinner, with less weight. But it is not worth saving, too, because with this symbol on the hand you have to go through life and it should cause only positive emotions.

Possible design wedding rings

When choosing rings, you need to decide whether you willwearing the same ring style or different. Several decades ago, the ring had only classic smooth shape. Now the choice is much wider, Sales occur engagement model with engraved notches, with or without stones. How to choose a wedding ring, it's up to you two. Having tried several options, buy the ones from which you feel the positive energy. If you did not find what you were looking for, jewelery is made to order for the wedding.


Traditional smooth rings may be differentwidth, moreover, they are very practical to use, because many years without impairing the appearance. Classic wedding rings are suitable for both men and women who do not like wearing jewelry. To somehow diversify the classics, on the inside of the product make engraved with your initials, wedding date or in any other memorable sign.

Classical models of wedding rings

Of the several kinds of metals

In recent years, designers are increasingly offeringoptions for wedding rings of different types of metals. Using a single product of white, red and yellow gold at the same time, they beat an interesting shape parts. United together three colors symbolize loyalty, love and friendship. These rings are more suitable for those who like to mix styles in clothing.

Wedding rings of several kinds of metals

Relief or ornament

Not less popular rings with different typesrelief drawings. The classic "diamond face" shimmers like a jewel, refracting light rays. A more refined look with jewelry designs in the Egyptian, naturalistic, or Art Nouveau. Weaving lozenges, ovals, smooth lines in the form of incisions on the surface of jewelry represent the union of male and female.

Corrugated wedding rings and ornaments

With rocks

Wedding rings, jeweledstones are more common in women. For decorative use diamonds or semi-precious stones are transparent or translucent shades. Exact inclusions among the intricate patterns and geometric shapes give the completeness of design ideas. Less wedding wedding become symbols with colored stones. Care must be taken when selecting and know some notation stones:

  • Emerald - promises a happy love, wisdom.
  • Agate - symbolizes longevity, good health.
  • Amethyst - threatens the fragility of marriage, loneliness.
  • Carnelian - ensures a quiet happy family life.
  • Rubin - a symbol of passionate love.
  • Garnet, Topaz - is the personification of fidelity.
  • Brilliant - will demonstrate the purity, hardness intentions.
  • Sapphire - is love itself, material security.
  • Amber - give protection from the evil eye, good health.

Stones in the design of wedding rings

By choosing a ring with a stone, check the suitability ofit is you. Put it in the right hand, and his left hand position as close as possible. If you feel the warmth and pleasant feelings - do not doubt your good choice. If you experience discomfort, do not take risks, try to look for other options for rings with stones, because the choice in jewelry stores is impressive.

Tips: How to choose an engagement ring

The custom of exchanging rings at weddingtransmitted by generations for centuries. According to some versions of the tradition it came from the ancient Romans, on the other - from the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. In today's world it is not absolutely essential. The truth is that the couple exchanged during registration symbols while experiencing unconditional love, trust each other and hope for long-term family life.

During that as the bride wears the ring onring finger of the spouse, there is an influence on the "vein of love", which is believed by the ancient, directly related to the heart. With the help of the proposed video you will again be able to obtain information about the kinds of metals, which are made on the basis of the ring design decisions. Tips will help you choose the appropriate form and style of bridal jewelry.