Boxes for wedding rings

Marriage is made up of many parts, momentsand things. Therefore, you need a very responsible approach to the selection of accessories, such as wedding boxes. The exchange of wedding rings - an important point of marriage. During registration in the registry office of the tray on a common tray, it is recommended to bring a prepared box. This accessory for wedding rings will be a bright touch to the holiday.

What are the wedding boxes for rings

During the exchange of wedding rings tothe couple attracted the attention of loved ones, relatives, and every movement caught lenses and video cameras. These pictures are the beginning of a family history. Rings newlyweds traditionally tray on a special tray. However, such a standard accessory you can replace a more festive and stylish box that emphasize style holiday, reflect the personality of the pair, will create a special atmosphere.

Wooden box

Wedding rings, you can apply for a weddingceremony in the beautiful, original, stylized wooden products. This is an excellent alternative to textile cushion, which has become customary in most weddings. This accessory can be decorated with lace, flowers, burlap, tulle, crepe paper, decoupage, beautiful labels, colors, worn antique.

Wooden box for rings

Wedding Box in the form of heart

Casket in the form of heart for wedding rings -interesting, original wedding accessories. Her you can personalize, for example, burn her, or apply paints words, initials, patterns, date. There is an opportunity to bring additional birochkami decor, hearts, string, ribbons, rosettes, padlock, moss, figurines made of cardboard. With an original design product will be special.

Wedding Box in heart shape

Boxes rolls for rings

Instead of a standard pillow for wedding ringsyou can use the roller chest. It must be combined with the style of the wedding celebration. For a classic ceremony, choose crisp white woodwork, for eco-style wicker suit, decorated with natural materials, sea - decorated with small shells, starfish, striped ribbons.

Bag-roll under the ring

Decorated with beads or sequins

Articles on wedding rings newlyweds wantgive uniqueness and individuality. Decoration with sequins, beads, beads makes this accessory a surprising and unusual. This product is non-standard, not the kind that we are accustomed to seeing. This item is very versatile because it can be used after the wedding celebration.

Decorated with rhinestones and beaded jewelry box the ring

Decorated with lace and satin ribbons

Elegant, nice product as a wedding boxesa wedding ring will bring in the triumph of elegance and originality. This accessory is individual. Lace, satin ribbons, braids give the product originality. To make better use of the classical style lace, French lace, and for the village, rustic, eco-style - rough, rustic.

Decorated with ribbons and lace wedding box

Alternative boxes for wedding rings

European and blended in modern weddingsprimordially Russian tradition. In Russia, the wedding rings served on a plate, tray, and in Europe adopted a variety of soft pillows. Remember that the bride with long fingernails will be difficult to take the rings with ceramic plates, and for pillows is better to use non-slip fabric. There are other alternatives caskets:

  • Clay a plate - the hottest version of the attribute, which provides a refined and unconventional look.
  • Cushion of moss - a unique instance of an accessory that can add ribbons, lace, buttons.
  • The book - such an accessory will surprise guests with its originality.
  • Fresh flowers - this option is appropriate for a spring or summer wedding.
  • Boxes - a simple option that comes to jewelry. They are comfortable, reliable, but looked standard.
  • Plates that can be made of metal, porcelain, stone, wood, in the form of leaves, woven from vines.
  • Pillow with embroidery - delicate patterns derivedelaborate on the fabric, will not leave anyone indifferent. For the basics of embroidery, you can use a nice quote, your initials, names, twig with flowers, swans and others.
  • Knitted cushion - a terrific texture creates an atmosphere of comfort, warmth. This accessory is designed for weddings in the cold.
  • Hoop - a unique, fantastic thing that you can do on your own, show imagination.
  • Marine accessories - seashells, starfish will be stylish, unusual items, the center of attention of visitors.
  • Speel trees - are appropriate at a wedding in the style of rustic, eco.
  • Nest - an unusual, eco accessory for wedding with twigs, feathers, like a real bird.
  • Cup - inside a beautiful place textual pillow, which will include a ring or fill it with sand, moss or other material.
  • Lamp of Aladdin - ideal for Eastern celebration, just hang the ring on the spout.
  • Nosegay - tie a small bunch of flowers, for example, lavender, ribbon and tie it rings.
  • Fruit under the style of the wedding.
  • The figures of swans and other figurines, wedding suitable topics.

Alternatives box under the ring

How to make a box for rings with their hands

Bag the ring with his hands

Copyright, stylish accessories have always been appreciated inwedding decor. This workshop will show you how to do just the box. Such detail would be an excellent continuation of the wedding decoration, a reflection of the individual honeymooners, and after the celebration will remain in memory and will retain fond memories of the most important day. The following materials will be needed to create:

Necessary materials for boxes
  • glue;
  • round wooden box dimensions: 9.5 - an inner diameter of 11.5 - outside diameter of 7.5 cm - height;
  • Paint on wood;
  • filler for pillows;
  • brush;
  • otrez matter;
  • handle for painting paint;
  • needle and thread;
  • scissors;
  • 50 cm thin ribbon.

Step Master Class:

  • Paint paint the blank: cap - golden color, bottom - white. In their desire to select other shades of colors.
  • Give the paint to dry, covered with a second layer.
  • Make a pillow: draw on the fabric circle with a diameter of 18 cm, cut it.
  • In the center of the circle crepe tape stitches.
  • Sewn along the edge of the fabric, departing 1 cm.
  • In the center of the matter put the filler thread tighten tissue around it.
  • Fix the thread to stitch along the edge of the pillow again.
  • Design complements a pattern or inscription around the taste.
  • At the bottom of the product box glue, insert the pillow presses. Give the glue to dry.
  • Fix the ring on the tape.

Photo wedding boxes for rings

Recently, a very popular theme of eco,Therefore, the actual wood, moss and other natural materials to create boxes. The trend decor fruit compositions, fresh flowers. You can choose oriental performance accessories - with complex patterns, expensive finish, precious stones, fabrics decorated with oriental prints. Refer to the Russian style, and pay attention to the bright products with national ornaments.

caskets options for wedding rings